Analysing Synastry Charts For Compatibility In Relationships

What are the Synastry Charts? Do you want the right answer to this question? This blog on Synastry Charts will help you decode all the doubts and queries. Know more about these charts, their benefits and what are the key components and factors when analysing a synastry chart.

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There is a section of Astrology which deals into the synchronicity of charts. It is a way to check compatibility between two individuals through their birth horoscope. It is done by comparing the two horoscopes, their planetary positions, aspects and conjunctions. It shows what kind of relationship can develop between the two natives with respect to their planet positions at the time of their birth. While the Indian astrology used the methods of points match, Carl Jung made this modern version which is popularly known as Synastry Charts. He overlapped the two natal charts to draw the points of correlation and confrontations between the natives with respect to the planet placements.

Key Components Of A Synastry Chart

There are three important factors taken into consideration while calculating Synastry charts. 

  • The first is the rising signs, these are the signs which represent the personality and characteristics of a person therefore it is very important to compare the basic attributes of the two natives. Know yours: Rising Sign Calculator
  • The other important factor is the Moon sign, this sign reveals how a person thinks, behaves and responds to the other person’s behaviour. By drawing similarities and differences between this sign one can match the initiation and responsiveness of an individual to the other individual. Know yours, click here: Moon Sign Calculator
  • Another important element is the Sun sign, it is the soul energy of a native and somewhat defines the basic attributes of an individual, therefore matching this shows the impact one will have on the other and their way to approach each other. Know yours: Sun Sign Calculator

Important Planets To Draw The Chemistry

The planets play a vital role in drawing a profound compatibility analysis. Each planet represents a specific quality and energy. Their behaviour with each other and with other planets gives precise results. The Mercury is a very important planet as it shows the communicative skills, how good or bad one person can be or how their interaction will be. Mars and Venus are of vital importance if the physical compatibility or passion and romance are to be checked between the two individuals. The conjunction of Mars and Venus gives the cent per cent compatibility sexually. This is especially important for the synastry charts of married couples and lovers. The Sun and the Moon are other planets which are scrutinised for the similarities and differences as this shows the mind and soul energy of a native.

Who Can Go For The Synastry Charts?

Anyone who needs to check the relationship strength and compatibility can go for these charts. You can check your understanding with your children, know if you have a compatible bond with your friends or lovers. However, it is more popular amongst the couples, as they wish to know their relationship with the partner with respect to all the dimensions of their life.

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Prime Houses for Checking Love Compatibility

As per the Vedic astrology, the fifth house denotes love and affairs, also it is the house of pat life deeds therefore it is the foremost house which is taken into consideration. The planets influencing this house shows who will be more inclined or initiate the romantic feelings. 

The seventh house is the next step which defines the relationship and association. It is also the major house for marriage. This shows the physical bond and connection how good the couples are between keeping up this connection. What are the planets’ influence and if they will keep stability in the relationships?

After this eight house is reviewed as this shows the internal desires and their intensity to respond to the intimacy. The malefic planet gives a higher intensity especially Mars and the benefic planets like Venus bring sensitivity. This gives an idea about the passion and responsiveness of the couple towards each other’s feelings.

The first house shows the basic characteristics of a native. This shows how they will approach their partner and how strong they will be in their attitude to take up things for their connection, in lieu of the same it becomes important for drawing out the final conclusion. 

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Types of Planetary Aspects 

There are 6 types of planetary aspects taken into consideration while calculating a chart. These are as follows:

  • Conjunction: This is the point when the two planets are together in any particular sign. I.e. The Mars of one native is in sign Leo and the Venus of another native is in sign Leo. Here the result drawn is that they are in conjunction and this gives the deepest form of connection as the energies of both the planets creates a passion and strong interaction between the couples.
  • Trine: This is another point which gives a good percentage. The planets of both the partners are placed in trine i.e. fifth or ninth position from each other. This shows the balance of energy and healthy approach.
  • Square: This is a position when planets are placed 3 houses apart from each other. This shows an effort in relationships. They both try to put in their best for the longevity of the relationship. If there are too many square aspects then it brings tensions in the bond.
  • Sextile: When the planets are two houses or 60 degrees apart from each other then it is known as the sextile aspect. This shows the smoothness and comfort in the relationship. As the partner feels relaxed in each other’s Aura.
  • Quincunx: This is the tensest aspect when the planets are within a close association. It generally brings fights and competitive spirit between the individuals.
  • Opposition: This is the best placement when taking love compatibility into consideration. The planets are exactly opposite to each other which creates a good attraction between the natives.

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Benefits of Synastry Charts 

These charts show the energy pattern of a relationship. It gives a detailed study of the stability or strength of a bond. This also shows the grey areas in a relationship and if there are major setbacks in a bond then solutions can be drawn with the help of this analysis. It also helps in matchmaking of two individuals, since all the aspects of life will be clearly underwood even before getting into an association. It is of great help in resolving differences between parents and children since the energy pattern of both is understood well with the help of these charts.

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