Sun-Mars Conjunction – Blessed Zodiacs?

In Vedic Astrology, the transit and conjunction of planets is considered very important. After seven years, in 2024, Sun and Mars are going to be in conjunction. Due to this conjunction, some zodiac signs are going to receive good results. 

In this Astrosage blog, learn how these 12 zodiac signs will benefit from the conjunction of Sun and Mars.

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The Effect of Sun 

In Astrology, Sun is considered the factor of prestige. The amount of prestige that a person will receive in the society will depend on the position of Sun in the person’s horoscope. Due to Sun’s auspicious effect a person experiences an increase in self-confidence. Apart from this Sun is also considered the factor of government job and father. This implies that Sun-Mars Conjunction will affect these areas in a person’s life. 

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The Effect of Mars According to Astrology 

According to Vedic astrology, Mars is also known as Bhoomi Putra. Mars is a courageous and male planet and he is the lord of Aries and Scorpio. The Mool  Trikon zodiac of Mars is Aries and this planet is considered an aggressive planet in Astrology. A person’s wishes and desires are fulfilled by the blessings of Mars and the person develops leadership qualities. 

Read to know which signs will get profit from Sun-Mars conjunction. 

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For Sagittarius natives, the conjunction of Sun and Mars will be very good. Jupiter is the lord of Sagittarius who has friendly connections with Sun and Mars. Apart from this, this conjunction will take place in your ascendant house which is why you will be full of courage. At this time, your self-confidence will also increase. This will be a good time for your career as well. There are chances of success in your job. You will receive new opportunities at your workplace. You will have chances to buy a new vehicle and property. 

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Sun-Mars conjunction will take place in the third house of Libra. Mars is responsible for courage in a person. If you are having a conflict with someone regarding your property, that will get solved too. This time is going to prove very fruitful for you. Your siblings will support you immensely and your earning will increase due to Sun’s blessings. There are chances of you going on a foreign trip as well. Whatever you have planned till now will eventually be successful. 

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Due to Sun-Mars conjunction, Pisces natives will earn profits. Sun and Mars are going to form a conjunction in your Karma house. This time is going to be lucky for those doing business. Your business will flourish and there are chances of you stumbling upon new opportunities. This period will provide you with new benefits in your financial state. Your means of earnings will increase. You will keep a check on your expenditure and will be able to save money.Businessmen will get good deals and will earn a lot of profit from those deals.  

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