All Your Work Will Be Done Without Problems, Just Follow These Remedies!

Many times, it happens to us that the work that has been going on smoothly suddenly starts to face challenges and problems. Generally, it happens that some work is going fine and all of a sudden the work comes to a halt. If you are also facing such issues in your work or obstructions in the middle of any activity, then what to do at that point of time? How to deal with this situation? And why do you face trouble in work that was running smoothly? To know everything related to such questions, read our blog.

Weak Sun Creates Troubles In Running Work Smoothly

According to Vedic astrology, the Sun is considered to be the main and the most important one out of all 9 planets. In the in-depth analysis of the horoscope, the sun plays an important role. As per the Panchang, Sunday is dedicated to Lord Surya and he is also the owner of the Leo zodiac sign. The color of the Sun is considered to be saffron and ruby gem.

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In Sanatan Dharma, the Surya Dev is the only lord who appears and gives its direct darshan to its devotees. If there is a problem in your work then it might be because of the weak position of the sun in the horoscope. If there is a presence of weak or malefic sun in your horoscope, then all your work will go wrong. 

But if you are not getting success even after working hard, or getting success is becoming difficult for you, then don’t worry because AstroSage brings you remedies for this problem. To get success in all your work you need to follow these remedies on Sunday.

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Doing These Special Remedies On Sunday Will Make All Your Work Smooth

Attain Surya Dev’s Blessings By Offering Water

To attain Surya Dev’s blessings, you don’t need to do anything special. As we all know, Sundays are dedicated to Surya Dev and on this day, worshiping Surya Dev is very much fruitful. Every Sunday, offer arghya to Surya Dev with rice, red chili grains and roli mixed with water in a copper pot.

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Chanting Mantras Will Please Surya Dev

To please Surya Dev, one should recite Surya Puran and chant ‘Om Suryay Namah,’ ‘Om Hreem Hreem Suryaya Namah,’ ‘Om Ghore: Suryadityom’ and ‘Om Hram Hreem Hrons: Suryay: Namah’ and more mantras like this and worship Sun. While chanting these mantras, be careful to worship Surya Dev in the early morning.

This Remedy Will Help You To Attain Sun’s Blessings 

To make your work successful, you want to make the Sun powerful in your horoscope then on Sunday, donate items like copper utensils, wheat, red clothes, jaggery, and red sandalwood as per your ability to spend. Take special care that water should never be offered to the sun without taking a bath.

One Glass Of Milk Will Solve Your Problems

On the night of Sunday, when you are about to sleep, then at that time keep one glass of milk near your pillow. On Monday morning (the next day) before the sunrises do bathing and after that offer this glass full of milk to Babool tree roots. By doing this remedy all your finance-related problems will be resolved.

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Feed Chapati To Dogs

To make the Sun strong in your horoscope, feed roti/ Chapati to a black dog or black cow on Sunday. Moreover, you can also feed blackbirds. If you do this remedy then slowly and gradually all your work will be done. 

Paan Leaf Will Sort All The Troubles In Work

If you feel that all your work gets stuck on Sundays or there are issues in the work then on this day, eat a paan leaf and then step out of the house. Doing this remedy will clear all the obstructions that are coming into your work.

Don’t Do These Things By Mistake On Sunday

  1. If the Sun is weak, then avoid consuming salt on Sunday.
  2. Avoid a haircut or massage of mustard oil on the body, and do not buy or sell mustard oil.

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  1. To make the Sun powerful in your horoscope, don’t wear black or gray on Sunday and not even shoes or belts made up of leather.
  2. On Sunday, avoid eating meat and drinking alcohol and also avoid the consumption of garlic and onion in food, because doing this makes the Sun weak.
  3. To make the Sun stronger, avoid buying or selling any object made up of copper.

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