Worship Sun On The First Day Of 2023; Get Immense Benefits All Year Long!

New Year’s Day as a festival is one of the most widely celebrated and it holds great significance for each and every one of us.  In the Roman Era, the day of New Year was dedicated to the two-faced God, Janus. Among mythology he is known for duality, transitions, time, and beginnings, and the month of January is also named after him! All communities around the world, according to their traditions, celebrate this day and for some of the communities the date also differs as it moves around the calendar.


According to astrology, the upcoming year 2023 is going to be quite special. Amazing transits of celestial bodies will take place along with eclipses, and there will be thirteen months in this year according to the Hindu Calendar. The New Year is the time for new beginnings, and through this miraculous chance we must change and rejuvenate ourselves so that we can become better and elevated versions of ourselves. So, through his piece of writing AstroSage will let you know how you can make your first day exceptional and what its significance will be!

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New Year 2023 Will Commence On Sunday

In the Hindu religion, every day of the week is dedicated to either a God/Goddesses or to a celestial body. So, the day of Sunday is allocated to the father of the Solar System, and the main source of sustenance, that is, the planet Sun. The New Year’s Day will come on Sunday, January 1, 2023, and hence the worthiness of the day automatically increases. Everyone looks forward to receiving blessings from the Sun, as it is the harbinger of such positive qualities which can change a person’s life for the better.  In astrology, there is some information mentioned about the Sun, so, let’s take a look at that!

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Meaning Of Sun In Astrology

The father planet Sun, is considered to be a God, in astrology, and we always pay our respect when we mention the planet Sun. The major source of light and energy on Earth is received from this planet (in astronomical terms the Sun is considered a Nebula) and in astrology, the Sun is given an exalted status. The life cycle of humans is considerably affected by this planet. In the horoscope, the representation of the father figure is done by the Sun, and it is also the benefactor of the soul. The ascendant zodiac of the Sun is Aries, and the descendant zodiac is Libra. 

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January 1st 2023: The Importance Of Sun Worship

With the blessings of the Sun, the natives obtained an elevated status in society. All of the work that has been put on hold is finished when the Sun is in a dominant state. The significance of Sun worship and information about Sunday can be found here!

  • Worshiping the Sun on Sunday holds great magnitude, as we all know that this day is dedicated to the deity. Wake up early in the morning on this day, and after taking a bath, offer water to the Sun. 
  • Feed the fish small balls made from flour on this day in order to attain the blessings of the father planet Sun. 
  • On this day, pour jaggery mixed with flour into a flowing river. By doing this the natives who have businesses and who have jobs will continue to receive the blessings of the Sun

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