Sun-Venus Conjunction Meaning; Will This Conjunction Lead To Benefit Or Loss?

The Sun and Mercury had recently come together in Leo in the month of August. When the Sun and Mercury come together, they form Budhaditya yoga. Many zodiac signs also got auspicious results from the Budhaditya yoga. Now as soon as this conjunction is over, this unique Sun-Venus conjunction is going to take place in Leo. With our special blog, we will tell you when this unique conjunction is going to happen. What will be its effects and what are some of the results that a person can get from this conjunction.

First of all, if we talk about its time, then the planet Sun, which will be present in Leo from 17th August, is going to form a very rare conjunction with Venus after Venus transit in Leo on 31st August.

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Sun- Venus Conjunction: Favorable or Unfavorable

The interesting thing here is that in astrology both Sun and Venus are considered to be the auspicious planets, however the meeting of these two planets is not considered to be auspicious.This is because when the planet Venus comes close to the Sun sets and starts losing its favorable effects. Apart from this, the thing to consider here is that for the planet Venus, the sign of Leo, which is taking place, is considered as an enemy. Therefore this phase cannot be considered  very favorable.

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How Special Is The Sun-Venus Conjunction?

The sun is considered to be the planet from the Fire element whereas Venus is the planet of water element. With this, the Sun-Venus conjunction is going to happen in Leo sign. On one hand Leo is the sign of its planet Sun whereas Leo is the enemy of Venus. Hence, it is natural that this unique conjunction will give mixed results. Apart from this , it is also good to know that the planet Venus has been given the status of an auspicious planet and when it comes with the Sun, it sets and when an auspicious planet sets, then this is also considered to be auspicious. Let us understand what will be the results of this conjunction on the country and the people.

Results Of Sun- Venus Conjunction

As we have told earlier in astrology, both these planets have the status of different auspicious planets. While the Sun is considered to be the benefactor of soul, honor, power, authority etc while Venus is considered the benefactor of material happiness, wealth, beauty etc.  So, both these planets are considered to be the benefactors of splendor, however because whenever a planet comes close to the Sun, it sets, so in this situation, the Sun-Venus Conjunction cannot be said to be very beneficial.

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Sun- Venus Conjunction Impacts In 1st House

If the Sun-Venus conjunction is in the 1st house, then the knowledge and creativity of such natives increases. So, it is advised to listen and follow the advice of your gurus and father to move forward in the right direction and achieve success. Apart from this, this conjunction in the Ascendant house also gives information about the behavior and personality traits of the person. If we talk about the negative side, the Sun- Venus conjunction has a negative effect on the married life of a person. There will be a rift with life partners etc.

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Impact Of Sun-Venus Conjunction On The Natives & Nation

  • It has often been seen that when Sun-Venus are in conjunction, it reduces the confidence of the people.
  • Many people can face health-related problems.
  • Apart from this, the Sun –Venus conjunction will also affect married life to a great extent.
  • Also it is often seen that people who are of marriageable age may also face delays in their marriage.
  • The negative effect of the Venus- Sun conjunction is also seen in the stock market and during this time huge fluctuations can be seen in the stock market.
  • As a result of the Sun-Venus conjunction, stability can be seen in the stock of electronic things.
  • Along with this, traders are advised to avoid investments during this period.
  • The conjunction of planets Venus and Sun becomes the reason for family troubles.
  • Women may have to face health related problems during this period.

These Signs Should cautious from the Sun- Venus conjunction 

Capricorn: The Sun-Venus conjunction in Leo is not going to be favorable for the Capricorn natives. During this time, there is a strong possibility of you having health related problems. The employed people may have to face problems at the workplace. Apart from this, financial problems can also knock on your life during this time. The people associated with the field of education of this zodiac may feel a bit confused. Also, some events will likely happen in your life and you are going to be mentally restless. In such a situation, you are advised to be careful during this conjunction.

Pisces: Apart from this, the Sun-Venus conjunction is also not going to be favorable for the people of Pisces. You are advised to take care of your health during this time. Otherwise, you may suffer from some serious problem related to the stomach or eyes. Married people should avoid cheating in their relationship.

Otherwise big trouble may arise in your life. Your expenses are also going to be high during this period and you may have to face some problems in your job as well. Business will also not fetch the desired benefit, due to which mental stress may increase in your life.

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Remedies For Sun-Venus Conjunction

• Worship Maa Durga.

• Respect women and never hurt them in any way.

• Offer arghya to the Sun God after taking a bath every day.

• Respect your father and try to strengthen your relationship with him.

• To strengthen the planet Venus, feed fresh chapati to the cow daily.

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