Sun-Venus’ Close Degree Conjunction on 24 March, Know the Impending Impacts!

On March 24, the planets Sun and Venus will be in a close degree conjunction in Pisces, in between 9 to 10 degrees (this applies for both the planets). It can be derived that both of these planets will be on almost equal degrees. Due to this, the planet Venus will be in a combust mode. All of these occurrences will take place in the zodiac sign which comes under the lordship of Jupiter, a friend of Surya Dev. 

The Sun is considered to be the significator of one’s soul, while Venus is considered to be the causative planet of beauty. Both of these planets are considered very important in Vedic astrology, so their close proximity conjunction’s influence will be seen on the common masses as well. Let us know how the effect of this conjunction will turn out to be and which zodiac signs will be most impacted. .

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Impacts of Sun-Venus’ Close Degree Conjunction

The planet Sun is associated with the fire element, while the planet Venus is considered to be determined by the water element. The zodiac sign of the water element is where the conjunction of these two planets is taking place, although Pisces happens to be the exalted sign of Venus, but this conjunction cannot exactly be regarded as extremely beneficial. People may lose confidence due to this occurrence, while some of the natives may also face health problems. 

However, this conjunction can be said to be good for business professionals. Those who are into business may get auspicious results during this time. At the same time, this conjunction is not very good for auspicious tasks, because Venus will be combust during this time. Venus is an auspicious planet, so pious activities should not be conducted when it is in a combust mode.

Sun-Venus’ Close Degree Conjunction & Share Market Predictions

Due to the close degree conjunction of these two planets, the stock market can go through some fluctuations. During this period, volatility can be seen in the stocks of electronic goods, electricity and female friendly products. Along with this, traders may also face difficulties in investing due to the volatility of the index.

Sun-Venus’ Close Degree Conjunction & Family Life

Due to the close degree conjunction of Sun and Venus, people may face difficulties in family life. Because of the conjunction, these two planets will be in the Nakshatra of Saturn and Saturn will also aspect the duo. During this time, there can be an atmosphere of discord in the house about small things. Especially an excess of ego and pride can cause an imbalance in family life. At this time, there will be a need to balance out family highs and lows with patience. Women may also face health related problems during this time. However, for those who are into family business or do their own business, this conjunction will prove to be auspicious.

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Now, let us move on to find out which zodiac signs will have to maintain carefulness with regards to this close degree conjunction of the both planets. 

Taurus & Capricorn Natives Will Enjoy a Good Time! 

The natives of Taurus zodiac sign which comes under the lordship of Venus and Capricorn zodiac sign which comes under the lordship of Saturn, will obtain good results due to this conjunction. Taurus folks whose tasks were on hold can be completed during this period. You may witness an increase in your might during this time. If there was any problem related to the job, then it would also go away. On the other hand, the natives of Capricorn can get monetary benefits during this time. Your elder siblings will support you and help you move forward in life.

Aries, Aquarius & Pisces Natives Should Remain Careful

Aries natives come under the lordship of Mars and they will have to be careful during this close degree conjunction. Excess of your temper can spoil your work. Also, due to the harshness of speech, distance can seep into your relations with your close relations. Natives of Aquarius will have to be careful about their expenses, and along with this, you have to take special care in the matters of transactions as well. You may also have some health problems. On the other hand, due to the close degree conjunction of Sun and Venus in Pisces, the people of this zodiac may go through mental problems. You may be stuck in a dilemma. In the meantime, you should take the advice of your trusted people to make the right decisions.

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