Sun Transit in Cancer To Be Great For 3 Zodiacs; Are You On The List?

Sun Transit in Cancer: In Vedic Astrology, the Sun is referred to as the creator of souls and holds a very prominent place in Vedic Astrology. Sun is also among one of the five Adi devas of Panchayatana Puja also known as Pancha Devi Deva Puja. The Sun represents self and masculine energy. It provides the necessary light essential for the origin and sustenance of life on Earth. 

The Sun holds the most prominent place in astrology among the planets. It is the lord of the Leo Zodiac sign and it is also the ruler of Nakshatras like Kritika, Uttara Phalguni, and Uttarashada. The Sun stays for around one month in each zodiac sign and it completes its movement in the astrological sphere in 12 months.  A unique trait of Planet ‘Sun’ is that it does not retrograde in any zodiac sign, unlike other planets. Sun is a fire element and it symbolizes red color.

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The other names by which Sun is known are Mitra, Ravi, Bhanu, Khaga, Pushan, Marichi, Aditya, Savitha, Arka, and Bhaskara. It has the attributes of morality, singularity, brevity, government, royalty, devotion, immunity, fame, self-reliance, liberality, honesty, etc.

It is considered as the king among planets and it possesses power and authority and it rules over mouth, throat, eyes, and bones in the human physical system.

Sun’s transit in each zodiac has very important significance over the 12 zodiacs. In this blog, we are trying to bring accurate and vital information about the Sun’s transit in the Cancer zodiac on 16th July 2023 at 04:59 A.M. and which zodiac signs will receive the maximum benefits of this transit.

Sun’s Transit In Cancer Will Shower Blessings Upon 3 Zodiacs


The Sun’s transit in the first house or ‘Lagna Bhav’ of your birth chart will prove to be very auspicious and beneficial. Sun is also the lord of the House of Money and Fortune. So, the natives may experience a sudden inflow of money. The natives will enjoy a harmonious time with their families and may go out for a trip. The period will be awesome for married individuals. Your confidence will increase and your voice will be impactful. You will be able to generate a positive impression on others.

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The Sun’s transit will prove to be highly beneficial for the natives of the Virgo zodiac sign as the Sun is transiting into the eleventh house of your birth chart. Your earning and income will experience a sudden spike. You will receive high returns on your investments. Your children will rise and achieve success in their careers. You will also gain profits from investments made in the past and also new sources of income will open.

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The transit of the Sun in the seventh house of your birth chart will be favorable and bring positive results for you. The Sun is the Lord of the eighth house in your Kundali and that will benefit you in any kind of partnership business, while the people involved in research work will also receive good results. If you wish to own a property or a land then your wish will become true during this period. The life of married couples will be happy and harmonious. Your relationships with your colleagues in the office will strengthen and you will prosper in your career.

The Sun is the benefactor of soul, intelligence, authority, government, intelligence, wisdom, and positivity and it is also the karaka of the Father. It is vital to maintain good relations with your father and treat them respectfully to gain maximum benefits from this transit. The zodiacs mentioned above will receive the maximum blessings of the Sun’s transit in Cancer, so it is advised that the natives of these zodiacs must stay positive, work hard and extract the maximum benefits of this transit.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question 1.  Who are the friendly planets of the Sun?

Answer 1. The friendly planets of the Sun are Mars, Jupiter, and Moon.

Question 2. Who are the enemy planets of the Sun?

Answer 2. The enemy planets of the Sun are Venus, Saturn, Rahu, and Ketu.

Question 3. Which Zodiacs are favored by the Sun?

Answer 3. The Sun is the ruler of Leo and exalts in Aries. Both of these are favored by the Sun.

Question 4.  Which day is favorable to worshiping Lord Sun?

Answer 4. Sunday is the most suited day to worship Lord Sun.

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