Sun Transit In Pisces: Which Zodiacs Will Shine Bright Like The Sun!

Sun Transit In Pisces: According to Vedic astrology, the Sun represents the soul, the self, and the ego. It is associated with the element of fire and is believed to be the giver of life and vitality. The Sun is also known as the king of the planets, and its position in the birth chart is considered to be of utmost importance. The Sun is said to have a positive influence on those born under the signs of Leo and Aries. In addition to its influence on the individual, the Sun is also believed to have an impact on society as a whole. It is said to represent leadership, authority, and power, and those who are born under a strong Sun are believed to be natural leaders who inspire others to follow them. 

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This month, on March 15, 2023, the king of all planets, leaving his enemy’s zodiac sign Aquarius, entered its friend Jupiter-ruled zodiac Pisces. In Vedic astrology, the relationship between Jupiter and the Sun is considered to be of great significance. The Sun represents the self, ego, and vitality, while Jupiter is known as the planet of expansion, growth, and wisdom. This combination of the Sun and Jupiter is considered to give positive results to a great extent. We use the phrase “to a great extent” because Pisces is a water element sign and the Sun is a fire element planet. In such a case, the relationship between fire and water is seen to be somewhat vulnerable. This is why the Sun-Jupiter conjunction in Pisces should have produced spectacular results, but in general, one should expect better-than-average outcomes. 

To help you better comprehend this transit and its impact, AstroSage has prepared this blog where we will explain every detail of the Sun Transit In Pisces, including the date, time, and zodiac-wise analysis of its influence. 

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Significance Of The Sun In Vedic Astrology

The Sun is an important planet in Vedic astrology because it represents the soul and self-realization. A strong Sun in the horoscope indicates a person who is self-aware, confident, and has a clear sense of purpose in life. The Sun is also associated with health and vitality. It represents energy, vitality, and general well-being. A weak Sun in the horoscope may indicate health problems or a lack of vitality.

The Sun also represents authority and leadership. It is the king of the planets and represents power, leadership, and authority. A strong Sun in the horoscope may indicate success in leadership roles and professions that require authority and power.

In addition, the Sun is also associated with the father and fatherly figures. A strong Sun in the horoscope may indicate a positive relationship with the father or a strong influence of fatherly figures in one’s life.

The Sun’s placement and strength in the horoscope are believed to have a significant impact on one’s life and personality. A well-placed Sun can bring success, fame, and recognition, while a weak Sun can lead to health problems, a lack of vitality, and a lack of self-confidence.

Let us find out its date, time, and impact in the zodiac-wise analysis now.

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Sun Transit In Pisces: Date & Time

The benefactor of one’s soul, the Sun transited into the twelfth and the last zodiac sign in Astrology, Pisces, on March 15th, 2023, at 06.13 am. Just like any other transit of every planet, the Sun’s movement into the sign ruled by Jupiter will also have an impact on each of the twelve zodiac signs. So let us move ahead and find out which zodiac sign will shine bright like the Sun!

Sun Transit In Pisces: Zodiac-Wise Horoscope 2023


Sun is the lord of the fifth house for Aries natives and will transit in the twelfth house with Jupiter, the lord of luck. This indicates that in this case, two circumstances will be labeled as positive and one as weak. By the way, the Sun’s passage through the twelfth house is supposed to make one run in vain. This Sun transit may also result in some unnecessary expenses. Apart from that, it has been stated for this Sun transit that this state works to punish, that is, there may be some issues with administration and there is a potential for discomfort in the eyes and feet, although the people of Aries may not be as unpleasant. 

You should not expect results due to the conjunction of your horoscope’s fifth house and the lord of fortune, which can potentially provide favorable outcomes to a large extent. In such a case, you should avoid excessive spending and avoid getting engaged with the individual associated with the administration. There is a chance of success in any activity involving other countries. 

If you are thinking about investing, you may profit from it as well because the expenditure in the form of investment is not actually spent. Even if the money is no longer yours, you will retain its worth so that you might enjoy its benefits in the future. Even though a transit in the twelfth house is considered negative by astrologers, this transit might have mixed outcomes for you.

Remedy: The natives of Aries should visit the temple regularly and offer red fruits there.

Let us now look at how the Sun’s transit through Pisces will affect Taurus.


Sun rules the fourth house for Taurus natives. The transit of the lord of the fourth house is regarded as a favorable condition, and you may gain from it in a number of different ways. There is the prospect of increased pay and promotion. Other than that, there seem to be positive outcomes in concerns related to the father. If there have been any health issues in the past, Sun and Saturn have now become free, which means they have parted ways in their zodiac signs. In such a case, your health should be fine for the time being.

Remedy: The natives of Taurus should avoid consuming non-vegetarian food and alcohol.

Let us now look at how the Sun’s transit through Pisces will affect Gemini.

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For the natives of Gemini, the Sun is the master of your strong spirit, and it is currently transiting to your house of work. As a result, you may complete many tasks successfully based on your hard work and determination. Your siblings and friends may support you during this transit. Social regard is another indicator of compatibility. There is a chance of attaining positive results in governance concerns. If you are employed, there appear to be favorable effects in terms of promotion during this transit. there will be a sense of compatibility between you and your father or in situations involving your father.

Remedy: The natives of Gemini should avoid the use of the colors black and purple.

Let us now look at how the Sun’s transit through Pisces will affect the natives of Cancer.


The Sun is the ruler of the second house for the natives of Cancer, while the lord of the family house has migrated to the fortune house. Although this situation would be considered to be positive, according to the texts of astrology, the transit of the Sun in the ninth house is said to hinder good results. And according to this, the transit of the Sun in the ninth house gives opposition from brothers, hurdles in luck, and obstacles in work. Though there may not be such negative outcomes in your instance, you will need to live in harmony with your family members. If your neighbor or brothers are upset with you for any reason, try conveying your situation to them using positive examples or stories. Since Jupiter is regarded as the component of religious actions and good thoughts, compatibility in the relationship can be maintained by presenting such tales, stories, and parables about the benefits of living together. You should avoid being overconfident at this time.

Remedy: The natives of Cancer should offer water to the Sun regularly.

Let us now look at how the Sun’s transit through Pisces will affect the natives of Leo.


The Sun is the lord of your zodiac sign for the natives of Leo, and it is currently in the eighth house, which would not be considered good in general. The Sun rules your zodiac sign and has migrated to the eighth house, which might be a problem. You must take care of your health throughout this transit.  If you have an eye condition, you will need to see an eye doctor for a comprehensive examination. You should also avoid interacting with government officials. If you are a government employee, avoid any misconduct or wrongdoing during the Sun transit in Pisces. The natives of Leo should prepare their food carefully at this time to avoid digestive issues.

Remedy: The natives of Leo should offer water with Kumkum mixed in it to the Sun regularly.

Let us now look at how the Sun’s transit through Pisces will affect the natives of Virgo.

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Sun is the lord of the twelfth house, for the natives of Virgo, and it will transit into the seventh house. If any case pertaining to other nations was pending in such a condition, beneficial results may be discovered in that subject. Yet, according to astrological sources, the transit of the Sun in the seventh house is not ideal for married couples since it causes circumstances of conflict between partners. 

For example, in your horoscope, the Sun will remain with Jupiter in the seventh, so there will be no big disturbance. You are advised to continue to prevent narcissism or ego clashes with each other. A happy marriage is built on listening, understanding, and accepting each other’s words. If you do this, there will be no problems with this strategy. Long-distance travel is also feasible at this time, but there may be some small hurdles or difficulties along the way. 

Avoid making big commercial investments during this transit. If investing is necessary, you should do it only after consulting with a number of specialists; only then will the outcomes be satisfying. During this period, problems such as eye discomfort and headaches are common.

Remedy: The natives of Virgo should reduce the consumption of salt in general and avoid it completely on Sundays.

Let us now look at how the Sun’s transit through Pisces will affect the natives of Libra.


Sun is the lord of your benefic house for Libra folks, and now transiting to the sixth house, the Sun is considered weak. Nonetheless, the transit of the Sun in the sixth house is said to produce outstanding results. Also, the combination of the lord of the house of profit with the lord of the third and sixth houses will provide you motivation to work hard, along with providing favorable results. Your confidence will be high at this time, and your conduct will be well-balanced. You will be able to do numerous things extremely effectively by showing understanding, and you will accomplish the most favorable outcomes. According to astrological sources, this Sun transit may keep you ahead of your competitors in every situation. The enemy’s efforts may be useless against you. During this transit, there are possibilities of achieving success at work and advantages from the government. In general, the Sun’s transit can be advantageous for the natives of Libra.

Remedy: The natives of Libra should consume Gangajal regularly.

Let us now look at how the Sun’s transit through Pisces will affect the natives of Scorpio.

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Sun is the lord of the house of action in your horoscope for Scorpio natives, and it has now entered the fifth house. Yet, according to astrological literature, the transit of the Sun in the fifth house is not regarded as beneficial. Still, in the fifth house itself, the Lord of Karma, the Sun, is in conjunction with Jupiter, the lord of riches, and hence the natives may suffer. This may lead to success in jobs requiring intellect and judgment. In addition to this, the success of those efforts might lead to a significant income. Meanwhile, if you avoid arrogance, you may count on the support of your friends. If you suspect that a friend is keeping his distance from you for whatever reason, remain polite and ask them if there is a reason that they would like o share with you. if it were your fault and you feel like apologizing would help save a friendship then you can also apologize to them. Otherwise, astrological sources label the transit in this house as weak. Adopting these practices will be crucial if you desire better results. Yet, it will be vital to maintain a healthy diet and a positive relationship with the child. You can achieve good results if you try to focus on your subject during this transit.

Remedy: The natives of Scorpio should drop eight drops of mustard oil on raw soil regularly.

Let us now look at how the Sun’s transit through Pisces will affect the natives of Sagittarius.


The Sun is the lord of the house of luck in your horoscope, which has now transited to the fourth house for Sagittarius folks. The transit of the Sun in the fourth house may cause mental health issues, which suggests you may be under some stress during the Sun transit in Pisces. Since the Sun, who is the lord of the fourth house, is placed in its own house, there is a potential for some contentious developments in the family and some troubles with land or property. As a consequence, you might not have such bad outcomes, but even if you do, they will be minimal. You must exercise caution since good outcomes are only attainable if you show understanding. It is also possible to acquire property or a vehicle as a result of this transit. Yet, in the case of real estate, it is important to consider if the property you intend to purchase meets government regulations. You should look into it thoroughly. If your mother is upset about something, you should try to convince her. By taking these steps, you should be able to get decent outcomes.

Remedy: The natives of Sagittarius should feed the needy.

Let us now look at how the Sun’s transit through Pisces will affect the natives of Capricorn.

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Sun is the lord of Capricorn’s eighth house, and it is now traveling in the third house. Nonetheless, the transit of the Sun in the third house is considered to be favorable in astrological sources. Astrologers believe that the Sun’s transit causes you to flourish in your career. This passage brings health, excellent ties with the government and administration, confidence, freedom from rivals, and status and prestige. But, being the lord of the eighth house might cause your confidence to evolve into arrogance, which you must avoid during this transit. Also, being a bit casual about any topic would be unsuitable since certain hurdles may arise unexpectedly. You will not experience any troubles if you stay aware and prepare a strategy to overcome all types of challenges. In conclusion, even if any issues do occur, you will be prepared for any circumstance, providing you to effortlessly handle the issue and achieve positive results.

Remedy: The natives of Capricorn should visit temples regularly and offer milk.

Let us now look at how the Sun’s transit through Pisces will affect the natives of Aquarius.


For the natives of Aquarius, the Sun is the lord of the seventh house in your horoscopes, and it is now transiting in the second house. This transit is thought to be a little weak in terms of family problems.  However, with Jupiter’s help, you will be able to overcome family issues. Even with financial concerns, after some obstacles, favorable solutions are possible. In such a case, it would be necessary to prevent unnecessary costs and to interact peacefully with family members. In general, if you follow these precautions, you will obtain better outcomes.

Remedy: The natives of Aquarius should offer dried coconut in a temple dedicated to Lord Shiva.

Let us now look at how the Sun’s transit through Pisces will affect the natives of Pisces.

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For the natives of Pisces, the Sun rules the sixth house in your horoscopes and is now traveling through the ascendant house. Although it is the lord of the ascendant, it will not cause you any big issues, however, as the ruler of the sixth house, it may have some negative effects on your health. As a result, in such circumstances, you need to be health-conscious. Avoiding unnecessary attitudes and exercising discipline in food and drink will benefit your health at this time. If you have a Pitta nature, that is, if you have acidity issues, etc., then you should consume food according to your nature. Keep as far away from the debate as possible at this time.

Remedy: It will be auspicious for the natives of Pisces to recite Aditya Hriday Stotra.

We hope that now that you are aware of the Sun transit in Pisces forecast, you will be able to achieve better outcomes by acting in accordance with the conditions. May Goddess Bhagwati bless you all!

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