Sun Transit On Nov 16, 2021: Worldwide Impact, Favourable & Unfavourable For These Signs

Transit means the movement of a planet from one zodiac sign to another. In simple words, anything which is in motion is referred to as transit. Basically, Gochar is a combination of two words i.e. Go and Char where Go means star i.e. Nakshatra or planet and Char means movement. So, it signifies the movement of planets. According to Vedic Astrology, all nine planets have their own speed or movement.  

In this blog, we will elaborate on the movement of the Sun which is going to occur shortly. This movement of the Sun is going to take place on Nov 16, 2021. Here, we will specify particularly the effect of Sun transit over the world. Also, know which zodiac signs are going to flourish and which signs to remain cautious of.

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Sun Transit 2021: Date & Timings

Sun, the master of all the planets, will transit in Scorpio on November 16, 2021, at 12:49 PM for a period of 30 days.

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Sun Transit: Meaning & Significance

All the planets transit in different zodiac signs at different times. Whatever impact this transit may have on the zodiac signs is termed as the effects of the transit. If we talk of Sun transit, it is known as Surya Sankranti. So whenever the transit of the Sun takes place in any of the zodiac sign, then it would mean the Sankranti of that zodiac sign.   

For example, now, it is transiting in Scorpio, it shall be known as Vrishchika Sankranti. As per Vedic Astrology, the Sun transits in a zodiac sign for a month. i.e. it stays in one zodiac sign for a month and then transits in the other.  

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Sun Transit Soon: Worldwide Impact

At this special event, Acharya Mragaank Sharma has expressed his views. In his opinion, major and pivotal changes can happen due to the transit of the Sun, taking place on the 16th of November. 

Sun, the master of Aatma, is the most important planet and its transit is the source of many important occasions. It defines the status of a king or important leaders of the country. If we look at the horoscope of India, this transit will take place in the seventh house. Scorpio zodiac sign is ruled by Mars, who is a friend of Surya Dev, and therefore, this transit of the Sun will take place in its own friendly zodiac sign.  

As per the horoscope of Kaal Purush, it is the zodiac sign of the eighth house so the transit of the Sun in the eighth house may dig out the secrets of the previous government and the current one and may bring everything in the public. As a result, some important changes may be observed in the administration, and there is a possibility of mysterious transfers as well. Ketu is already present in the Scorpio zodiac sign and therefore, the presence of the Sun along with it will not be good for people as far as their health is concerned but it will be favourable for business dealings, foreign trade, mutual relations, etc. At some places, things may get stuck due to bickering.       

Talking about the world, there can be heated discussions among the nations and there can be conspiracies against each other. In such circumstances, some major changes can be observed in the government and they may have to face opposition from the public. So the Indian government will have to be very vigilant at the borders and tone up spying agencies to deal with the conspiracies against it. Counties like China, Pakistan, Afghanistan, America, and Australia have to be cautious. 

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Sun Transit: Which Zodiac Signs To Shine & Others To Be Cautious 

Every transit has some impact on various zodiac signs and the Sun, who is the king of all the planets, will have effects on all the 12 zodiac signs as well. For some natives, this transit will be auspicious while for the others it would signal to be cautious. Talking about this very transit of the Sun in Scorpio, the natives of Gemini, Virgo, Capricorn, and Aquarius will get favourable results and there are possibilities of getting favours from the government. Reputation in the society will be high and financial position will strengthen. If you are planning to start a new project, then this transit will support you. You will have cordial relations with seniors and government officials. 

Apart from this, the transit is sending messages to remain alert for the natives bearing Aries, Taurus, Libra, and Sagittarius. Their health can go down and almost completed tasks may get stuck. Their expenses may go up and the possibility of achieving success can only happen through hard work. Therefore, they will have to focus on putting in extra efforts and doing hard work. They should roll up their sleeves to have good results in life.

Sun in Vedic Astrology 

Sun is considered to be the biggest source of light and energy and life can’t be possible without it. Among all the nine planets, Sun is considered as the father and is the significator of ancestors, soul, higher position, government job, and respect, etc. The position of the Sun in the horoscope decides the favourable or unfavourable results.

Favourable Position of Sun In Kundli

If Sun is placed in a strong position in one’s horoscope, they can achieve success in government jobs, make their career in politics, command respect in the society, etc. Along with this, the natives form a strong bond with their father. Such people are kind-hearted and generous and achieve great success in life. Also, they remain dedicated and loyal to their work and relationships.       

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Unfavourable Position of Sun In Kundli

Contrary to the above, the weak position of the Sun causes eye-related problems, makes a person meet with several disappointments in service, etc. Also, they are unable to get much respect in society. Apart from this, they have a weak understanding with their father and confusion prevails to a great extent in their relationship. Such people express their anger over futile issues and are quite stubborn. They keep enmity in their heart and speak weirdly. 

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People with unfavourable position of Sun in their Kundli face Pitru Dosha. To avoid all such problems, we are enlightening you with some simple and exact remedial measures through which all kinds of pains and sorrows inflicted by the Sun can be mitigated.  

Astrological Measures Concerning Sun To Bless You With Good Luck 

To get rid of all the ill effects of a weak Sun in the Kundli, certain remedies are being mentioned herewith. For a personal consultation and astrological measures, connect with well-known astrologers on call and find all possible solutions to your problems.   

  • Respect your father, fatherly figure, and other elders. 
  • Worship Lord Vishnu, Shri Ram, and Surya Dev regularly. 
  • Recite Aditya Hridaya Stotra with a pious heart and clear words. 
  • If possible, observe the fast on Sunday. 
  • On Sunday, donating jaggery, wheat, copper, ruby, Khus, etc. during the Hora of the Sun and Surya Nakshatra is considered auspicious. 
  • Wearing 1 Mukhi Rudraksha/12 Mukhi Rudraksha can prove to be favourable. However, we always emphasize that any stone should be worn only after consulting a learned astrologer. So, ring up astrologers now and get all the information regarding stones. Also, only Lab Certified Ratna should be put on. 

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