Sun Transit in Virgo, Know the Impacts on Your Sign!

The transit of the Sun from one zodiac sign to another is known as Sankranti. According to this, there are twelve Sankrantis in a year. The Sun will transit in Virgo from the zodiac sign Leo in the month of September and therefore, the day on which this transit occurs will be called Kanya Sankranti. If you wish to know the impact of this transit on your zodiac, then click here to ask questions from our well known astrologers.  

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On September 16, 2020, the Sun will transit in Virgo from Leo at 19:07 and will remain in the same sign till October 17, 2020 upto 07:05 and then, transit into Libra. The planet Sun is regarded as the King amongst all nine planets. Although, on one side, Mars, Moon and Guru are said to be the friends of the Sun, but on the other, Rahu, Ketu, Venus and Saturn do not have quite good relations with the Sun while Mercury has a neutral relation with the Sun.   

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If the Sun is in an auspicious position in the horoscope, then a person earns respect, gets blessed with a government job and gains success in political life. On the other hand, due to the bad effects of the Sun, a person faces Pitru Dosha, problems related to eyes, remains unsuccessful in getting a job etc. Let us now read the zodiac wise predictions and find out how this transit will change your life for good.

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Aries natives will host the transit of the Sun through their sixth house, also known as your house of enemies…Read More


The Sun transit in Virgo will cause the planet to get posited in the fifth house of Taurus natives…Read More


The Sun will be posited in the fourth house of Gemini natives during its transitory motion through the zodiac cycle…Read More


The Sun transit will take place through the third house of courage and might of Cancer natives…Read More 

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As the luminary planet changes places, it will enter the second house of Leo natives. This Sun transit in Virgo will prove to be auspicious in many aspects of your life…Read More  


The Sun transit in Virgo will cause the planet to be posited in the ascendant house of the natives. Your first house signifies your nature, character health, behaviour, and more…Read More 


Libra natives will host the transit of the Sun through their twelfth house. This planetary movement will prove favourable for natives who work in a multinational company or own a business associated with foreign countries…Read More 


Scorpio natives will host the transit of the Sun through their eleventh house. This signifies your benefits, desires, and elder siblings…Read More

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The Sun transit in Virgo will cause the planet to enter the tenth house of Sagittarius natives…Read More


This Sun transit will take place through the ninth house of Capricorn natives, which signifies your fortune, religion, character, and journeys…Read More

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The eighth house of Aquarius natives will host the transit of the Sun in Virgo. This placement signifies imminent obstacles and challenges in life…Read More


The last sign of the zodiac cycle, Pisces, will host the transit of the Sun through their seventh house of marriage and partnerships…Read More

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