Sun Transit In Virgo: The ‘King’ Reveals Its Analytical Side & Helps These Zodiacs Grow Stronger

Sun Transit In Leo: AstroSage endeavors to bring to you the latest and the most important astrological events with every new blog release to keep our readers up to date with the latest happenings of the arcane world of Astrology. The Sun transits the sign of Virgo on 17th September, 2023 at 07:11 AM. Let’s find out what impacts Sun Transit In Virgo will have on the professional lives of these zodiacs. We will reflect upon the profession and health of the 4 zodiac signs who will be positively impacted during this Transit. 

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The Sun is the life-giver and the most important planet in vedic astrology. The ‘king’ of the zodiacal sphere is set to transit in the sign of Virgo on the 17th of September, 2023.  The transit of the Sun in Virgo is also very impactful, as the Sun happens to be the natural Atma Karak, amongst all the nine planets and is the significator of one’s soul. 

It is the planet that signifies your dignity, self-respect, ego and career. It controls your dedication, your stamina, vitality, willpower, respect in society, leadership quality. It is the Karaka planet for your father, the government, leaders, politicians, king and your higher authorities. If you talk about body parts it signifies your heart and bones.  

Virgo is the 6th sign in the Kalpurush Kundli and is ruled by the “prince’ of all the planets, Mercury. The 6th house represents enemies, debt, competition, litigation, diseases, etc. It is an earthy sign, practical and analytical in nature. represents business, administration, finance, self respect, ambition, leadership quality, social image, self centered approach, ego, show, glamor, creativity, arts, down to earth, luxury. 

So, we can say that the Sun Transit In Virgo is going to be very good for the authoritative and government people. Politicians and leaders can use their power intellectually and analytically for the welfare and positive impact on society. This transit will also prove beneficial for artists and people engaged in creative fields as Leo is the sign of creativity. But, being specific for natives, the effect of the transit will depend upon the Sun’s placement in the natal chart and the Dasha of the natives and as per the house the Sun is transiting in. The above predictions are done according to the rising sign.  

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Sun Transit In Virgo: These Zodiac Signs Will Be Positively Impacted 


The Sun is the ruler of the 5th house for Aries natives and will transit to the 6th house. As the Sun transits in Virgo, you will achieve victory over your enemies, finish all your pending work and overcome anything that was earlier acting as an obstacle in your way of achieving success. Now, 6th house is also the house of competition, the students and government job aspirants will now have a good chance of overcoming any competition and come out with flying colors in examinations. 

Any competitive attempt made by these individuals to earn good grades will be successful during this time. You will also be able to deliver a spectacular performance. Business owners may be able to receive government assistance. Your health will also improve with the Sun in the 6th house and any health ailments you have been facing in the past will also subside and you will be able to tread the healthy road once again. 


The Sun rules the 2nd house for Cancer natives and will be transiting to the 3rd house during Sun transit in Virgo. Sun in the 3rd house would be beneficial for these individuals. This transit will help you advance in your career and push you out of your comfort zone. Your efforts will be recognised for your hard work and efficiency at work. At the same time, if you strive and work hard to achieve your professional goal, you will achieve success. 

Many Cancer individuals will have the opportunity to travel during this time, and these trips will be quite useful to you. You may also be able to register your name in the good books of your authorities and may receive promotions and salary hikes during this time. Your health may also become better during this time. Those who have been plagued by a previous long term illness would feel better and may find their health coming back on track.

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The Sun becomes the ruler of the 10th house for Scorpio natives and will be transiting to the 11th house during the Sun transit in Virgo. The natives will become energetic and robust during this time. These individuals will receive excellent gains through parents during this transit. 

They keep themselves busy in the business and earn a lot of wealth from overseas sources. This position is good for any head of an organization or a political party as this Sun transit in Virgo will increase an individual’s leadership qualities. In case you were suffering from any illness or an injury, now is the time that you will recover soon. Any long term illness could be cured as well.  


For Sagittarius natives the Sun rules the 9th house of luck, fortune, religion, father and gurus and will transit to the 10th house of career, professional environment, etc. You will gain extra strength in this circumstance thanks to the Sun’s transit through your 10th house during Sun Transit in Virgo, as the Sun gains ‘Digbala’ in the 10th house. You will get favorable achievements, particularly in the field of work. Those who are employed in private sectors will be seen pursuing and utilizing opportunities for advancement in their positions. In addition, all of your efforts during this time will increase your chances of achieving great achievement. 

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Lord Sun, on the other hand, will provide you with good and fresh prospects in your professional life even if you’re in a field such as marketing. This will assist you in growing your company. Now, in terms of health, if you have been dealing with some health-related issues, the effect of the Lord Sun will help you overcome any illness, diseases or injuries. As a result, you will be able to freely enjoy your healthy and happy life.

Sun Transit In Virgo: Impactful Remedies

  • Donate Jaggery, wheat and copper on Sundays.
  • Water the Tulsi plant everyday, except on Sundays.
  • Recite the Aditya Hridaya Stotram everyday.
  • Wear the color red and orange often.
  • Perform havan for the planet Mercury
  • Worship lord Shiva and perform rudrabhishek.
  • Install and worship the Surya Yantra.

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