Sun Transit In Scorpio: Luck Of These Zodiacs Shines Due To Sun’s Influence

Sun transit in Scorpio: In the astrological world, the Sun is referred to as the king of nine planets and is also considered the factor of soul, father, government, power, and authority. Every month the Sun is changing its position and in the sequence, the Sun is going to change its present zodiac sign in the November month. The Sun’s change of zodiac will have an impact on the lives of all. For some zodiacs, the transit will prove beneficial and for others, it will create some trouble. So, let us move ahead and check this special blog about the Sun transit in Scorpio. Before that, we need to know the time & date of Sun transit in Scorpio.

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Sun Transit In Scorpio: Date And Time

From the astrological point of view, the Sun is considered the factor of your father. Along with it, the Sun is regarded as the planet for soul, self-power, brilliance, and energy. Sun transit in Scorpio happens on 17 November 2023 and at 01.07 pm. So, let us know the details of the Sun’s transit and its effects on all the 12 zodiac signs. Before that, let us check the effects of the Sun transit in Scorpio sign and also the importance of the Sun in astrology.

Importance Of The Sun Planet in Astrology

In the old scripture, the Sun is regarded as a deity and it represents the soul, honor, prestige, and self-respect of natives. It is also believed to control dedication, patience, vitality, willpower, leadership ability, social respect, and more. As per the Hindu calendar, Sunday is the day of the week dedicated to the Sun, and thus to get the blessing of the Sun God, the natives on Sunday should offer water to the Sun god. In Hindu astrology, as the Sun enters any zodiac sign, it becomes a very auspicious time for different religious tasks. During this time, natives are more inclined towards spiritual tasks and due to it they are able to organize religious functions correctly and worship of the Sun God is done for it.

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Other than that, when the Sun’s transit happens from one zodiac to another then it is referred to as a solar month. There are 12 zodiac signs in astrology and the Sun takes around a year to complete the zodiac cycle. Also, the Sun doesn’t retrograde like the other planets. Sun is the lord of the Leo zodiac and will be exalted in the Aries sign, while Libra is the debilitated sign. If we discuss Nakshatras, the Sun is the lord of Uttarashadha Nakshatra.

Effects Of Sun Transit In Scorpio

In the Scorpio zodiac, the influence of the Sun will result in the irritable and stubborn nature of the natives. The Scorpio planet is also referred to as a water planet, so when the Sun is located there, the natives have a lot of emotions. Such people also have a sensitive nature and they’re also full of emotions in their hearts. However, such natives are a little stingy in spending money across different needs. If the money needs to be spent somewhere, it should be done in a thoughtful and planned manner. The Sun transit in Scorpio will result in unhappy thoughts in the life of natives, that is, such people are not satisfied with anything in front of them.

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Because of the influence of the Sun in Scorpio, natives starting any work will complete it efficiently. They can do all kinds of work, but no other person can get the work done from these people. These natives have the intention to become powerful and so, they’re more inclined towards politics or films. Such people wait for the right time and opportunity to fulfill their dreams and they often get good opportunities for it. They also don’t hesitate to do wrong things, even after knowing about everything. Such natives also don’t give up very quickly and doesn’t get influenced by others. Many natives of the zodiac sign also face different troubles in life and they face the situations with strength.

Importance And Personality Of Scorpio Zodiac

The Scorpio natives have the nature of curiosity & tenaciousness, and they remain serious about learning new things. They keep the focus on vital questions. The natives many times can get angered on small topics and excessive harm can cause harm to them, thus they should control the anger in their lives. Although they do conversation in a clear manner, avoid twisting things, and prefer expressing things in a straightforward way. The Scorpio natives have strong willpower and also get along with other people easily. They are interested in spicy food items and also like to stay in comfort.

They like avoiding too much work and also like to stay disciplined across activities. The natives also like fame and show-off. Such natives have a large circle of friends. They have interests in fields like police, teaching, & astrology and achieve the right level of success in them.

Signs Of Sun’s Strong Position In The Horoscope

If the Sun, the king of planets is positioned strongly in the horoscope, then it will yield auspicious outcomes for the natives. Let us now check the signs of the Sun in a strong position in the horoscope.

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  • The good position of the Sun in the horoscope makes the nails of natives stronger & pink and thus doesn’t break easily.
  • Sun’s strong position in the horoscope will result in a generation of positive thoughts in the minds of individuals who also have an optimistic view of life.
  • The Sun’s influence results in the progression in the life of natives and they also get good respect in the society.
  • The strong Sun position also results in the development of good qualities in natives.
  • A stronger Sun makes the natives powerful and they feel energetic in life to carry out different activities.
  • If the Sun is in a strong position, then it will result in the success of the natives and they also experience prosperous life.

Relevant Signs Of Weak Or Afflicted Sun In The Horoscope

  • The afflicted Sun results in the egoistic, jealous, angry, ambitious, and self-centered nature of natives.
  • Sun is considered the factor of our father i.e. the head of the family. In such a situation, the weaker position of the Sun in the horoscope will result in the deterioration of the native’s relationship with the father.  
  • The afflicted position of the Sun in the horoscope indicates that the natives can leave the task midway, even if they start some work.
  • The weak position of the Sun in the horoscope indicates that the natives might need to take the advice of others on every matter, even though they won’t be able to make the right decision.
  • The signs of a weak Sun in the horoscope can be witnessed in the health of natives. It can happen that they might face a disease that will be hard to diagnose and treat.

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Follow The Right Measures To Please The Sun God

In astrology, different measures are suggested by experts to strengthen the position of the Sun planet in the horoscope. Adopting the right suggestion will result in success across job and business life. Let us now understand the easy ways to strengthen the position of the Sun’s position in the horoscope.

Keep The Fast On Sunday

To strengthen the Sun’s position, natives need to fast for at least 12 or 21 Sundays. You need to keep the Sunday fast for a whole year or do the fasting for 30 Sundays. This will result in the blessing of the Sun God and achieve great success in each area of your life.

Wear Red Clothes

To strengthen the Sun’s position in the horoscope, on Sunday, take a bath and wear a red cloth or else keep a red headkerchief with yourself. Also, chant the mantra ‘Om Hram Hrim Hram Sa: Suryay Namah’ at least 108 times. It will provide the relevant benefits to the natives.

Offer Water To The Sun God

On Sunday morning, offer water mixed in a vessel with red Sandalwood, red flowers, Akshat, and Durva grass. It will provide the blessing of the Sun God and thus the financial condition of natives will improve significantly.

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Avoid Consumption Of Salt

To offer a sacrifice to the afflicted Sun, one should avoid the consumption of salt on Sunday. Rather consume items like Porridge, Milk, Curd, Ghee, Sugar, and Wheat Bread.

Donate Right Products

To deal with a weak or afflicted Sun, one should donate products like red & yellow-colored clothes, jaggery, gold, copper, ruby, wheat, lotus, lentils, cow, and others.

Wear The Gemstone

To tackle the Sun’s effect, natives should wear Ruby gemstones. Take the help of astrologers to wear any gemstone. Other than that, the natives can also wear Sun’s sub-stone like Tamra, Laldi, or Suryakant Mani.

Offer Your Service To Cows

To strengthen the position of the Sun planet, natives should offer services to cows and on Sunday feed roti & jaggery to them. Also, offer the flour balls to the fish and sprinkle sugar on the ants.

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Take Blessings Of Your Parents

If all the above-mentioned solutions fail then the easiest solution will be to touch the feet of parents on a regular basis and thus seek their blessings. Follow the orders given by parents and take good care of them. Also, it will be idle to respect all the father figure persons.

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