Sun Transit In Scorpio (16 Nov): Impact On Health, Economy & Other Sectors!

Sun transit is regarded as important in astrology as Sun is a major planet and is considered the king among the 9 planets So it’s natural that its movement will affect the lives of all individuals in some way or another. Sun is the planet responsible for principles, administration, judging abilities and decision making etc. Sun transit in Scorpio will bring major changes in the nation and the world. This blog highlights these impacts, along with the time of this phenomenon. We have also mentioned some effective Sun remedies. For your information, this blog has been prepared by our learned astrologer, Acharya Hariharan.

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Sun Transit In Scorpio: Date & Timing

Sun is a planet for administration and its transit in Scorpio, a friendly sign, may trigger good opportunities with respect to career and finances. Without the strong position of the Sun, one may not be able to be a good judge in making apt decisions. If the Sun is placed well in a natives horoscope, then he/she may be able to perform well in life and get into top positions with respect to career. Natives having a strong Sun in their concerned horoscope will have high abilities and are bound to be king makers.

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The upcoming event of Sun transit in Scorpio will take place on 16 November 2022, at 18:58. Let us see the movement of the Sun and its impact:

Sun Transit in Scorpio:  What to Expect?

Scorpio is a sign ruled by Mars and here it is to be noted that Mars and Sun are natural friends to each other. Due to this, this transit overall may be a challenging one due to the fact that Mercury and Venus combine with the Sun. Mercury is the eighth house lord and Venus as the twelfth house lord conjoining with the Sun may lead to mixed results with respect to health, finances and relationship, which may turn out to be low. 

The Sun placed in Scorpio is a good one, but its combination with Mercury and Venus during November may not be favorable. On the positive side, development in career,  and new business opportunities will be possible for these natives. On the negative side, more expenses will be there for these natives and some low understanding is possible with the life partner. Further, this transit may not be good in terms of health where chances for back pain and pain in legs could be possible.

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Impact Of the Sun Transit On India & the World 

  • There will be good chances for business flourishing during this month with respect to agriculture, telecommunication etc.
  • During this transit, good profits will be possible.
  • Sectors such as public enterprises, administration will get a good lift and money flow will be smooth.
  • India could be affected with obstacles from countries like Pakistan, United states etc.
  • The relationship and communication between neighboring countries may hit low and fluctuations in business could be present which may dampen all proceedings.
  • Due to this transit, sectors like Navy, military etc. may take a back seat and development in these sectors may not be up to the mark.
  • For the world, this transit may have some adverse effects on countries like Britain, USA and China.
  • Decision making in various countries regarding bilateral ties or agreements will not be favorable during this transit.
  • New health related problems like high viral fever, skin diseases may give botherations to countries like India, USA and Canada.
  • On the other side, sectors such as mystics, telecommunication, software might gain upper ground with large scope for profits.
  • The world will be aware with respect to changing trends that could turn out to be either negative or positive, which will be witnessed in areas like education, agriculture, networking etc. 

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 Impact of the Sun Transit on Individuals

  • Individuals who are aspiring for better career opportunities might be able to achieve it during this transit.
  • Business owners and individuals doing business may be able to reap high profits and will be in a position to meet their targets in an easy manner.
  • Those who are into the food business, hotels, restaurants will find this transit to be favorable.
  • Health for the individuals may get affected with problems such as nervous issues, pain in ankles, shoulders and back pain.
  • For individuals who are involved in occult and mystics will be able to shine and flourish during this transit. Individuals will be able to dominate and show their extra unique skills.

Economic Impact of the Sun transit:

Sun in Scorpio during this month and its impact may be positive as a whole. For example new business start ups and agreements could be formulated, which may help a lot in reaching the objectives. This transit will send positive signals to the country’s economic progress and overall development. 

During this transit, areas such as speculation, trading etc. will give more profits and further opportunities with respect to the same. India and its neighboring countries could get benefitted money wise during this transit. Also, new policies will be formulated by the Indian government. 

Health Impact of the Sun transit:

Sun in Scorpio may have some impact on the natives belonging to zodiac signs namely, Scorpio, Cancer, Aries etc. These zodiac signs may need to take more care with respect to their health, finances and relationship. Aries and Scorpio natives could face stress related to hypertension, back pain and nervous related issues. Natives belonging to the above zodiac signs will need to be more careful with their health and take precautions. Cancer natives could be prone to digestion problems and teeth related problems during this Sun transit. Scorpio, which is in sign ruled by Mars, may be prone to hypertension easily and due to this, there could be chances for these natives to meet with sleeping problems. Sun in Scorpio may enhance blood pressure and due to this, there may be less physical comforts for the natives. So during this transit it is advisable to adopt more patience as this may be the best step to be adopted.

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General forecast of this Sun transit:

Sun in Scorpio is said to bring in more prosperity globally in terms of good profession and business for natives. More awareness will be possible for these natives with respect to overall development, which may come as a surprise. New job opportunities are possible for the natives and those who are willing to get promotion and upgrade themselves may find this transit to be favorable. 

Major decision making like pumping new investments into business will be possible for individuals during this transit. Money flow will be good for the natives during this transit, but at the same time, savings may not be possible.

On the other hand, health hazards in the form of back pain, nervous related issues, and digestion disorders are possible. Those who are doing business may need to avoid pursuing partnerships during this transit, and doing so may lead to loss.

Yoga Present During the Sun Transit:

During this Sun transit, Sun and Mercury are present in combination and is aspected by natural benefic Jupiter, which will lead to the formation of Budha-Aditya yoga. The above yoga in Scorpio may give good results and at the same time, it may give unlimited desires for earning due to the combination of Mercury as the eighth and eleventh house lord. Jupiter’s aspect over the Sun will enhance fortunes for these natives with respect to career. 


  1. Chant the ancient text Aditya hridayam daily.
  2. Chant “Om Bhaskaraya Namah” daily 21 times.
  3. Perform Havan-Yagya for Planet Sun on Sundays.

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