Sun Transit In Sagittarius (16 Dec); These Zodiacs’ Luck Will Shine

Sun transit is the third major transit taking place in Sagittarius in the month of December. Its effects will be seen on Sagittarius, along with the 11 other zodiac signs. The Sun is known as the factor of soul and its entry in Sagittarius will bring changes for these natives in different areas of life. Through this blog, we will learn about the time and date of this transit, its effects, and remedies for 12 zodiac signs. With this, we will also understand what are the effects of a strong and a weakened Sun in the horoscope.  

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The Significance Of Sun In Astrology

According to astrology, the planet Sun is seen as a king among all the other nine planets. Because of this, the weak condition of this planet can have adverse effects on natives and different areas of their lives. The Sun is considered the harbinger of vitality, life force, dedication, higher authorities, and stamina. The Sun has a significant influence and effect on our body and it signifies the heart and bones in our body. Apart from this, Sun is considered a symbol of career, ego, and self-respect. Now, let’s learn about all the various benefits that a native can receive if the Sun is strengthened in their horoscope. 

The Benefits Of A Strong Sun 

If the king of the nine planets is in a strong position in your horoscope, then this will be quite beneficial for you. Those natives who have a strong Sun have the possibility of receiving immense prosperity in their business. Other than this, such natives also receive progress in politics and career-related fields. These natives always receive the support of their father and maintain good and cordial relations with him. 

The Effects Of A Weakened Sun 

There are many benefits of a strong Sun in various areas of life, but if the Sun is in a weakened state you may see its effects on all aspects of your life as well. Natives in whose horoscope there is a weakened Sun, they are often surrounded by illnesses. There is a possibility that these natives might receive little peace and prosperity in life. Such natives might go through stress, and due to its negative effects, the natives may face trouble and unsuccess in work and its related fields. There are many remedies available in astrology on how to make the Sun strong in your horoscope. So let’s know more about these subtle remedies!

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Remedies To Strengthen The Sun

  • In order to strengthen the Sun in your horoscope, you should observe fast on Sunday. 
  • On Sunday, after taking a bath, wear red colored clothes and worship the Sun (Surya Dev).
  • On Sunday you should have dalia, curd, sugar, and wheat chapati. 
  • To strengthen the Sun you should donate copper, ruby, wheat, and red lotus.
  • Recite the Mantra: oṃ hrāṃ hrīṃ hrauṃ sa: sūryāya namah

Sun Transit In Sagittarius: Date & Time

The planet Sun will transit in Sagittarius on 16 December 2022, on Friday at 09:38 am. The planet Sun is the symbol of luck, inspiration, good fortune, and wisdom and the transit will have an effect on every zodiac sign and on different aspects of their lives as well. So, without waiting any further, let’s know about the effects that the Sun Transit In Sagittarius will have on every zodiac. Additionally, we will also learn about what all remedies each zodiac sign can do, in order to save themselves from its negative effects. 

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Sun Transit In Sagittarius: Predictions & Zodiac-Wise Remedies

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