Sun Transit In Pushya Nakshatra: The Influence Of Sun On These Zodiacs!

Sun Transit In Pushya Nakshatra: The Sun Nakshatra transit happens today, bringing newfound respect and auspicious outcomes for some zodiac signs.

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In astrology, star transits hold great significance. Today, the sun moves into the Pushya Nakshatra, heralding positive results for many. Whenever a planet or star changes its position, it’s called a star transit. The sun spends around 30 days in each zodiac sign, crossing various constellations within that period.

On 17th July, the sun entered the Cancer sign, and now, on the evening of 20th July at 5:08 PM, Sun Transit In Pushya Nakshatra will take place, bringing favorable results for many.

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Pushya Nakshatra As Per Vedic Astrology

The ancient and revered system of Vedic Astrology divides the celestial zodiac into 27 nakshatras, or lunar constellations, each holding its unique energy and significance. One of these nakshatras is Pushya, which symbolizes nourishment and care and has a deep association with the planet Saturn. Pushya Nakshatra, situated in the sign of Cancer, is governed by the deity Brihaspati, the guru or teacher of the gods, symbolizing wisdom, guidance, and growth.

The Sanskrit word “Pushya” translates to “nourisher” or “thrive,” reflecting the nurturing essence of this nakshatra. Individuals born under Pushya Nakshatra are believed to possess a compassionate and caring nature. They are natural caregivers, offering support and protection to their loved ones. Just as the nakshatra itself is ruled by Saturn, the planet of discipline and responsibility, those born under Pushya are dutiful and disciplined, taking their responsibilities seriously.

The ruling planet Saturn lends a sense of maturity and practicality to their personalities. This, combined with the nurturing attributes of Pushya, bestows them with the ability to handle challenging situations with grace and poise. They are patient and enduring, weathering the storms of life with resilience.

The presiding deity, Brihaspati, bestows wisdom and a love for learning upon individuals born under Pushya. They are often drawn to fields of teaching, counseling, or spiritual guidance. Their inclination to support and uplift others also makes them excellent parents and caregivers.

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Lucky Zodiacs During Sun Transit in Pushya Nakshatra


Taurus individuals will gain special advantages from the sun’s star transit. Your risk-taking abilities will increase, and you’ll accomplish significant tasks during this phase. The sun’s position will bestow you with happiness and respect.


The sun’s transit in the Pushya Nakshatra will enhance your skills and talents. Financial success is on the cards, and your family will provide unwavering support during this time. Those involved in family businesses will reap abundant benefits and shine in their endeavors. You will emerge victorious over your adversaries.

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During the sun’s star transit, you will radiate positivity and optimism. Handling problems effectively will be your forte, and your actions will leave a lasting impact on others. The sun’s blessings will help you gain support from fatherly figures and spiritual mentors. Scorpio natives can also expect to enjoy material comforts and success in their endeavors. Your work domain will see achievements, and you’ll encounter promising opportunities. This period offers a strong likelihood of spiritual growth.

Remember, the stars hold incredible power, and their movements influence our lives in unique ways. Embrace the cosmic energies, and may the stars guide you toward a path of prosperity and well-being.

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