Sun Transit In Pisces: Impact, Significance & Remedies !

The Sun is considered to be highly significant in the domain of Vedic astrology. It is said that life on Earth is possible because of its influence. In many religions, the Sun has attained the status of god. The position of this planet in one’s horoscope plays a vital role. The transit of Sun in Pisces will take place on March 14, 2021. On this note, let’s know its impact on the people of all 12 zodiac signs. 

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Significance of Sun in Vedic Astrology

In the pretext of astrology, the Sun plays an important role. Although it is considered to be a cruel planet, it’s position in one’s horoscope is extremely important. The Sun is considered to be in an exalted state in Mars ruled zodiac sign Aries while it remains in a debilitated state in Venus ruled zodiac sign Libra. It is also the ruling lord of three Nakshatras i.e. Kritika, Uttarashada and Uttara Phalguni. If the Sun is in a favourable position in one’s horoscope, he/she faces less problems in life. It is also considered to be a benefactor of self-confidence and therefore, if it is posited in a debilitated state then a person lacks self-confidence. Also, it is considered to be a benefactor of soul, government work, leadership etc.   

Sun Transit: Date & Time

The Sun will transit in Pisces on March 14, sunday at 05:55 hours. The Sun is a friend of Pisces and therefore, this transit is going to be important in many aspects of life.  

Sun transit in Pisces: Impact

The ruling lord of Pisces is Jupiter, who has been friendly with the Sun. The Sun is considered to be a fire element while Pisces is considered to be a water element and therefore, the transit will bring changes in people’s life. Also, it will bring enhancement in religious instincts and many people may visit pilgrimage sites. Along with this, people will get favourable results in family life, especially their relationship with their father can improve.        

Leadership qualities of people belonging to Pisces zodiac sign as well as others’ will enhance. However, the willpower of some people is likely to weaken. Majorly, the transit will bring positive changes. There is likely to be ups and downs in political life. People are advised to be careful about bone-related problems. Those who are working in the government sector, will get favourable results. The Sun is also considered to be a benefactor energy and it will transit in Pisces from its enemy zodiac sign i.e. Aquarius. In this pretext, those who were feeling deprived of energy, may feel energetic after this transit. Also, people’s ambitions will strengthen with this transit.          

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Sun transit in Pisces: Impact on Stock Market

The impact of this transit will also be observed on the stock market. Exactly after this transit, companies dealing in rice may show an upward trend rapidly while there may be ups and downs in gold and silver prices. Silver will attract the traders on March 19 and March 25. There may be fluctuations in the cotton and textile shares owing to this transit.        

Remedies to Strengthen the Sun

As per Kundli, if the Sun is not favourable then you are advised to perform below-mentioned remedies. This will enhance your willpower and you will observe positive changes in your life.   

  1. Offer water to the Sun at the time of sunrise everyday. 
  2. Respect your father and people of your father’s age. 
  3. Donate wheat on Sunday. 
  4. Everyday, recite the Beej Mantra of the Sun ‘ॐ ह्रां ह्रीं ह्रौं सः सूर्याय नमः’ / ‘oṃ hrāṃ hrīṃ hrauṃ saḥ sūryāya namaḥ’. 

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