Sun Transit In Pisces: How Will It Affect The 12 Zodiacs?

Sun Transit In Pisces: The planet of soul, strength, light, and discipline, Sun is going to enter Pisces on 14th March, 2024. The Lord Sun will leave Aquarius and enter the second zodiac of Jupiter, Pisces, which is a friendly zodiac sign for the Sun. Till 13th April, it will stay in Pisces and what influence will this transit have on your zodiac. Before you come to this, you need to know how the Sun transit in Pisces will impact the entire India. 

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Sun Transit In Pisces: Impact On India

The Sun is the ruling lord of the fourth house of India’s natal chart and also the planet of fiery elements. In such circumstances, the  transition of the ruling lord of the forth house of fire element to the dual nature sign of water element can work to divide the minds of people, that is, due to the transit of the Sun, mutual opposition can be seen among the people. A situation of factionalism or controversy may arise. There may be internal discord or controversies in every party, but the favourable thing is that the Sun will be in a very friendly zodiac sign. As a result, the public will have an idea that they are going to be at disadvantage from the disputes or factionalism. Perhaps, this will not cause any major problems. 

However, Mars and Saturn will aspect the house of Sun, i.e, the fourth house , a situation of dispute and chaos may arise, but adverse situations will remain under control through Jupiter, i.e, public awareness. Moving into Pisces, the Sun will be close to Rahu and as a result, the political flavour will be at its peak. For India, this transit of the Sun can give and provide some good results after some problems. Especially on the economic front. Now what effects will the Sun transit in Pisces have on the zodiac signs? Let’s discover it together!  

Sun Transit In Pisces: Effect On All The 12 Zodiac Signs


The Sun is the ruling lord of your fifth house and at present, it will stay in the twelfth house. In general, this transit of the Sun in Pisces may not be said to be favourable. In such a situation, the students might not be able to focus on their subjects. There may also be slight weaknesses in their love matters. Apart from this, there can be troubles in unnecessary trips and government matters as well.

Remedy: Go to a temple and offer red fruit regularly. 


The Sun is the ruling lord of the fourth house of your natal chart and at present, it will transit to your house of fortune. In general, this Sun transit is considered favourable but the presence of Chaturtesh with Rahu may cause some worries regarding family life. Aside from this, there may be certain disputes among family members. Also, the Sun transit can also increase your incomes and this transit will  be better than average for position and prestige also. 

Remedy: GIve up tamasic food (mainly non-vegetarian food) like meat, alcohol etc, and get pure and sattvik. 

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The Sun is the ruling lord of the third house of your birth hart and right now, it is transiting to the tenth house. The transit will be generally considered favourable for you and it will work to enhance your self-confidence, however, you need to be careful as Rahu’s impact can make you feel over-confident as well.  However, the Sun transit will support you in getting the prestigious position. There will be favorability in the matters related to your workplace. The guidance from your father or seniors will be the best for you. 

Remedy: Donate black or purple colour clothes to the poor people. 


The Sun is the ruling lord of the house of money for the Cancer natives and now, it is moving to the house of fortune. This may not be considered fortunate for you but still, it will be better considering the last transit. Nevertheless, you should still refrain from taking any kind of risks in financial and familial matters. You need to maintain the best relationships with your brothers and sisters as much as possible. Some problems may be seen at work. Therefore, take  some extra time to complete the work. 

Remedy: Offer water to the Lord Sun regularly. 


The Sun is the lord of your ascendant house or the zodiac and at present, it will transit to your eighth house. This transit may not be considered favourable for you because the transit of the ruling lord of your ascendant house or zodiac sign to the eighth house is an indication of weakness. Therefore, you need to take care of your health during this period. The problems may arise in the administrative work.  Also, you should live your financial life very wisely. 

Remedy: Offer the kumkum mixed water to the God Sun. 

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The Sun is the ruling lord of the twelfth house of your zodiac sign and is at present in the seventh house. This transit of the Sun may not be considered fruitful for the natives. In such circumstances, you need to be cautious in the partnership. If you are married, then you need to be careful and maintain your bond with your life partner. It would be wise to avoid travelling as much as possible and do not take any risk in business. 

Remedy: Reduce your salt intake during this period and if possible, don’t take salt on Sunday at all. 


The Sun is going to transit in the sixth house becoming your benefic. The transit of the Sun in the sixth house is generally considered to be favourable for you. This transit will  especially bring the best benefits for the employed natives. If this is the period of promotion or anything else, according to your company policy then there are chances of a promotion coming your way as well. You will be seen doing better than your competitors. There are high chances of favorability in the matters related to governance, but you are advised to not take any kind of risk in these areas. 

Remedy: Drink Gangajal regularly. 


The ruling lord of your tenth house, Sun will move to your fifth house and this transit may not be said favourable for you. The students need to  completely focus on their subjects during this period. If you are in love with someone, then you need to talk to them very politely, sweetly and patiently, otherwise they may get upset with you on anything. There is also the need of maintaining a good bond with your children. By maintaining proper eating habits, stomach related problems can be avoided. 

Remedy: It will be auspicious to drop 8 drops of mustard oil on raw soil regularly.

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The ruling lord of your house of fortune, Sun, will transit in your fourth house. In general, this transit may not be considered fruitful for you. Therefore, during the period of this transit, you may remain stressed to some extent. Take care of the  health of your family members, mainly your mother. Also, try to maintain a good bond with them. You are advised to get careful in the matters concerning land and property. 

Remedy: Donate food to the needy people as per your capability. 


The Sun is the ruling lord of your eighth house and it will transit to your third house at present. This transit of the Sun is considered favourable for you and in such circumstances, you may get some unexpected benefits. Your health will favourably be better but because of the presence of Saturn-Mars in the second house can spoil your eating habits. Therefore, you are advised to eat and live as per your surroundings. In the case of doing so, this transit of the Sun can generally give you good results in most of the cases.

Remedy: Offer milk in the temple. 

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The lord of the seventh house, Sun wil transit to your second house and it may not be said favourable for you. In such a situation, you are asked to focus on your business, especially, if you are involved in the business related to dealing and communicating, then you need to maintain a great control over your speech. Due to the transit of the Sun, there may not just be eye pain, but financial and family problems can also be seen. Therefore, be aware of these during this period. 

Remedy: Offer dry coconut with coir in the temple of Lord Shiva. 


The Sun, being the lord of your sixth house will transit your first house which may not be considered fruitful for you. On top of that, the transit of the sixth house in the first house can be a sign of health issues or health weakness. Therefore, you are advised to be careful and alert regarding your health. During this period, you are asked to refrain from getting angry. By adopting proper eating habits, you will be able to maintain your health. Also, avoid getting into disputes with relatives at this time. 

Remedy: Recite Aditya Hridaya Stotra regularly. 

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