Sun Enters Own Sign Right Before Janmashtami: Lucky-Unlucky For Whom?

Krishna Janmastami is the special day dedicated to Lord Krishna and the devotees of Krishna wait for this day all year long. According to the Hindu Panchang, the Janmashtami Vrat is observed every year on the Ashtami Tithi of Krishna Paksha of the Bhadrapada month. On this day, people worship the child form of Lord Krishna, i.e. of Laddu Gopal.

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If we talk about Janmashtami 2022 then it will be celebrated on 18 or 19 August. It will be celebrated for 2 days as on the 18th, the household natives will observe the Krishna Janmashtami fast, while on the 19th, Vaishnava Sanyasi people will observe this fast. 

Krishna Janmashatami 2022: Auspicious Muhurat

Let’s talk about the auspicious Muhurat of Krishna Janmashtami 2022.

This year, Bhadrapada Krishna Ashtami Tithi will begin on 18 August at 9:21 pm and will end on 19 August at 10:59 pm.

Janmashtami Muhurat

Nishita Puja Time : 24:03:00 to 24:46:42

Duration : 0 Hour 43 Minute

Janmashtami Parana Time : After 05:52:03 on 20th, August

Note: The timing mentioned above is applicable for people living in New Delhi. If you want to know the timings as per your city, click here.

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This Krishna Janmashtami Is Extremely Special

This year, Krishna Janmashtami is being given special significance as the Sun is going to change its zodiac sign, just one day before this pious festival. In this situation, there are good chances for some zodiac signs to become lucky. Which are these signs? Let’s find out!

But first, if we talk about the timing of this Sun transit then it will enter Leo on 17 August, at 7:14. For the Leo natives, this transit will take place in their Ascendant or the first house.

These Signs Will Be Lucky

Aries: Sun transit taking place just before Krishna Janmashtami will bring highly auspicious results for the Aries natives. During this time, your financial condition will be stronger than before, which will help you to accumulate wealth. Your marital life will be blissful, you will be favored by luck, and your health will be vigorous during this period.

Cancer: Sun transit in Leo will also be favorable for the Cancer natives. During this period, all your stalled tasks will be completed and you will attain success. The working professionals might get a job transfer. Besides this, the Cancer business people will attain good profits and they will be favored by luck at every step. Also, they will be healthy at this time.

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Leo: The positive impact of this transit taking place a day before Krishna Janmashtami will be seen on the natives born under the Leo zodiac sign. With the blessings of the Sun, your reputation and status in society and family will enhance, if you have a court case going on then you will get success in it, working professionals will attain success, and the natives looking for a job will also get good news. Overall, you will enjoy this period.

Libra: Sun transit in Leo will be special for the Libra natives. The Libra business people will bag good profits. Besides this, you might also go on a trip related to business and this trip will prove to be beneficial for your business. The period will be favorable from a health point of view. Luck will favor you. The working professionals can also look forward to promotion and salary increments. 

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What Will Be The Impact Of Sun Transit On Other Signs?

Taurus: You might face some obstacles in your work. Take special care of your health.

Gemini: There are chances of financial loss. You are also advised to take care of your health.

Virgo: You are advised to avoid unnecessary expenses during this period. Take care of your eating habits and consult a doctor immediately when needed.

Scorpio: You might face some problems in your married life. Also, there are chances of mental stress.

Sagittarius: You will have to put in extra efforts to attain success during this period. In addition to this, your health might bother you.

Capricorn: There are chances of financial loss. Also, you are advised to keep your temper and speech in check at this time.

Aquarius: Be careful in the matters of monetary transactions, take care of your health, and try to maintain a good balance in your family life.

Pisces: There are chances of clashes in the family. There can be arguments with the life partner as well. Take special care of your health.

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