Sun-Ketu Conjunction In Libra With Sun Transit Will Create Chaos?

The Sun is the biggest source of light and energy on earth. In astrology, the Sun is considered the father of stars. Sun is also regarded as the benefactor of the father in the horoscope of a person. The ruling lord of Leo, the Sun, is going to enter Libra on 17 October 2022. Let’s find out the impact of this transit on the natives through our special blog on Sun transit in Libra!

Sun & Birth Horoscope

Similarly, the Sun, who is considered to be the king of the planets, has also been said to have special significance in astrology. Each of its transits takes place in about a month i.e. 30 days. After the Moon, the Sun is the only planet that never retrograde. Sun is considered to be the benefactor of government and high service, energy, position-prestige, honor, respect, soul, father, eyes, self-power, ego, etc. 

So, if the position of the Sun in a horoscope is strong, then the relationship of that person with his father is always better. Also, that person who attains fame and respect in society by attaining a high position in the workplace. Whereas on the contrary, if the position of the Sun in a horoscope is weak or inauspicious, then that person is deprived of the father’s happiness. Also, heart and eye-related diseases surround him and it may take him a long time to get a good position in the workplace.

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Some Important Facts Related To Sun Transit In Virgo

• Effect of Sun Transit on Libra

While transiting in Libra, the Sun will enter the first house from the zodiac sign. Libra is the seventh sign of the zodiac chart or Rashi Chakra, so the debilitated position of the Sun in the first house of the seventh zodiac sign will affect the married life of the natives the most. There is a possibility that the Sun will increase your ego, due to which you will be seen repeatedly interrupting your partner to keep his best self. Your partner may object to this habit of yours. Therefore, you are advised to be careful from the very beginning against the negative changes coming in your nature.

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• Ketu-Sun conjunction in Libra

On 17th October, when the Sun leaves Virgo and transits into Libra, it will form a conjunction with the shadow planet Ketu that is already present there. In Vedic astrology, the Sun is considered to be the benefactor of energy and concentration in life. On the other hand, Ketu is seen as the end of merciless habits and evil and the planet that leads towards the spiritual. So, the conjunction of these two planets together and the Sun being in a debilitated state during this time is going to make the people of the country more secretive and mysterious than necessary.

In this situation, the energy of the debilitated Sun will be affected by Ketu, due to which there may be some delay in attaining the status and prestige desired by many natives.

 • Saturn aspect on the Sun

Apart from this, when the Sun will transit in Libra on 17th October, then the tenth vision of Saturn, which is known as the benefactor of Karma and which is present in Capricorn, will be on Sun God. The tenth vision of Saturn is considered to be a high vision, in such a scenario, due to the effect of this position, there will be chances of sudden tremendous hype in wheat, barley, gram, linseed, gold, copper, oil, etc.

Apart from this, due to this Saturn aspect, many people may have differences with their father. Along with this, Saturn is also going to reduce the confidence of the people during this period.

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Easy-To-Follow Remedies Related To Sun:

• Watch Sun with naked eyes for at least one minute daily.

• After proper advice from astrologers, wear a ruby ​​stone on your finger.

• Offer water to the basil and banana plants daily.

• Present warm clothes to your father.

• Offer water to the Sun daily while reciting the Beej Mantra.

• Donate jaggery and copper to any temple.

• Recite Shri Aditya Hriday Stotra.

• Help the disabled.

• Wear one Mukhi Rudraksha or 12 Mukhi Rudraksha according to the method.

• Read or listen to the stories of incarnations of Lord Vishnu.

• You can also install Surya Yantra in your home or office to attain a high position.

• Serve the cow and free the pair of birds.

• You can also do online puja for Surya Graha Shanti to get rid of all types of Surya Dosha from your Kundli.

• To attain the blessings of the Sun, it will also be favorable for you to wear the root of Belmool.

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