Sun Transit In Libra: Formation Of Krur Yoga Brings Monetary Loss!

Sun Transit 2023: The Sun will transit in its debilitated sign, Libra, on October 18, and Trigraha Yoga will form during this transit. The Sun will enter Libra at 01:18 p.m. on October 18.

Trigraha Yoga is forming due to the presence of Ketu and Mars in Libra. Four of the twelve zodiac signs will be significantly affected when the Sun enters Libra. This can be a difficult moment for the folks born under these four zodiac signs. They may also encounter financial troubles at the same time. Sun transits can potentially cause health issues for persons born under these four zodiac signs. Learn which four zodiac signs will be negatively impacted by the Sun Transit in Libra in this blog.

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Formation Of Krur Yoga With Sun Transit In Libra

The Sun will be present in Libra’s Ascendant house during this transit, which is considered quite important from an astrological standpoint. When the Sun enters its lowest sign, Libra, Mars and Ketu, who are already present, create Trigraha Yoga with the Sun. Because all three of these planets are considered cruel, it is known as ‘Krur Trigraha Yoga’ in astrological terms. From an astrological standpoint, it is not acceptable for these three terrible planets to be together in Libra, and the four zodiac signs may suffer greatly as a result. Sun in Libra for a month might be exceedingly unlucky for those born under these signs.

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Sun Transit Impact On Aries

The Sun transit in Libra will be detrimental to Aries’ family life. There is a risk of conflict among your family members. There is also evidence of a reduction in family members’ mutual love. At the same time, this transit can cause many storms in your career. Your coworkers may cause you troubles, and you may also have disagreements with your supervisors. Whatever you do will produce delayed results. This may irritate you. You will not be able to reap the benefits of your efforts at this time. The Sun transit in Libra might also have an impact on your health.

Sun Transit’s Impact On Taurus

The Sun’s transit in Libra is also not favorable for Taurus folks. During this transit, the Sun will be in Taurus’ sixth house, and because of this, Taurus people’s health may deteriorate. There is a chance of an accident at this time, so drive with caution. You are also prone to get injured throughout this period. At the same time, people who are deeply in debt may find this period particularly tough. You may have to go around the court.

Taurus people are likely to experience financial losses as the Sun enters Libra. Businessmen may also suffer significant losses during this transit period. If you have a legal case, you may lose it. Important tasks may also face challenges. You should avoid starting any fresh initiatives at this time.

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Sun Transit’s Impact On Virgo

The entrance of the Sun in Libra will not be beneficial to the persons born under the sign of Virgo. Your health may deteriorate as a result of the change in the Sun’s position, and you may also get throat problems. At this moment, you must exercise extreme caution in all matters. To keep healthy, avoid eating cold foods and avoid going to places with a lot of dust.  Do not be irresponsible with your health in any manner. You should also exercise caution inside your family. Arguments or disagreements may happen among your family members.

Sun Transit Impact On Scorpio 

The transit of the Sun will have an impact on the fourth zodiac sign, Scorpio. The Sun will be present in Scorpio’s twelfth house, and Mars, Scorpio’s ruling planet, will also be present in this house. Scorpios may sustain injuries as a result of the effects of this transit. They must exercise extreme caution at this time or risk being involved in an accident. Take care when driving and leaving the house. Scorpios are inclined to become enraged during this transit period. It is possible that your work could be ruined while being done. At the same time, this is not going to be a terrific period for family life. Disagreements in the family may occur, indicating a breach in family peace. On the other hand, if you are currently in a fight with your spouse, you should proceed with caution.

Someone may bring false accusations against you when the Sun enters the weakened zodiac sign Libra. Be a little less wasteful with your money, or you may find yourself in hot water due to excessive expenditures.

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