Sun Transit in Leo Soon: 4 Signs Will Benefit-3 Must Beware!

Sun God, who is referred to as the soul of the world and the king of the planets, has always had a special impact on mankind. The Sun is the only planet that is visible even with the unaided eye after the Moon. For this reason, the Sun has also been referred to as Suryanarayan in Hinduism, where it is also given the title of a deity. Because Suryadev, like Lord Shree Narayan, cultivates the entire planet by lighting it. In addition to this, the sun’s radiation also illuminates other planets in the solar system, such as the moon.   

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In Vedic astrology as well, the Sun  planet is regarded as a factor for father, eyes, respect, success, advancement, work in both the public and private sectors, high levels of service, and promotions, among other things. In this case, the Sun’s position in the horoscope must be presented if the person wants a government position or a high one. In addition to this, steps should be taken to strengthen the Sun planet to get rid of eye-related issues or to improve health. Because if a person’s Sun is weak in their birth chart, they will not experience the favorable outcomes associated with the Sun planet’s elements throughout their entire lives.

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Sun Transit And Birth Horoscope

The largest naturally occurring source of energy on Earth is the Sun. Each of their relocations and effects causes several significant changes in the environment and in everyone’s lives. This is the major reason the Sun’s location and strength are the first things noticed anytime a professional astrologer examines a person’s birth chart. The east is ruled by the Sun. Leo is also their own sign, making up the entire zodiac.

In addition, the Sun is said to be in the exalted sign of Aries and the low sign of Libra. In addition, the movement of the sun can be used as a basis for the Hindu calendar’s calculation. The period of time during which the Sun transits from one zodiac to another is known as a solar month since the Sun is not retrograde and one zodiac’s cycle lasts roughly 30 days. This states that the Sun takes a year to cycle through the entire 12 zodiac signs.

Different kinds of seasons are dependent on each Sun’s zodiac change, according to Vedic astrology. As a result, every Sun transit also causes profound changes in nature. While only the Sun may be used to determine a person’s fame, confidence, honor, and respect in society, among other things, while reading a horoscope.

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Sun Transit Duration 

After a full year, the Sun God, who provides energy and light to the entire planet, will finally transit in his own sign, Leo. On Wednesday, August 17, 2022, at 7:14 a.m., the Sun will make this transit. During this time, the Sun God will move from the Moon’s sign of Cancer to his own sign of Leo. It will stay in Leo until September 17, 2022, at which point it will begin its transit in the following zodiac sign. 

Due to the Sun God’s presence in his own zodiac after a full solar year, all the zodiac signs may experience the greatest beneficial impacts in such a scenario. People whose horoscopes have the Sun in a good position during this time will have favorable outcomes. However, if the position of the Sun in a horoscope is unfavorable, that person may experience unpleasant effects from this transit. 

In addition, there is a probability that numerous modest and significant changes may occur across the nation as a result of the Sun’s transit into its own sign. So let’s  know which Zodiac signs will be most impacted by this Sun in Leo transit and what changes this will bring to the nation as a whole.

Important Points Related To Sun Transit In Leo  

  • Sun will enter in Magha Nakshatra    

Sun will enter Magha Nakshatra and its own sign during this transit. As a result, the environment will be significantly impacted along with the zodiac signs. Farmers will have access to enough water for the crop because this time of year has seen substantial rains in several regions of the nation. However, the Sun’s entry into this nakshatra is indicating both economic and administrative changes. 

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  • Mars’ 4th Aspect On The Sun  

The fourth vision of Mars, who is currently in Taurus, will fall on the Sun on August 17, as the Sun God leaves Cancer and moves into his own zodiac sign, Leo. The effect of this vision of Mars on the Sun will function to significantly boost the people’s energy in such a situation because both the Sun and Mars have a fire element. However, it’s also possible that at this time the political climate in the nation may be extremely turbulent and confusing.              

  • Mercury-Sun Conjunction Will Form Budhaditya Yoga 

When the Sun enters Leo, it will join the already present Mercury in an auspicious union to create Budhaditya Yoga. Those who are seeking higher education or taking exams will perform well as a result of this yoga. Mercury will re-transit and depart Leo and sit in its native sign of Virgo once this conjunction of the Sun and Mercury ends on August 21. 

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  • Conjunction Of Enemy Planets Venus- Sun      

The god of material pleasures and the lucky planet Venus will unite with the Sun God on August 17 when the Sun enters Leo. A few days later, on August 31, Venus will also enter Leo. Due to the hostility between the Sun and Venus in this instance, this combination might cause problems in the majority of people’s marriages.  

  • Worldwide Impact 

There will be a surge in the price of gold, silver, cotton, jaggery, sugar, sesame, oil, mustard, soybean, and other commodities as a result of this transit of the Sun and the influence of other planets on them. After the initial minor decline, usually follows a significant upswing in the stock market.

These Zodiac Signs Will Benefit

  1. Aries: The students will benefit much from this Sun transit. Because of their increased focus on their studies, they will be able to perform well. You will also gain new insight into romantic relationships as a result. Additionally, there will be a solid money flow financially. Your relationships with coworkers and superiors will also be seen to be improving at work.
  2. Cancer: The Sun will depart from your own sign and enter Leo which will have the greatest positive impact on you and enable you to save yourself. Your family will also provide you with their entire support. Students involved in research will also be seen to do better in their fields.    
  3. Leo:  You will experience a surge in energy as a result of the Sun transiting through your own zodiac sign. Additionally, you will be seen succeeding in your line of work as a result of the growth in your self-confidence. The state of your health will improve as well.  
  4. Pisces: Your health will be significantly improved by this Sun transit. You will appear to be in good health because, by the help of the Sun God, you will have a strong immune system. In addition, this time will be beneficial for pupils getting ready for competitive exams. 

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These Zodiac Signs Beware

1. Virgo: You will need to be more watchful of your health due to this Sun transit. Yoga is designed with the understanding that during this period you may experience a health issue, which would raise your expenses. Additionally, refrain from conducting any form of transaction at this time.

2. Capricorn: You might find this Sun transit to be a little difficult for you. Because it is feared that at this time, certain circumstances might arise in your life that could lead you to feel anxious or unhappy mentally. In addition, you are strongly urged to follow a balanced diet to prevent health-related issues. 

3. Aquarius: Your marital life will experience ups and downs as a result of the Sun’s transit. Because there’s a chance that during this period you and your partner can get into pointless disagreements, which will negatively impact your marriage. You are also counseled to put in more effort to improve your health and physical fitness.

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Effective Remedies:

  • To reduce the negative effect of the Sun in horoscopes, installing a Surya Yantra  will be quite favorable. 
  • With the help of Online Surya Grah Shanti Puja, you can strengthen your Sun in your horoscope.
  • To strengthen the Sun in your horoscope, it will be beneficial for you to wear Ruby Gemstone, but after consulting the expert astrologers.  
  • Regularly chanting the Mantra of Sun “Om hram hrim hraum sah suryaya namah” will help you to get rid of health issues.
  • Before starting any important work, consume jaggery and leave the house.
  • On Sunday, observe the fast in accordance with the prescribed procedure.
  • Listen and read the story of incarnations of Lord Vishnu every Sunday.
  • Throw copper and jaggery into the water’s stream.
  • Show respect to your elders. Respect your father in particular.
  • Water your indoor plants frequently to prevent them from drying out.
  • Your office and home should primarily have wooden furniture. 

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