Sun Transit Soon After Solar Eclipse: Know Its Global Impact

The first Solar Eclipse of the year has already occurred on June 10, but one more major and important astrological event associated with the Sun is also going to take place. This time, the Sun is going to transit in the Gemini zodiac sign on June 15. As per Vedic Astrology, our present and future are dependent upon the movement and transit of planets. Not only human beings but all other living creatures are also influenced. For this very reason, the transit of planets holds immeasurable significance in Vedic Astrology.     

In the above-cited context, we are giving you information related to the transit of the Sun. Along with this, we will also apprise you of how this transit is going to impact globally.

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Significance of Lord Sun in Vedic Astrology

The Sun is considered to be the king of all planets. In women’s horoscope, it represents husband while in men’s horoscope, it plays a role of a father. If it is in a strong position in one’s horoscope, it makes them earn respect in the society and achieve higher status while if it is in a weak position, it makes them egoistic, pessimist, and devoid of self-confidence. Besides this, the unfavorable position of the Sun also inflicts heart-related problems. The Sun is the ruling lord of the Leo zodiac sign and remains exalted in Aries while debilitated in Libra.    

Now, you must have understood how important is the Sun’s impact on human beings and why its transit is considered extremely important. Let’s now shed light on the events related to the transit of the Sun. 

When will Transit of the Sun take place?

The Sun will transit in Gemini on June 15, 2021, at 05:49 AM and will stay in the same zodiac sign till July 16, 2021, upto  04:41 PM. After this, it will move into the Cancer zodiac sign. 

Let’s make you aware of the impact of this transit all over the world.  

Worldwide Impact of Sun Transit in Gemini

The transit of the Sun is going to take place in Gemini, whose ruling lord is Mercury. In astrology, the planet Mercury holds the status of an auspicious planet. Due to the pleasant relation between the Sun and Mercury, some positive changes may be observed in the field of technology during this transit. Several countries across the globe can sign special agreements for upgrading and bringing expansion to technology and this may lead to favourable outcomes in future. At the same time, the banking sector will also be strengthened.        

On the other hand, the presence of Rahu in the Taurus zodiac sign and Mars in the Cancer zodiac sign is leading to the formation of Paap Kartari Yoga. Due to this Yoga, tension is likely to develop among the countries. Harsh comments made by countries against each other can lead to a stressful situation. On a big platform like G7, different countries may give detrimental statements against each other.   

From an economical point of view, the transit does not seem to be favouable. During this, an increase in NPA can be registered. Along with this, there is also a possibility of increase in the number of debtors. Some major changes can be announced in the context of education and their impact may be observed on a national level. There is a possibility of people being impulsive and this may lead to argumentation on social media. The attitude of the government can be very strict and may take some bold steps for the benefit of people.  

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Which Zodiac Signs are Likely to be Benefitted and Which Not?

The transit of any planet impacts the natives of all zodiac signs, it is but evident that the transit of the Sun will also influence all the zodiac signs. Out of 12 signs, Gemini, Leo, Virgo, and Capricorn are going to be extremely benefitted from the transit of the Sun. The period of this transit can be auspicious for these 4 zodiac signs so far finance, career, and family life are concerned.  

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At the same time, the natives of Libra and Pisces are supposed to be very alert. There are chances of mental stress and irritation. They also need to be extra cautious from a financial point of view, otherwise, economic problems can crop up.  

Remedies to Please Lord Sun

  • To keep the Sun in a strong position, the natives must keep clean and tidy the eastern part of their house. Remove garbage if there is any.  
  • The Sun represents father in men’s horoscope while husband in women’s horoscope so, the men should hold their fathers in great esteemed and women their husbands. Owing to this, Lord Sun is pleased.
  • Wake up early in the morning and have a vision of the rising Sun. Also, offer water mixed with red flowers, red sandalwood, and rice using copper pot to Lord Sun everyday. This will help you attain the blessings of Lord Sun. 
  • Take a bath with water mixed with cardamom, red sandalwood, saffron, Mulethi, or red flowers. This will eliminate the ill effects of Lord Sun.
  • Observe fast on Sundays and avoid eating salt on this very day but if you face worries, then you may consume Sendha Namak. Similarly, avoid food and be on fruits.   
  • Lord Sun is pleased even if you worship Lord Vishnu. Reciting Aditya Hridaya Stotra and Gayatri Mantra can shower blessings. 
  • Apply the Tilak of red sandalwood everyday and if it is not possible everyday, then do it on Sunday positively. If all the family members apply red sandalwood, it will prove to be beneficial. If you have to go out for some special work, then this Tilak will benefit you also. 
  • Begin your day with some sweets. 
  • Donate copper and wheat on Sunday to have the blessings of Lord Sun. 
  • If possible, feed cow or monkey to win the favour of Lord Sun. 

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