Sun Transit Special: 10 Ways To Please Lord Sun & Win His Favour

As per the history of Vedic astrology, the Sun is the king of all planets. The grace of the Sun is visible in almost all the deities. It has been given immeasurable importance in Sanatan Dharma. If a person has a strong position of Sun in their horoscope, they command great respect in society and hold higher positions at their work. Also, the promising position of the Sun makes a person lead a good family life. On the other hand, If one bears a weak position of the Sun in their horoscope, they do not gain much reputation in society despite doing their best. In addition to this, such natives obtain minimum results and they are unable to win over the hearts of others as well. They also suffer from problems related to eyes and heart. Barring this, the Sun plays a role of a father in men’s horoscope while it acts as a husband in women’s horoscope.     

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This is the reason that the Sun must be in a strong position in one’s horoscope. Since the transit of the Sun in Cancer is going to take place shortly, the impact will be different for the natives of various zodiac signs, therefore, as per the study of stars, it is recommended to perform some of the remedies during the transit as they not only lessen the impact of negative results of the Sun but also increase the importance of good results by many times. In this blog, we are enlightening you on some special astrological remedies through which you can please Lord Sun or Surya Dev.    

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Transit of Surya Dev, When?

The Sun, the significator of popularity, fame, respect, etc, is going to transit in Cancer, whose ruling lord is Moon, on July 16, 2021, at 04:41 PM. It will remain positioned in the same zodiac sign till August 17, 2021, upto 01:05 AM. Then, it will move into the Leo zodiac sign. (For detailed information, click on Sun Transit In Cancer, July 16, 2021)

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Remedies To Please Surya Dev

  • Lord Sun is fond of Arghya. In this regard, put some Gangajal in a copper pot and add Roli, red sandalwood, Akshat, red flowers, etc. in it and offer the same to Lord Sun every morning. This will help you attain the special grace of Lord Sun.  
  • Install Surya Yantra to please Lord Sun. You can either put the Yantra at the place of worship or install it towards the northeast direction of the house. By doing so, it is believed that the Sun showers his choices blessings on his devotees. 
  • Worship Lord Shri Ram and Lord Shri Hari Vishnu every morning. This helps in getting the blessings of Lord Sun easily and thus, its position in the horoscope strengthens. 
  • Sunday is dedicated to Lord Sun and therefore, you are advised to observe fast on Sundays to attain his blessings. Avoid the consumption of salt and eating food. You can be dependent on fruits. If necessary, you can take Sendha Namak. 
  • If the position of the Sun is not favourable in your horoscope, you are advised to wear the ruby stone to reduce the ill effects of the Sun. However, you should consult a learned astrologer before wearing any gemstone.
  • The natives can also wear Ek Mukhi or 12 Mukhi Rudraksha to eliminate the bad effects of the Sun.
  • Recite Aditya Hridaya Stotra Path everyday. 
  • Do not wear red or saffron-coloured clothes on Sunday. Also, avoid the use of black coloured clothes.
  • Respect your father and seek his blessings every morning. Respect government employees.
  • Donate wheat, jaggery, copper, red flowers, etc. on Sunday to pacify Lord Sun.  

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