Sun Transit In Cancer; 4 Zodiacs’ Luck Will Shine Bright As The Sun!

Sun Transit in Cancer: Sun is one of the strongest planets in our solar system and also holds great significance in Vedic astrology. The movement or transit of the Sun has an impact on all the zodiac signs and affects the health & overall well-being of individuals. Sun is moving to Cancer this July and the progression in Cancer impacts the natives of the zodiac in some way or the other. Other signs are also positively impacted by the energy of the Sun due to the coming transit.   

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Sun Transit in Cancer: Date & Time 

The Sun Transit in Cancer is taking place on 16 July 2023 at 04:59 am. It will remain in the same zodiac until 17 August 2023, 01:27 pm. 

Sun remains for around 1 month in each zodiac before transiting to the other. The planet brings positive results to the natives if placed in the 3rd, 6th, 10th, and 11th houses from the Natal Moon. The Cancer sign is ruled by the Moon and is also referred to as the friend of the Sun. With Sun transit in Cancer, the lives of specific zodiac natives will improve significantly. 

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Sun Transit in Cancer: Lucky Zodiacs 


The Sun transit in Cancer will prove to be a turning point for the natives. Aries is ruled by the Sun and believed to be governing the fifth house. The transit brings good news in the lives of Aries natives and chances of promotions are also high. 

It also leads to additional progress for people working in the government sector and the chances of obtaining a higher position in a private job are also high. The performance in studies will also improve during this time and the chances of suitable results are very high. 

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The zodiac will experience significant benefits in their lives due to the Sun transit. The natives will get support from their siblings due to the transit, especially in the second house. People will also experience support from their friends and overcome varied troubles in life & community firmly. 

There are chances of financial gains for businesses from efficient deals and one can expect a salary hike in their current job. Luck will be on the side of natives and thus take crucial decisions timely. Offering water to the Sun every day will help to overcome different concerns in life. 


As Sun transits into Cancer, the time of natives will gradually improve as Sun rules the planet in the second house. The movement of the planet will deliver favorable results to the zodiac and also keeps health issues in control. It also leads to overcoming troubles in marriage and also brings positive results in the business.

There will be new opportunities for people to change their existing job and expect the right salaries from their job promotions. This Sun transit will also result in significant progress in the trade figures and enhance networking opportunities. It contributes towards the enhancement of the overall leadership skills of the individual and minimizes the bitterness in married life.

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For the Libra natives, Sun is the ruler of the eleventh house born under the sign. It impacts the career prospects of natives and the chances of salary increase are positive. Sun Transit brings great benefits to the natives and assists people to take their business to new heights. It also helps natives to enhance their overall repute and complete tasks confidently.

The chances of relationship improvement with the family are high. There are also high chances of buying a new vehicle and navigation through conflicts is simple. Surya Namaskar on a regular basis will ensure positive results for the Libra natives. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What are the results of Sun transit in Cancer?

Ans. Sun Transit in Cancer will enhance the overall leadership skills of individuals and ensure the completion of pending tasks.

Q2. In transit of Sun in Cancer deliver good results?

Ans. The transit of the Sun in Cancer will improve the goals and assists in overcoming distressed times.

Q3. What is the association of Cancer with the Sun?

Ans. Sun is moving in the Cancer zodiac and will deliver positive results for fitting outcomes.

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