Sun Transit In Cancer: Fates Of These Zodiacs To Shine Brighter Than The Sun!

Sun Transit In Cancer: In Vedic astrology, the Sun holds a position of great significance. Known as the “King” of the celestial realm, it represents our soul, vitality, and individuality. The Sun’s movement through the zodiac signs influences various aspects of our lives. Understanding the Sun’s transit can provide valuable insights into the energies that shape our existence.

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Every month, the Sun transits from one zodiac sign to another, creating a dynamic interplay between its celestial radiance and the qualities of the sign it occupies. This movement affects all twelve zodiac signs, offering unique opportunities and challenges for each.

This time, with Sun transit in Cancer, three very lucky zodiac signs will witness the blessings of the Father of Nine Planets in terms of success and financial gains. This blog by AstroSage will help you understand everything about Sun transit in Cancer, and let you know about the three lucky zodiac signs that will flourish during this movement.

So without waiting any longer, let us start our blog!

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Sun Transit In Cancer: Date & Time

July has already begun, and some major planets are changing their positions, influencing the lives of all 12 zodiac signs. Currently, the Sun is transiting in Cancer on July 16th, 2023, at 4:59 AM, and it will remain in Cancer until August 17th.

According to astrology, the Sun stays in one zodiac sign for about a month. It is important to note that when the third, sixth, tenth, and eleventh houses are occupied by the planets at the time of birth, it brings good results for the individuals. The ruler of the Cancer zodiac sign is the Moon, and it is considered a friend of the Sun. Therefore, when the Sun transits through Cancer, many significant changes can be seen in the lives of people of various zodiac signs.

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Lucky Zodiacs To Flourish During Sun Transit In Cancer


As per astrology, the transit of the Sun through Cancer will usher in substantial transformations in the lives of Aries individuals, considering that Mars governs their zodiac sign. This period holds the potential for receiving positive news and experiencing professional advancements, including the possibility of promotions. Moreover, individuals working in the government sector can anticipate progress, while those in the private sector have opportunities for securing higher positions. Aries students will excel academically and have favorable prospects for achieving excellent results.

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As the Sun journeys through Cancer, individuals belonging to this zodiac sign can expect favorable outcomes and overall improvement in various aspects of their lives. It is worth noting that the Sun governs their second house, ensuring auspicious results during this transit. Health concerns will be effectively managed, and marital issues will be swiftly resolved. Positive developments can be anticipated in their business ventures, and those contemplating a job change will encounter promising opportunities. Furthermore, any discord in their married life will diminish significantly.


The ruling of the eleventh house by the Sun in the case of Libra individuals is worth highlighting. Its impact on their careers will be evident, leading to positive outcomes such as salary increments. The transit of the Sun proves highly advantageous for Libra individuals, fostering an increase in self-confidence. Moreover, improvements in their relationships with family members can be expected. In summary, this transit promises a wave of positive changes in the lives of Libra individuals.

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