Sun Transit in Cancer: Details of Auspicious & Inauspicious Effects on Zodiacs

Sun Transit In Cancer: In Vedic Astrology, there is special importance on all planets and their movements have a positive or negative impact on individuals. In the sequence, the Sun planet, the factor of the Soul, is changing its zodiac in July month. The Sun transit will have different effects on the life of individuals. 

The special AstroSage blog highlights vital effects related to Sun transit like time, date, effects, and more. Also, you’ll know about the Sun’s transit in the zodiac signs and the measures to get auspicious outcomes. 

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Sun Transit In Cancer: Date And Time

Sun will leave Gemini and enter Cancer on 17 July 2023 at 04.59 am. Moon is the Lord of Cancer and Sun is the friendly planet. Sun will remain in the Cancer sign till 01.27 pm on 17 August 2023, after which it enters the Leo zodiac sign. Let us understand the importance of the Sun planet in astrology. 

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Importance Of The Sun Planet In Astrology 

Sun is referred to as the king of all planets in astrology. Other names of Sun include Ravi, Arun, Aryama, Dinamani, Dinesh, Mihir, Nabheshwar, Aditya, Martand, Diwakar, Heli, Pusha, Tapan, Prabhakar, Ark, Chitrarath, Bhaskar, and others. As the Sun planet enters a specific zodiac sign, it is regarded as the auspicious time for religious activities. 

During this period, people organize manglik and religious activities. As per astrology, Sun represents the soul and the father. All the planets get light from the Sun and the distance or closeness of the planets to the Sun also sets them. Pitra Dosh is created in the horoscope if the Sun is affected by any kind of malefic planet. 

The strong position of the Sun in the horoscope assists the natives to earn repute in the society and also attracts everyone with their personality. Sun is the lord of Leo and exalts in Aries, while Libra is considered its debilitated sign. 

Effects Of The Sun On Cancer 

Sun has influence in Cancer and the natives get success in life through sheer hard work. These people like to stay protected & safe. But, they’re unable to accept sudden changes and also like to take part in active social life. However, they don’t like to share personal things with people. They like old things and also value relationships with others. 

The most crucial thing about the natives is that they don’t hesitate in facing anyone and also do not rely on others. They’re also honest and caring with their partner, talking about their personal life. Also, they feel passionate about their relationship and they don’t like to share anything with anyone until they’re aware of it. 

Signs Of Strong Position Of The Sun In The Horoscope 

  • The natives experience happiness & prosperity in their lives with the appropriate positioning of the Sun in the horoscope. 
  • If the Sun moves to an auspicious position in the person’s horoscope, then the person achieves a high position and success in life. 
  • The natives get all the success in life and gain respect & fame in their respective fields due to the auspicious positioning of the Sun. 
  • The strong position of the Sun in the horoscope leads to earning immense wealth & glory in life. 
  • The presence of auspicious Yoga in the horoscope results in earning good profit in the business and the dream of a big house & car will be fulfilled. 

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Signs Of Weak Position Of Sun In The Horoscope 

  • The individual experiences a reduction of willpower and also drifts the mind from work with the weak position of the Sun in the horoscope. 
  • The other sign of Sun’s inauspicious position is the low confidence of individuals at work and the inability to differentiate between right & wrong. 
  • There will be a lack of self-reliance within individuals if the Sun is weak in the horoscope. It can also happen that you need advice from others on different things. 
  • The chances of a relationship spoiling with the father will rise with the influence of the inauspicious Sun in the horoscope. 
  • The weak position of the Sun in the horoscope will lead to different health troubles without any specific reason. 

Easy Remedies To Remove The Side-Effects Of The Sun 

  • To strengthen the Sun in the horoscope, keep a fast every Sunday. 
  • As per astrological solutions, wear red clothes if possible, on Sunday to get benefits from the Sun god. 
  • For the auspicious position of the Sun, chant the Mantra “Om Hran Hrin Hruan S: Suryaya Namah”.   
  • On Sunday morning, offer water to the Sun mixing red sandalwood, red flower, Akshat, and Durva. 
  • To please god, do not consume salt on Sunday. 
  • For a strong position of the Sun in the horoscope, the individual should donate things like red & yellow clothes, jaggery, gold, red lotus, lentils, cow, and others. 

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