Troubles In Your Marriage Life Due To Sun Transit In Aries – Check Details!

In Vedic Astrology, the planetary transits are considered one of the crucial astrological events. When a planet moves its position from one zodiac sign to another, it affects different aspects of one’s life. There will be ups and downs in different areas like the share market and the economy of the country. The impact of planetary transit can be witnessed across all the zodiac signs. This witness creates auspicious times for some zodiacs, while it will impact the natives of a few zodiacs negatively. 

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This time the Sun transit in Aries will have an impact on the love life of natives of some zodiac signs. As per the astrological calculations, the Sun transit in April 2024 will result in bitterness in the love and married life of natives. In this AstroSage blog, the readers can learn about the zodiac signs that need to be careful in their love during this period. 

Sun Transit In Aries: Date And Time 

Sun transit in Aries will take place on 13 April 2024, and at 08:51 pm. The Sun’s entry in Aries, the first sign of the zodiac, will result in an increase in creativity and energy among individuals. In this period, there will be a rise in the courage and passion of people. It will be the best time to know oneself better. Also, at the same time, natives may become impulsive and there will be a decrease in patience levels. These things can impact the love life of natives with some zodiac signs. 

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So, let us move ahead and check the zodiac signs that should be a little cautious in the love life during the period of Sun transit in the Aries sign. 

Sun Transit In Aries: Love Life Of These Zodiacs Will Be Impacted Negatively 


In this period, the Taurus natives need to be careful with their love life. There are chances of troubles and signs of problems between you and the partner. It might come down to choosing between your family and your spouse. You might try to dominate your partner and this can result in rifts among both. The Taurus natives need to be careful about their talks and should try to communicate the correct way. In case you choose the family, then your partner will move away and at the time of selecting your spouse, there will be troubles with the family. In such a situation, the situation in love life can become serious for the Taurus natives. 

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The Sun transit in Aries will result in a negative impact on the love life of Pisces natives. There are huge chances of arguments with your partner. Due to this, love will disappear among both partners in the relationship. There will also be an increase in misunderstandings in the relationship. To solve the problem in your life, both of you need to keep talking to each other to manage the bitterness in the relationship. It will worsen the love relationship of Pisces natives. This can also result in an increase in stress levels due to ongoing troubles in the love life of people. Try to talk patiently with your partner to improve the overall relationship. 

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The Capricorn natives need to be careful with their love life due to Sun transit in Aries sign. There are chances of troubles and tensions in the relationship. This can fill your mind with despair. Also, misunderstandings among both will rise to a great level. Both of you will communicate very little with each other and this will enhance the distance in the relationship. There will be fights with each other on small matters due to it, and thus the peace in your relationship and the entire family will be disturbed greatly. To bring back love and mutual harmony in your relationship, the natives are advised to stay patient. Try to have an open conversation among both. 

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