Sun Transit In Aries: These Zodiacs’ Fortune Will Shine Bright As The Sun!

Sun Transit In Aries: Sun, the king of the planets, will leave Jupiter’s sign of Pisces on April 14, 2023 at 2:42 pm and join its exalted sign of Aries. Because the Sun’s planets, which belong to the fire element, are now in the water element’s zodiac sign, it is natural that they will strengthen the Sun in this situation. Despite being in a friendly sign, it was unable to use all of his strength and ability in this circumstance. The Sun is also transitioning from its friendly sign into its own exalted sign, which is the sign of the fire element. The Sun will be extremely powerful in this circumstance.

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However, it is difficult to say that India’s horoscope will benefit greatly from this Sun transit. There is a possibility that India will experience internal strife within the next month. However, there will be power in ties with other nations. Although Rahu is in an exalted condition in the twelfth house, the Chaturthesh of India’s horoscope will still be with Rahu.  Therefore, some of our neighbors may try to damage our reputation. Even with our best efforts, we may still be able to beat the other party in this situation. Despite this, the nation might be experiencing some level of discontent. Let’s know what the 12 zodiac signs will experience as a result of the Sun Transit In Aries.

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Sun Transit In Aries: Zodiac Wise Horoscope And Remedies


Sun is the ruler of the fifth house in your horoscope and will be exalted in your first house if you are an Aries. Sun will still be able to offer you better results this month than in other months, despite the fact that Rahu and Saturn will also have an impact. You can achieve excellent results, particularly if you are a student. For the next few days, if your attention has been off of your studies, it’s likely that it will get better now.  

You still need to care for your wellbeing in spite of everything. Additionally, since the Sun’s transit in Aries can cause discomfort in your stomach and produce too much bile, you must have control on your diet when it comes to food. Despite potential difficulties, your task is still likely to be finished. Close family members could become distant from you, but if you show understanding, harmony between you should return soon.

Remedy: Avoid consuming jaggery for a month if possible.  


Sun, who rules the fourth house in Taurus horoscopes, will soon move into the twelfth house. However, because this transit may result in some unnecessary expenses, the Sun’s transit in the twelfth house is not regarded as lucky. Additionally, it could cause issues related to the eyes and limbs. According to experts, the Sun’s transit in Aries can deteriorate ties with those involved in governance.  Because of the exalted position of the Sun, this is less likely to occur in your situation.

Despite this, you still need to exercise caution because Sun, Rahu, and Saturn are in your twelfth sector, which governs matters of governance and administration. Try to delay any court-related matters during this time because the judgment made during this time could trigger you some anxiety. There will also be opportunities for transport at this time, but you are advised to drive carefully.

Remedy: Visiting a temple regularly will be beneficial to you.

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Sun, who rules the third house in the horoscope of Gemini individuals, is becoming more exalted in terms of financial gain. In general, this travel is expected to produce positive outcomes. The Sun and Mercury, the ruler of your astrological sign, will also align during this time. Due to the favorable circumstances, the Sun transit in Aries may result in financial gains for you. The likelihood of a salary increase will be high if you are working. Additionally, if your advancement has been on hold for a while, it is anticipated that it will happen now. 

Your income may rise if you are a businessperson or merchant. Even for the parent, it appears that the Sun transit in Aries is advantageous. If one’s health has been declining recently, this shift in the Sun’s zodiac sign will cause it to significantly improve. Your confidence may be very high right now. Your brothers will be eager to support you at every turn. Deteriorated relations with neighbors can see improvement.

Remedy: You will be blessed if you give up Tamasic foods. (meat-alcohol and eggs).


Sun is the lord of the second house in your horoscope and will transit in the eleventh house for Cancerians. The Sun transit in Aries can greatly increase your money compatibility. Your relationships with family members may strengthen if there has been a deterioration in those relationships for some time as a result of this Sun passage. In addition, there is a good chance that the household will perform some auspicious work. Additionally, this transit may help you gain recognition. Time may also be advantageous in matters of governance and management.  

If you are employed, your possibility of being promoted is excellent. However, if you are engaged in business or enterprise, you might get some good business opportunities. At this point, you might also consider starting a new work. In father-related issues, this time period can produce positive outcomes as well. The majority of projects are likely to succeed during this time. Despite all of this, you still need to take great care of your image because of the impact of Saturn and Rahu. Do not engage in any activity that compromises your reputation in the workplace, in business, or in society. These measures can help you achieve positive outcomes during the Sun transit in Aries.

Remedy: On Saturday, donate black clothes to a poor person.  


Sun is the zodiac sign of Leos, and if you are reading this horoscope based on the Lagna, then Sun is the lord of the Lagna house. This ascending lord’s exaltation is believed to have favorable effects. Even though it’s not generally considered to be very lucky for the Sun to move into the ninth house, the zodiac’s ruler being in an exalted position in the fortune house can make a variety of works in life easier. There is a possibility that any difficulties in life that have existed in the past will disappear as a result of the Sun’s transit in Aries. Despite the fact that there may be some issues with the work, it appears to be progressing well despite all of the challenges. 

At this point, care should be made to prevent the brothers’ relationship from deteriorating. There is a chance to achieve success and gain respect if you make an effort to give your life a new path with the support of your family, brothers, and sisters. The transit of the Sun is also said to bring challenges and resistance from family members, particularly in your case since the Sun will be affected by Rahu, Ketu, and Saturn. You might encounter egoistic emotions in such a situation. Avoiding arrogance, spending time with loved ones, and achieving success are all recommended.

Remedy: If possible, then avoid consuming salt on Sunday. 

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The Sun, who rules the twelfth house in your Virgo horoscope, is moving into an elevated position in the eighth house. The transit of the 12th house ruler to the eighth house falls under the category of Vipreet Rajyoga, in accordance with some astrological principles. This indicates that the Sun transit in Aries may have a negative impact on the natives. This is because the transit of the Sun in the eighth house is not regarded favorably by astrological literature. Health issues could develop during this time, as the Sun has been said to offer bad health during this transit. Pain during this transit is possible, particularly for the mouth or eyes. 

Along with this, complaints of stomach-related issues like constipation etc could also arise during this time. Relations with the executive branch might be strained at this moment. Additionally, this transit is not regarded favorably for economic matters, though in your situation, the outcomes may be favorable to some extent. It is suggested to exercise caution in financial affairs, though, given the location of your second house. You need to refrain from making any large or needless purchases at this time. That is, if you take precautions, you can anticipate receiving some unexpected advantages from this Sun transit.

Remedy: To the greatest extent possible, try to avoid becoming angry.


The Sun is traveling in an exalted position in the seventh house, where it rules the benefic house for Librans. You appear to be benefiting from various sources in this situation. The transit of the Sun in Aries, on the other hand, is said to have the potential to cause marital discord in the astrological texts, who do not consider the transit of the Sun in the seventh house to be auspicious. Such results can be observed, probably as a consequence of Sun’s haughtiness. You must live together peacefully in this situation. 

You’re also recommended to stay away from haughtiness between each other. Although it has been reported that this transit makes travel difficult, business travel can be advantageous. Despite this, one must refrain from taking any significant risks when handling business. You will also need to work hard appropriately while taking care of your health. If you take these precautions, you should be able to make money in your profession or business during this period. If you act in a way that protects your reputation, this Sun transit may also endow you with societal standing.

Remedy: Consume less salt on regular days, and do not consume it at all on Sunday if possible. 


The tenth house of your horoscope, which is currently moving into your sixth house, is ruled by the Sun for Scorpio individuals. Positive outcomes may emerge from the Sun transit in Aries. The chances of promotion and other opportunities will be excellent at this time, particularly if you are working. On the other hand, if you are looking for a new position, there is a good chance that you will find one there. In matters involving the court, successful outcomes are also possible. 

For those taking competitive examinations, time will also be advantageous. Diseases, debts, and enemies are said to be banished by this transit. However, if you are a businessperson, the Sun entry into Aries can help you succeed and bring you excellent profit. The master of your house of Karma is being elevated. Therefore, even in large and significant works, achievement appears to be present.  Saturn and Rahu’s influence could cause some difficulties, but success after those problems can be remarkable.

Remedy: Feed whole wheat or jaggery to the monkeys regularly. 

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The Sun is the lord of your destiny if you are a Sagittarius, and as it moves through your fifth house, it will ascend to an exalted position in your fifth house. It makes sense that it would enhance the favor of luck. The Sun transit in Aries can also help you develop your intellectual ability. However, according to astrology books, the Sun’s transit through the fifth house is not particularly lucky. According to astrological texts, the transit of the Sun in the fifth house causes uncertainty, but if the exalted Sun and Mercury are in conjunction and cause confusion, even for a brief period of time, it will pass and you will feel better and you will be capable of making choices. This transit is also known as the barrier in education and children however, the likelihood of this transit affecting education and kids is very low. 

Although there may be some challenges because Rahu and Saturn will continue to have an impact on the Sun, the greatest outcomes will be possible once these challenges are overcome. In the astrological writings about this transit, there is also mention of digestive issues. You will need to practice moderation during this time with food and drink, particularly when it comes to eating on schedule. If your eating and drinking schedule is off, you risk experiencing acidity. This is suggested by the influence of Saturn and Rahu in addition to the Sun being in the fifth house. Additionally, Mars is said to be in a bad aspect in this situation. In general, this Sun transit can help you achieve greater outcomes in other areas.

Remedy: On raw soil, dip 8 drops of mustard oil.     


Sun, the ruler of the eighth house in Capricorn people’s horoscopes, is moving to the fourth house after being exalted. These two circumstances might not be considered auspicious. The lord of the eighth house moving into the fourth house, as well as Saturn and Rahu planetary influences on the Sun in the fourth house from above, might trigger some tension in issues pertaining to the household. In this situation, it will be important to keep your mind at ease. If you don’t feel like doing it at home, head to a nearby temple or park and sit there while thinking about your good qualities and how adorable you are. Avoid getting angry with the family by controlling your temper.

Take good care of your parents’ physical and emotional well-being, particularly your mother’s. It would be best to contact an experienced lawyer beforehand if there is any land-related issue where you are likely to have a dispute. Additionally, there may be some chest-related issues brought on by this transit. If you already have a heart or other health issue in this situation, you shouldn’t be careless with the medications you’re prescribed. Regular practice of Yoga, exercise, and meditation is necessary to prevent the eighth house’s negativity and bring about good outcomes.

Remedy: Offer a meal to the destitute according to your pocket. 

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Sun will transit in an exalted position in the third house for Aquarians because it is the ruler of the seventh house in your horoscope. Sun can help you make your everyday routine better in such a situation. Any business travel is also possible during this time if you are a businessman or merchant. When it comes to marriage-related issues, a neighbor can help if you are of marriageable age. The Sun transit in Aries has the potential to improve ties with siblings and friends. 

For those who are working, the chances of receiving a promotion during this time are good. Let us inform you that this Sun transit is also believed to be advantageous. Sun transit can be beneficial in eradicating any ongoing health issues if they are caused by previous events. Governance-related issues will also benefit from this time frame. There’s a possibility your self-assurance and power will grow. You will appear to be ahead of your rivals. The Sun transit in Aries may also assist you in achieving status and a reputation.

Remedy: It will be beneficial to offer milk rice to a fatherlike person. 


Sun is the ruler of the sixth house in the horoscope of Pisces people, and it will soon transit in an exalted position in the second house. However, because of Rahu and Saturn’s influence, the second house of your horoscope is presently in a weak position. As a result, the situation may become weaker due to the ruler of the sixth house moving into the second house, but the Sun is exalted during this transit, so there may be some advantages for you. The Sun transit in Aries may ease your path to obtaining a loan from the bank if you’re attempting to do so. 

All family members can have an opportunity to present their point of view by sitting together if there has been any disagreement with a family member or if there is a court case involving the ancestral property with the family. However, you will need to exercise patience during this time because the Sun transit is believed to bring about eye pain, financial loss, and estrangement from family members. However, because the Sun is exalted and a friend of your Zodiac Guru, in such a situation problems pertaining to these issues can also be resolved by showing understanding.

Remedy: Donate Coconut Or Almond In A Temple. 

We hope that by knowing in advance what the effects of the Sun transit in Aries will be, you can better prepare yourself to not only take advantage of the transit of the Sun but also to overcome any losses it may cause. We are hoping that by making this attempt, your life will improve. May Lord Bhagwati bless you all.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1: What does Sun in Aries transit mean?

It means that this transit will be favorable for the Aries natives in various aspects of life.

Q2: What is the effect of the Sun in Aries?

Sun in Aries makes a person motivated, spontaneous, and goal-oriented.

Q3: What time does the Sun move into Aries?

Sun will enter Aries at 2:42 PM.

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