Sun Transit In Aries: A Bright Future Ahead For These Zodiacs

After a certain period, all planets change their zodiac sign. In this sequence, the Sun will transit, staying in one zodiac sign for a month, and the day the Sun enters the zodiac sign is known as Sankranti. The Sun is about to transit Aries at this moment, hence the Aries Sankranti festival will be held on this day. The Sun transit in Aries will have an effect on all zodiac signs. Some zodiac signs’ incomes will rise, while someone’s business will gain momentum, whilst others will encounter ups and downs. So, in this special AstroSage blog, let us know in detail what effect the Sun Transit in Aries can have on people of all zodiac signs, as well as how to avoid its negative effects.

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Sun Transit In Aries: Date And Time 

The Sun, considered as the “king of the nine planets,” will enter Aries at 08:51 p.m. on April 13, 2024. This Sun transit will have an impact on the country as well as the entire world, including all 12 zodiac signs. This unique AstroSage blog will offer you with complete information regarding the Sun Transit in Aries. Furthermore, we will educate you of some simple and effective methods to mitigate the detrimental impacts of this journey. But first, let us see what kind of outcomes the Sun produces in Aries.

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Sun Planet In Aries

According to astrology, the Sun’s transit in Aries is extremely important. Sun’s presence in Aries indicates energy, excitement, and new beginnings. Aries is a fiery zodiac sign with Mars as its ruling deity. As such, it denotes vitality, inspiration, and so on. If the Sun is in Aries in the horoscope, the person becomes proud, mighty, and strong, as well as living the life of a king.

Such people perform well in business. Such people are impulsive and have plenty of energy. They have the willpower and determination to go through even the most difficult times. These individuals never back down from a challenge; instead, they face it head on.

Aries is a fiery zodiac sign with Mars as its ruling deity. As such, it represents vitality and inspiration etc. During the Sun transit in Aries, people move toward completing activities and accomplishing their goals with determination. They do not give up until they have achieved their goals. They devote all of their effort to getting ahead of others and proving themselves. They work really hard and are successful in all of their endeavors.

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Sun Planet Significance In Astrology

The Sun is especially important in astrology. They change their zodiac sign every month. The Sun God, who is represented by the Leo zodiac sign, is believed to be the source of respect, high status, and ability to lead. Sun is powerful in Aries but weak in Libra. In Hindu astrology, when the Sun enters a zodiac sign, it is considered a particularly fortunate period for religious activity. During this period, individuals perform religious events and worship the Sun to achieve mental tranquility. When Sun is positioned in an auspicious house in the horoscope, it bestows upon the individual a good job as well as fame, respect, and other benefits in society. However, when the Sun is placed in an auspicious house, it does not produce very favorable results since, as a fiery planet, it destroys the causal aspects of that house. 

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Personality Traits Of Aries People 

Aries people are often more intelligent and courteous. Their specialty is that they are extremely passionate and stubborn, and they will not tolerate insult anyplace. People born under this sign become great companions and lovers. Once we belong to someone, we offer him everything. These people are also particularly interested in clothing, furniture, and libraries. Aries’ ruling planet is Mars, hence persons born under this sign are courageous, fearless, valiant, and energetic. If Mars is auspicious in Aries people’s horoscopes, they will achieve success in all aspects of their lives. Such people never experience a lack of money in life. 

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Signs Of Weak Planet In Horoscope

If the Sun is weak in your horoscope, a variety of troubles can arise in your life. Let us know about the indications in your life. 

  • If the Sun is weak in your horoscope, you may have a lack of willpower and may not feel motivated to do any job, leading to failure.
  • You may lack self-confidence due to a weak Sun. If you do anything and are unsure if it is right or wrong, it could be the result of a weak Sun.
  • If you do not put out much effort in your work, this could indicate a weak position of the Sun in your horoscope. The Sun’s poor position also implies that even if you start a project, you abandon it halfway through.
  • If the Sun is weak in your horoscope, you will be unable to support yourself financially. It may also happen that you must rely on others for every work or that you require the counsel of others and are unable to make the best option for yourself.
  • Sun is the father’s factor; therefore, if you have daily fights or disputes with your father and do not follow his instructions, this may be the cause of your poor Sun.
  • If the Sun is in a poor position in your horoscope, you may experience health issues for no apparent cause. It is also possible that you have a difficult-to-diagnose ailment and are unable to receive suitable treatment.
  • If the mouth remains open and saliva drips while sleeping, the Sun is weak.

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Sign Of Strong Sun In The Horoscope 

  • When the Sun is in a favorable position, the person’s nails are strong, pink, and shiny.
  • If the Sun is in an auspicious and powerful position in a person’s horoscope, that person will gain success and prosperity in life.
  • Such people earn achievement and respect in all fields.
  • When the Sun is strong in the horoscope, the person experiences every type of comfort, money, and glory.
  • Such people are never short of money.
  • As a result of the Sun’s fortunate position, the person receives complete support from his father, and with his blessings, these people advance successfully.

Surefire Remedies To Strengthen Mercury

  • To strengthen the Sun in the horoscope, mix red color or Roli in water and offer Arghya to the Sun God on Sunday, while chanting the Mantra “Om Suryay Namah.”
  • If you wish to appease Sun God, donate red clothing on Sunday. If you are unable to donate, please wear red clothing on Sunday. This remedy invokes the favor of the Sun God.
  • To boost the Sun in your horoscope, say the mantra ‘Om Hram Hrim Hraun Sa: Suryay Namah’. If you have the time, chant at least 108 times.
  • If you want to get a government job, worship the Sun God and fast on 11 Sundays.
  • Donate on Sankranti day to strengthen the Sun. Apart from that, you can donate on Sunday. Make sure you contribute jaggery on Sunday.
  • If the Sun is weak in your horoscope, eat something sweet and drink water before leaving the house. This strengthens the Sun, which is otherwise weak.

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Sun Transit In Aries: Zodiac Wise Remedies 


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