Sun Transit In Aries Showers Power & Position Upon Zodiacs & World

Sun Transit In Aries: AstroSage endeavors to bring to you the latest and the most important astrological events with every new blog release to keep our readers up to date with the latest happenings of the arcane world of Astrology. Sun Transits in the sign of Aries on 13th April, 2024. Let’s find out what impacts Sun Transit In Aries will have on the zodiac signs.

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The Sun is considered to be exalted in Aries, which is ruled by Mars, his friend planet. If Sun is placed in the zodiac sign of Aries at a good degree in an individual’s horoscope, then the natives are wealthy, insightful, very smart, most likely a doctor or health worker, arms trader, and will outperform themselves in this field, also be long-lived. Natives will be bold, competitive, self-assured, but health will be poor. Natives will have a great bone structure. 

Sun In Aries: Characteristics

Sun, a fiery masculine planet is exalted when posited in Aries, which is ruled by Mars, another fierce masculine planet. Since Sun is friendly with the planet Mars, the position of Sun in Aries is known to bring positive results to the natives as per Vedic Astrology principles. An individual with this placement of the Sun is a leader. He has the capacity to lead by example and influence public opinion. These folks have a strong sense of responsibility and integrity. These are some of the most brave and driven individuals who never back down from a task.  

They possess intelligence and great knowledge about a variety of topics. Additionally, their inner strength matches their outward stature that exudes power and charisma. These people are like warriors, excelling in leadership roles in the government, police, and military. They may also receive recognition in the arts. They typically have rich lives and have deep ancestral ties. Despite all of these advantages, the individual with this Sun in Aries is also a little aggressive. These folks aren’t usually appreciated for being too direct and honest. They can be controlling, egoistic and aggressive as the Sun is in full power here. Blood diseases are more likely to affect a person with the Sun in Aries when there is a malevolent influence from the planets.

Sun Transit In Aries: Timing

Sun Transit in Aries will take place on 13 April, at 20:51 hrs. Astrologically the Sun’s transit into Aries is associated with the post of energy, initiative, and enthusiasm. Aries is a fiery sign ruled by Mars. So there’s often a sense of vitality and motivation. 

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Sun Transit In Aries: These Zodiac Signs Would Be Positively Impacted 


For Aries natives, the Sun is the Lord of the 5th house of love, relationships, and children. And it transits in the 1st house of self, character, and personality. The Sun Transit In Aries on the career front will bring a search of energy and drive for Aries natives in their career endeavors. This period marks a time of increased ambition, assertiveness, and confidence, making it conducive for taking bold steps in professional life. Aries individuals may find themselves more proactive in pursuing their goals and seizing opportunities for advancement.

During this transit, Aries natives may experience significant career advancement, such as promotion, recognition of reports, or even the possibility of starting a new venture. Their natural leadership qualities and interactive approach could attract the attention of superiors or potential business partners. It is a very favorable time for Aries natives to showcase their skills and take on challenges from certain authorities in the workplace.


For Gemini, natives, the sun is the Lord of the 3rd house of siblings, neighbors, and short trips and is transiting in the 11th house of materialistic gains and desire. On the career front, the transit of the sun is going to influence the 11th house of gains and desire for Gemini natives. There may be an increase in the potential salary and there will be a promotion network for the natives. 

You are likely to build a strong rapport with your seniors and you may even focus on enhancing your management skills to excel in your role. You will be balancing multiple tasks efficiently and at this time your confidence will be high and your reputation in your professional sphere will soar.

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The Sun rules the 2nd house for Cancer natives and will now transit to the 10th house. This is a great placement for the Sun. This time frame denotes a period of maximum achievement and possible acknowledgment within the realm of work. Opportunities will present themselves that could lead to more skill and success in the chosen sector, such as promotions or managing tasks. Positive interactions with supervisors and coworkers will create a favorable work atmosphere that will support career advancement and goal achievement. 

Individuals will experience significant financial returns on their investment. Additionally, residents who own businesses will soon have new chances for growth and expansion, which will contribute to their financial stability and prosperity. There are lots of prospects for financial growth and stability at this time, making it a good time to save money and build wealth.


The Sun is the Lord of the 1st house for Leo natives, which is connected to identity, individuality, and character. It is currently transiting in the exalted state in the 9th house, which is related to spirituality, religion, and higher education.

Regarding careers, the Sun Transit in Aries will bring them excellent success and chances, making it a favorable time for promotions, pay raises, and other job achievements. Receiving promotions with more rewards or landing high-profile work possibilities are very likely. Entrepreneurial endeavors with the potential to grow into several business operations may prove successful for Leo natives. 


For Scorpio natives, the Sun is the lord of the 10th house and it is related with name, celebrity, and recognition. As the sun transits through the 6th house of debt, foes, and diseases. The Sun Transit in Aries is associated with significant job advancement, whether it is by a pay rise, promotion, or acknowledgment for their diligence and commitment. 

The native may find themselves at the top of their field, confidently and competently managing teams and projects. Moreover, prospects for career progression may come knocking with the potential for gaining new employment offers, particularly in the government sector. For the ones engaged in business too, this would be a time when you will rush way ahead of your competitors, leaving no scope for them to even come close to your success. 


The sun rules the 9th house for Sagittarius natives where it is linked to spirituality, lengthy journeys, and higher education. It will now transit to the 5th house, which is related to love, romance, and having children. Regarding career, Sagittarius individuals will gain from this Sun Transit in Aries because it is in the 5th house, which means there will be good chances for employment advancement and new opportunities.

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Sagittarius locals may succeed in their undertakings with a revitalized sense of passion and professionalism, employing fresh tactics to move forward in their career aspirations. Additionally, individuals engaged in business will have the potential for greater success and profit, particularly in joint ventures. You will now have all your dreams and aspirations come true. 

Sun Transit In Aries: These Zodiacs Will Be Negatively Impacted


For those born under the sign of Virgo, the sun rules the 12th house, which is connected to loss and expenses. Sun transit in the 8th house is linked to longevity and unexpected gains or losses. The sun’s transit through Aries has implications for careers. Its placement in the 8th House in particular could present difficulties and barriers for their career.

They may get dissatisfied and make mistakes in their work as a result of increased work pressure and perhaps neglect. Some might even think about looking for other employment options because their current workplace might not be ideal for their professional development. Opportunities for international business endeavors might exist, but they might not always align with the expectations or tastes of the local population.


The sun is currently transiting in the seventh house of marriage and partnership for inhabitants of Libra, where it is the Lord of the 11th house of worldly gains and desire. Due to the sun’s transit through the 7th house, Libra locals may face obstacles in their employment, especially in regard to their relationships with coworkers. 

They may also have superior work disturbance and increased pressure, which might result in unintended travel and productive outcomes. Libra individuals in the corporate world could also encounter obstacles that call for care when making decisions and could result in losses of money.

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Sun Transit in Aries: Impactful Remedies

  • Recite the Hridaya Aditya Stotram.
  • Donate red colored clothes to the poor.
  • Donate Pomegranates in temples on Sunday.
  • Offer water or Arghya to the Sun in a copper vessel with a pinch of vermilion in it.
  • Worship the Surya Yantra.
  • Recite the Vishnu Sahasranamam daily

Sun Transit In Aries: Worldwide Impacts

The Government

  • During this time, we may see the Government and some important political leaders take important decisions which may impact the country positively but in a significant way.
  • The Government in India and around the world will be very very sure about their positioning in their respective countries. They will become stronger during this transit. 
  • This Sun Transit in Aries is an excellent transit for politicians, teachers, scholars, spiritual preachers, counselors, public relations, writers, artists, sculptors, government officers, administrators, etc. 
  • The Government may be able to manage the internal system of the country altogether remarkably during this time. 
  • People at high ranks or within the government will carry out their duties exceptionally well and may garner appreciation for their work. 

Business & Finance

  • Financial institutions like banks, the health care system of the country and the judicial system may experience sudden improvements and new policies could be implemented to further strengthen all these sectors.
  • Most of the businesses and business owners around the world may experience a renewed enthusiasm in the marketplace and things will move in the right direction.

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Sun Transit In Aries: Stock Market Predictions

  • The chemical industry, public sector, pharmaceutical sector, power sector, and cement industry will perform well.
  • Electrical products industry, electrical, power, tea and coffee industry, cement industry, diamond industry, chemical, heavy engineering will all perform well due to the Sun and Mars being in good positions.
  • Ed-tech firms and educational institutions may perform well during this period. 
  • Gold prices may hit a new high

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