Sun Transit In Ardra Nakshatra; Lucky For 3 Zodiacs

Sun Transit In Ardra Nakshatra: Sun planet is significant in Hindu astrology. Because the Sun is at the center of all the planets, it is called the king of all planets in astrology. Sun keeps changing its signs and Nakshatras after a few intervals. Sun transit refers to the transit of the Sun from one zodiac to another or one Nakshatra to another Nakshatra. Now, on 22nd June, 2023 Sun, the king of the planets is going to transit in Ardra Nakshatra at 6:01 in the evening. This transit takes place every year on the ninth day of Krishna Paksha in the month of Ashadh.

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According to the expert astrologers of Astrosage, this transit of Sun in Ardra Nakshatra will bring many changes. Apart from this, this movement of the Sun in Ardra Nakshatra is also affected by changes in the weather. Since, this movement of the Sun symbolizes the end of hot weather and beginning of the monsoon season which will be an ultimate relief for people from the scorching heat of the Sun in June 2023. It has also been anticipated that there is a possibility of heavy rain over the next 52 days. Along with this, this favorable Transit of Sun will also be a true blessing for three zodiac signs to whom Sun will bestow its grace and give them monetary benefits and fame.

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Ardra Nakshatra Significance & Characteristics

The Ardra Nakshatra is the sixth of the twenty seven Nakshatras or Lunar constellations. With all four quarters or Padas, this Nakshatra comes under the Gemini zodiac sign. This Nakshatra, represented by the teardrop symbol, can indicate both sadness and resumption. This symbol also represents the power to overcome pain. This Nakshatra is a fantastic constellation known for its incredibly superior mental talents. 

Natives born under this Nakshatra would thus be ready to participate in any activity at any moment, and would also strive to fulfill any given work with total honesty. Aside from these traits, natives born under the Ardra Nakshatra enjoys exploring things and doing research. Its ruler Rahu bestows upon it the ability to be sharp and fiery in its activities, as well as the ability to thrive in life by exerting greater effort on their own. This extremely sensitive Nakshatra can connect mental ability to the various emotions that everyone experiences. 

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Sun Transit In Ardra Nakshatra: Favorable For Three Zodiacs


Taurus natives are one of the three zodiac signs who will find this Sun Transit in Ardra Nakshatra quite favorable to them because this transit will take place in the 2nd house of Taurus natives. 

During this period, you will see improvements in your performance. Your contributions will be acknowledged. If you own a business, you will undoubtedly be successful, and your company will thrive. Aside from that, if you want to run your business in a partnership, now is the time to do so. Your social standing and reputation will rise in society. You will also notice an improvement in your working style at this time. Taurus people’s health will also improve as a result of this. Single natives will have a lucky time, and their marriage may be fixed at this time. Furthermore, married people will have a great time at this period of their marriages. 

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For Virgo natives as well, the Sun entry in the Ardra Nakshatra on 22nd June, 2023 will prove beneficial since this transit will be happening in 10th house of Virgo natives. 

Virgo natives, this phase will be beneficial to your career, as all of your stuck money will begin to flow and you will receive it back. You will be able to showcase your skills and talent which will help you to get promotion and huge incentives. In addition, if there are any hidden enemies, they will all be powerless. This is seen as having courage and power, which will improve your strength and bravery, allowing you to complete all of your tasks without any obstruction. Furthermore, you will receive entire support from your family, particularly your siblings, who will be of tremendous aid to you.  

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Lastly, Leos are also among the fortunate zodiac signs who will be enjoying immense pleasure and benefits due to the transit of Sun in the Ardra Nakshatra. For Leo natives, this transit is occurring in their house of income. These people will be blessed with money gains and financial security. If you want to study abroad, this transit can help you make it happen. As this duration would be beneficial for students born under the sign of Leo.

You will be able to form lasting relationships at this time and you may also plan for vacation with your family or loved ones. Overall, life will be good, both personally and professionally.  Apart from that, married natives may heard a the happy news of a child during this period, and natives in love relationships may be able to enhance their love bond and romance with their sweethearts. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Which are the billionaire Nakshatras?

Ans: Nakshatras ruled by Jupiter, such as Punarvasu, Vishakha and Purva-Bhadra.

Q2. Is Ardra a male or female?

Ans. This Nakshatra is feminine.

Q3. Which Nakshatra gives success?

Ans. Pushya Nakshatra is the most auspicious star that gives success in life.

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