Sun Transit In Aquarius 2024: Health Trouble For These Zodiac Signs

Sun Transit in Aquarius: Sun enters the Aquarius sign on 13 February 2024, at 03:31 pm. The change in the Sun’s position across different zodiac signs will create chances of health deterioration for some zodiacs. Aquarius is referred to as the zodiac sign of planet Saturn and there is a feeling of enmity between the Sun and Saturn. Thus, the Sun transit in Aquarius sign will create various health troubles for some zodiac signs. 

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Let us first look at the importance of the Sun in astrology before knowing about the zodiac signs that will face health problems due to Sun transit in Aquarius 2024. 

Importance Of The Sun In Vedic Astrology 

The Sun is considered the planet that marks the progress of natives. It provides them with strong will-power to perform the hard tasks successfully. Other than that, the grace of the Sun will result in the development of leadership qualities within the natives. 

The strong position of the Sun in the horoscope will ensure the dominance of natives over others and also will possess the qualities to lead people. However, the Sun transit in Aquarius 2024 will create health troubles for some zodiac signs. Let us move ahead and know about the health concerns that might be faced by different signs. 

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Sun Transit In Aquarius 2024: List Of Lucky Zodiacs Facing Health Troubles


The Leo natives won’t face any major health trouble due to Sun transit in Aquarius 2024. However, they might face the concerns of leg pain and the overall immunity of the natives will decline. If you desire health improvement in life, then perform yoga and meditation for suitable results. With this, there are chances of improved health in this period and the natives will start feeling better again. 

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As per Sun transit in Aquarius 2024, the zodiac can face leg pain issues in this period. The mother’s health of Libra natives can deteriorate due to the Sun transit. The overall expenses will rise and the natives will spend a handsome amount of money on the treatment of family members. Take care of your health and the family during this period. 

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According to Sun transit in Aquarius 2024, the health troubles of the Scorpio natives will deteriorate in this period. They might face concerns related to leg and thigh pain. There will be clear signs of weakening of overall immunity and the focus should be on improving the Scorpio natives during the Sun transit. Don’t ignore small things related to your health and consult a health expert to get suggestions related to your health. 

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The Capricorn natives may encounter leg and foot pain because of Sun transit in Aquarius 2024. Along with it, they might face problems related to the stiffness of their thighs. The immunity of natives will become weak in this period and they may become vulnerable to different health concerns. Try to improve your health by paying the right kind of attention during this period. 

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The Sun transit in Aquarius 2024 will result in different health troubles for the Aquarius natives. There are chances of health spending on your spouse or friend. The natives can get worried because of it and your own health can become a cause of trouble in this period. 

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According to Sun transit in Aquarius 2024, the health of Pisces natives won’t be favorable in this period. There are signs of decline in immunity levels and they might become unwell due to it. There can also be complaints of leg and thigh pain. The natives will be surrounded by stress that can cause health troubles during the Sun transit. 

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