Sun Transit In Aquarius: Remedies That Make You Successful!

The Sun is making a transit in the zodiac sign Aquarius on February 13, 2020, at 2:00 pm on Thursday. Aquarius comes under the air element, whereas the Sun represents the fire element. This means that Firy Sun enters the Airy Aquarius through this transit, and this movement is known as Kumbh Sankranti. The transition of the Sun in any zodiac sign is commonly known as Sankranti, which is why the placement of the Sun in Aquarius during this transit comes to be called as Kumbh Sankranti.

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According to the Hindu Panchang, the Sun transits almost every month since it remains posited in a zodiac sign for about a month. Kumbha Sankranti has been described as an important event, as on this day, it is considered auspicious to feed the poor and offer donations to the Brahmins. Feeding the cow or Gau Mata during Kumbh Sankranti is considered a virtuous act. Apart from this, bathing in the Holy River on this day is also considered auspicious. It is believed that on the day of Kumbha Sankranti, all the Hindu deities bathe in the river. Hence, natives attain favourable outcomes by performing such tasks on this day. So let us know how the Sun’s transit will have an effect on all zodiac signs.

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