Sun Transit in Aquarius Soon, Three Signs To Witness Auspicious Results

The special teaser throws some light on the upcoming event when the Sun transits in Aquarius on 13th February 2022 at 3.12 am. Let us understand the Sun’s majestic movement and its impact on the lives of the natives of all zodiac signs:

Sun is the benefactor of administration, authority and deliverance. Without the strong position of the planet Sun, one cannot attain quick results in his/her life in terms of career and authority. If Sun is placed well in a native’s horoscope, then he/she is bound to create success stories in life.

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Sun Transit in Aquarius: What to Expect?

The Sun is set to move and transit soon in Aquarius on February 13, 2022. Aquarius is a sign owned by Saturn and denotes that such a placement of Sun may give chances to the natives to fulfil his/her own desires. However, even if a person is capable of attaining happiness, s/he may not be able to derive the exact satisfaction. Positive results may come to you steadily and in a gradual manner. During this phenomenon which is going to happen, he/she may be able to derive patience.

Impact Of the Sun Transit On India and the World 

  • There will be fair chances of good administration in force all around the woirld.
  • Attaining good profits may be possible.
  • Sectors such as Military, Army and Navy will be gaining more.
  • New chances of employment will be possible in public sectors and undertakings.
  • People around the world will become majorly aware of their surroundings.
  • Business will pick up by the means of increased outsourcing.
  • A rise in spiritual tendencies will be possible.

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Impact of the Sun Transit on Natives

  • Chances of promotion in a job will be possible for those who are waiting in the wings to secure a golden chance.
  • New job chances in the Govt. sector may be possible for the youths and such chances will prove to be inspiring for them.
  • There will be support and blessings incurred from father for youngsters for their overall development.

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You will become comfortable in terms of gaining a sufficient amount of money and getting the support and blessings of your father and elders. You may travel for spiritual prowess and such outings can offer you good satisfaction. This may be a time for you to make new investments and also pursuing new decisions will appear to be flexible. During this period, you may take steps to undertake new ventures. Also, support from the government will be incurred.


During this time, you may come aross chances to get a loan in times of need and from unexpected sources like inheritance etc. More appreciation will be possible for you due to the work and commitment that you are putting in the same. Your intellect will be enhanced during this period and with this, you will be in a position to achieve wonders with respect to your job, money and other things. You will become keener in developing your spiritual interests.


During this period, you will develop your abilities and will be in a position to gain in an immense manner in such a way that you will be able to realize your potential. You will travel frequently during this course of time for a long with respect to your profession on an assignment basis. Awareness and an increase in spiritual matters will be present and this may help you a lot for your development. There will be chances for you to gain more determination and this may guide you to see success.

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During this period, you may face obstacles in putting effort into the work that you are pursuing and this may be with respect to your career, money growth etc. However, you may change your job for better prospects or go abroad as there may not be much satisfaction in the present job. It is essential for you to take better care of your health as you may be prone to stress. More expenses may be possible for you during this period.


During this period, you will be subjected to eye-related problems due to some infection. Some health care is essential from your side. You may lack in terms of progress in your career or feel devoid of cultivating interest. You may witness a sudden change in job or relocation to an unknown place which may not give you satisfaction. 


During this period, an essential thing to keep in mind is to take care while handling your friends as you may face troubles from them. It will be fine for you to avoid lending money to help your friends. There may be chances for more expenses during this time and it is necessary for you to plan, allocate and spend in a wise manner. On the positive side, you may be travelling for spiritual causes that can incur satisfaction.

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Remedies to Enhance the Benefic Influence of the Sun During this Period

  • Light oil lamp for Lord Shiva on Sundays, as Shiva is the deity for Lord Sun.
  • Chant “Om Bhaskarya Namah” daily 19 times.
  • Observe fast on Sundays
  • Offer food to poor people on Sundays.
  • Chant the Sanskrit text of Aditya Hridayam on Sunday.

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