Sun Transit On July 16, 2021: Impact On Libra & Aries

In the domain of Vedic astrology, every planet has its own importance. The movement of planets is entirely responsible for bringing day-to-day changes in our life. Planets move on like time and thus, this phenomenon makes the transit of planets. Each planet transits in some zodiac sign and impacts the natives accordingly. The movement of the planets is also considered important as it not only impacts human beings but also all other living creatures of the world.   

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Since the transit of the Sun in the Cancer zodiac sign is going to take place shortly, we are throwing light on the impact of debilitated and exalted signs of the Sun but before that let’s apprise you of some special information related to the transit of the Sun. 

When is the Transit of the Sun taking place?

The Sun is going to transit in Cancer, whose ruling lord is Moon, on July 16, 2021, at 04:41 PM. It will stay in the same zodiac sign till August 17, 2021, upto 01:05 AM. Then, it will move into the Leo zodiac sign. (Sun Transit In Cancer, July 16, 2021)

Sun in Vedic Astrology

The Sun has attained the status of king of all other planets. It acts as a father in a man’s horoscope while plays a role of a husband in a woman’s horoscope. The strong position of the Sun makes the relationship of a man healthy with his father. Besides this, he commands respect in society, occupies higher position in job, etc. On the other side, the weak position of the Sun brings ordinary results in the natives’ life. Also, they are prone to heart-related diseases.         

Among all the 12 zodiac signs, the Sun is the ruling lord of the Leo zodiac sign. It remains exalted in Aries while stays debilitated in Libra. In this regard, it is extremely interesting to know how natives of these two zodiac signs are impacted by the transit of the Sun.        

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Impact of Sun Transit on Aries 

The Sun stays exalted in Aries and is considered to be the ruling lord of the fifth house of the same zodiac sign. The fifth house in a horoscope indicates education and children. On the other hand, the Sun is going to move in the fourth house, which represents mother and happiness, of the Aries zodiac sign during the transit. It is crystal clear from this that this transit of the Sun is likely to affect your family life. You may find yourself in a dilemma while taking decisions in regard to your family as your brain and heart have different opinions. You may have differences with your family, and therefore, you may remain upset and lonely. There are chances of benefits from the ancestral property and this may strengthen your financial aspect.             

However, this duration can be comfortable for social life and you may find yourself a source of attraction among friends and relatives. Your mother may act like a boss during this period and this may lead to tension amongst juniors in the family. There can be a lack of confidence among the students. On the other hand, the time is likely to be pleasant for natives associated with the government jobs. Take care of your health as you may suffer from indigestion. There can also be concerns over mother’s health.   

Impact of Sun Transit on Libra

The Sun is the ruling of the eleventh house, which implies financial gains, of the Libra zodiac sign. Presently, the movement of the Sun is taking place in the tenth house, which refers to the career and reputation, of the Libra zodiac sign. This is the very reason that this transit may be beneficial for the people bearing the Libra zodiac sign. During this transit, you will get good results even by putting in less efforts. You may gain a good reputation at your workplace and become very popular. The period is going to be profitable for those associated with any type of business.      

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The fortune will fall in the way of those Libra natives associated with government jobs. At the same time, if you are connected to administrative services, you will win laurels from your seniors and there are chances of promotions. During this transit, you will also have full cooperation from your father. There is a possibility that your life is going to be full of materialistic pleasures. However, mental stress may prevail but it won’t bother much. You may be inclined to spirituality and good deeds and this may be more helpful in earning respect in society.        

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