Samasaptaka Yoga After 30 Years; Tough Time For 5 Zodiacs

Samasaptaka Yoga: As per Vedic Astrology, different planets make movements at regular intervals and thus affect the present & future of zodiacs. Sun and Saturn are currently located at about 180 degrees opposite to each other after 30 years, which forms Samasaptaka Yoga. The Sun is changing its zodiac each month and is presently located in its own sign, Leo. It sits with Saturn present in Aquarius and thus Saturn’s vision will be on the Sun. Such a situation creates a negative impact on zodiacs and proves to be a struggling time for zodiacs. 

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The Sun-Saturn in a mutually conflicting position will result in damage to funds, health, and accurate energy levels. The special AstroSage blog contains the details of 5 zodiacs that face tough times due to Samasaptaka Yoga and the kinds of disadvantages faced by them. 

List Of Unlucky Zodiacs Due To Samasaptaka Yoga


Samasaptaka Yoga is formed due to the Sun-Saturn opposite each other across zodiacs. It will result in a tough time for the Taurus zodiacs and they need to be cautious in facing the challenges. The natives need to be cautious at their offices & workplaces to keep productivity intact. There will be the rise of debate in the family and troubles will persist in the relationships. You need to control the anger levels at work or personal life to get suitable outcomes. There will be troubles in your love relationship and it will be hard to recover from troubles in the period. 

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The Samasaptaka Yoga will result in bad times for the Leo zodiacs. All the moves in your life can prove to be negative because of Sun-Saturn opposite to each other and thus be cautious with operations. Different troubles can occur in your personal life and take care of your wife or your partner’s health. The chances of a peaceful life are very minimal and avoid taking any kind of major decision. Also, the chances of losses in the business are minimal and your partner won’t respect your feelings. 


The Samasaptaka Yoga will bring bad times for the Virgo natives. There will be different kinds of challenges in the life of Virgo people and they need to face the situation with confidence. Be cautious with health-related matters as Sun-Saturn opposite to each other and avoid taking extra stress in different tasks. There is the possibility of getting stuck in major projects for timely completion. Anger will be common in the attitude of natives and disputes need to be handled in a cool-headed way. Preparing the right plans with seniors will assist the Virgo natives to come out of struggling situations. 


There are chances of troubles in the married life of Libra natives in the period of Samasaptaka Yoga. Family matters can also keep you engaged and thus try to solve different issues with a peaceful mind. Businessmen need to be cautious in making big deals and if possible delay the expansion of business operations. The chances of professionals getting recognition or promotions at the workplace are low during this time. If you’re not planning correctly before making the moves then the chances of failure become high. Try to fix the relationships timely as with the right kind of assistance it becomes easy to move ahead of the problems. 

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The period should be spent cautiously by the Capricorn people as it will be full of negative surprises. Due to Samasaptaka Yoga, be prepared to face any kind of unfamiliar circumstances in life with sheer belief & competence. Take care of your health & the family’s health with relevant steps. Keep a check on the eating habits so that it doesn’t adversely affect the health of individuals. Think about the consequences of your actions before taking a firm call on desirable movements. The investments should be done accurately so that it can provide flexible outcomes in your lives. 


Q1. How good or bad is the Sun-Saturn conjunction?

Ans. It is one of the troublesome conjunctions in astrology and it delivers inauspicious results in the life of natives. 

Q2. Are Sun and Saturn friends or foes?

Ans. The Sun & Saturn are considered natural enemies of each other and are considered very unstable. 

Q3. What happens when the Sun and Saturn come in the same house?

Ans. The Sun and Saturn in the same house will result in negative experiences in the lives of natives. 

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