Sun-Saturn Conjunction In Aquarius: Impact On The Lives Of Zodiacs!

Sun-Saturn Conjunction In Aquarius: In Vedic Astrology, it is said that each planet moves from one zodiac to the next after a course of time and sometimes, these movements cause the conjunction of the planets which leaves an influence on all the aspects of a human life. The conjunction of a planet is when two or more planets meet at the same degree in the zodiac. So, in recent times, the Sun-Saturn conjunction in the zodiac sign, Aquarius, took place after 30 years. And today, we are gathered here to figure out the impact of the conjunction on the zodiac signs. 

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Sun-Saturn Conjunction In Aquarius: Timing Of The Conjunction

The Sun entered the Aquarius zodiac sign on Tuesday, 13th February, at 3:45 pm, where the planet Saturn is already present since January. The union of the two planets will stay in Aquarius till 15th March 2024. Also, it is going to be an interesting conjunction to keep your eye on as it is happening after 30 years and both the planets are opposing in nature. Now is the time when we move forward to know its impact on our zodiacs.  

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Sun-Saturn Conjunction In Aquarius: Impact On The Zodiacs


The Sun-Saturn Conjunction In Aquarius will happen in the 11th house for the Aries native which means that it’s time to renew everything while keeping the old ones close to your heart. There would be new work, new relations, and an investment in a newfound business. For the natives involved in jobs or business, they will find new opportunities to work during this time. 


The Sun-Saturn conjunction will happen in the 10th house for the Taurus natives. As a result, you will be able to accomplish your incomplete tasks. There are chances that you may have to go through challenges to move ahead in your professional life. You may get a chance to explore and travel somewhere new and can also invest in movable-immovable properties. 

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For the Gemini natives, the Sun-Saturn Conjunction In Aquarius is happening in the 9th place, and due to the same, you need to put extra effort into getting your work done and you may even be given a new role or responsibility at your workplace. A fortunate thing or two can also happen in the family. 


Now, the Sun-Saturn conjunction for the Cancer natives will happen in the 8th house which means that you may have to suffer a loss due to wrong decision-making. There are chances of obstacles in the way of very important work. 


The Sun-Saturn Conjunction In Aquarius takes place in the 7th house which means that your willpower and self-discipline will help you reach your end goals. Also, there can be financial gains from a new work or business. Apart from that, there are chances that you may have a few problems in your love life and your family. 

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The alliance of the two divine planets will happen in the 6th house which says that there will be mixed results for you. There are chances of some stuck work to meet its end goal. You are advised to be careful of your health during this period as you may have to go through certain health-related problems. 


The Sun-Saturn Mercury Conjunction in Aquarius will happen in the 5th house for the Libra natives and it predicts that the natives involved in business will get financial benefit however the people who are employed, may have to struggle. You may happen to worry about your parent’s health as it can be on thin ice. 


The Scorpio natives will witness the conjunction happening in the 4th house, and as a result of the same, you will flourish well in your professional career, at your workplace. Your financial condition will be good, however, you may have to spend money on your health-related issues as you may go through certain health issues.

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The conjunction taking place in the 3rd house will benefit the natives. You will resolve all your problems and there will be financial gains as well. Luck will be on your side and you will get recognition for an important position at your workplace. 


The union of Sun and Saturn will happen in the 2nd house which indicates that your expenses may increase and you may have a financial problem. Also, you are advised to not make a hasty decision. 


The Sun-Saturn conjunction in Aquarius will enhance your self-confidence and help you build new connections as well. Also, your health may get resolved as well. 


The Sun and Saturn union will form in your 12th house. You may get troubled with health issues and from your opponents. However, you are advised to stay away from haste and arguments with others. 

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Sun-Saturn Conjunction In Aquarius: Remedies Against The Ill-Effects Of Sun-Saturn Conjunction

  • Recite Hanuman Chalisa on Saturdays and Aditya Hridaya Stotram on Sundays.
  • Donate the food ingredients to the needy people on Saturday and chant ‘Om Sham Shanicharaya Namah’ 
  • Offer water to Lord Sun and chant “Om Ghrini Surya Namah.
  • Plant a vine on Sunday and the Peepal tree on Thursday. 

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