Sun-Saturn Conjunction After 30 Years: Troublesome Time For Zodiacs

Sun-Saturn Conjunction In Aquarius: AstroSage endeavors to bring to you the latest and the most important astrological events with every new blog release to keep our readers up to date with the latest happenings of the arcane world of Astrology. Sun-Saturn Conjunction In Aquarius on 13th February, 2024. Let’s find out what impact this conjunction will have on the zodiac signs. 


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The Sun is a powerful planet in astrology that significantly impacts our lives. Its placement in our birth chart can reveal a lot about our personality and life path. The Sun represents our sense of self and our identity. Its placement in our birth chart can indicate our confidence, self-esteem, and a sense of purpose. 

Saturn or Shani on the other hand is one of the ominous planetary bodies in Vedic astrology. Saturn rules what sign? Saturn is the ruling planet of Capricorn and Aquarius.. It is in ascendant in Libra. The role of Saturn varies according to different mythology. In Roman mythology, it is considered the god of agriculture. Scientifically Saturn takes about 29.5 years to complete its journey to the sun. It is famous for its glazing rings. As per astrology, Saturn spends about 2.46 years in each zodiac sign. In vedic astrology, Saturn is often called the god of karma or justice. It is associated with ethics, justice, career, achievements in life, virtues and values.

Sun & Saturn Conjunction In Aquarius: Overview 

Sun-Saturn conjunction in your horoscope gives the difference of opinion between father and son due to ego clashes and different thought processes. You may choose a different path of life in your career than that of your father. The tug of war between Sun[father] and Saturn[son] is only visible when both planets are placed inside 9-14 degrees from each other as Saturn is combust within 9 degrees from the Sun and there is no or less impact when Sun and Saturn are placed beyond 14 degrees, they are placed too far from each other. Sun represents your confidence but when debilitated Sun conjuncts with Saturn, it will be responsible for restricting and lowering your self-confidence. 

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The Sun-Saturn conjunction makes you arrogant as the harsh reality of life is exposed by Saturn which hurts the ego of the Sun or you, where you may have to face many responsibilities from a young age making you mature in nature early in life. This conjunction will make you work hard in the areas in which the conjunction is placed in the horoscope. Saturn will give good results if it is placed in the house prior to Sun and this is a good combination for professions like government, legal and political sector and it is the best conjunction for medical profession. 

Sun-Saturn Conjunction In Aquarius: Timing

Saturn has been transiting in the zodiac sign of Aquarius since January, 2023 and now the Sun is all set to enter the sign of Aquarius on 13th Feb, 2024 at 15:31 Hrs. It will be one interesting conjunction to watch as this union is forming in Aquarius after 30 years. Also, these two planets radiate opposing energies. Let us know how these two planets will impact each zodiac for almost a month as they come into a close conjunction. 

Sun-Saturn Conjunction In Aquarius: Impact On Zodiac Signs 


The Sun becomes the 5th house lord for Aries natives and Saturn rules over the 10th and the 11th houses. Sun and Saturn will now conjunct in the 11th house. Sun and Saturn conjunction in the 11th house can influence a person’s social standing. This is due to the Sun’s influence on ambition and Saturn’s power of bringing order. 

Through this combo, a person can gain more respect and acknowledgment from the social circle. The Sun and Saturn conjunction in the 11th house can also be an indicator that goals may require hard work and determination. Much effort may be required to make progress, and it is important to remain focused and consistent in one’s efforts. However it can have a negative impact on your marriage or the quality of your married life. 

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Sun rules the 4th house for Taurus natives and Saturn is the ruler of the 9th and the 10th house. The Sun and Saturn conjunction will take place in the 10th house. Therefore, when the two planets are in conjunction in the 10th house, their energies combine to create a strong focus on practical reality and career goals. On the other hand, this placement can also bring with it a sense of restriction, lack of fulfillment, and a feeling that one is stuck in a dead-end job. 

On the positive note, individuals with this combination often aim to reach the top of their field and will work hard to reach their goals. However, the point to remember here is that this conjunction has two opposing energies coming together and directly aspect the 4th house, so during this period your mother’s health could be a cause of concern for you. Your relations with your mother may also suffer as arguments and conflicts between the two of you may rise. 


For Gemini natives, the Sun rules the 3rd house and Saturn becomes the lord of the dreaded 8th house and the 9th house(house of luck). A Sun and Saturn conjunction in the 9th house can have varied impacts on an individual, depending on the person’s chart as a whole. Generally, this combination denotes a strong sense of purpose and direction in life, with a desire to make something of oneself. In some cases, this conjunction can lead to a strong focus on spiritual development and exploration, as well as a longing for knowledge and understanding. 

This combination can also lead to a sense of discipline and responsibility, as one may feel the need to take on a more serious approach in life regarding their education and work. This could involve pursuing higher education, taking on work-related opportunities, or even establishing a sense of structure and routine in one’s daily lifestyle. 


Sun rules over the 2nd house for Cancer natives and Saturn rules over the 7th and the 8th house. The Sun-Saturn conjunction in the 8th house of a person can lead to increased self-awareness and the ability to recognize personal strengths and weaknesses. This can help the individual to make sound decisions and build stronger relationships. 

Native people have a lot of responsibility in his life. He may have bad moral conduct. He will make wrong attempts. He may be suffering from legal problems. Native may be suffering from separation or dispute with family. His family has issues within the family due to paternal property. 


The Sun rules over the 1st house and becomes the Lagna lord for Leo natives. Saturn on the other hand becomes the lord of the 6th and the 7th house. The conjunction of the Sun and Saturn in the 7th house strengthens the individual’s willpower and self-discipline, enabling them to take on difficult tasks and complete them successfully. 

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The Sun-Saturn conjunction in the 7th house can bring financial stability and abundance to the life of the individual. This planetary combination encourages individuals to develop a deeper appreciation for themselves, their talents, and their worth. With increased self-awareness, the individual can make wiser decisions in their life. 


The Sun rules over the 12th house for Virgo natives, whereas Saturn rules over the 5th house and the 6th house. Now these two enemy planets will form a conjunction in the 6th house. Sun and Saturn conjunction in the 6th house can have negative effects on one’s health, as the 6th house is associated with health and wellness. This conjunction can cause health problems such as anxiety, depression, and insomnia. Additionally, this conjunction can also lead to financial difficulties.


The Sun rules over the 11th house and Saturn rules over the 4th and the 5th house. Now, the Sun and Saturn conjunction will form in the 5th house for Libra natives. The person’s mind decides to try to attain objectives in their life during this combo. During this combination, a person can experience financial and educational challenges. Individuals may experience financial difficulties because of their interest in the stock market. On the other hand the Sun and Saturn conjunction can also bring some positive changes depending upon the overall horoscope of an individual. 

This conjunction can bring some good results, such as increased focus and determination, improved organizational skills, and greater success in fields related to business, finance, and politics. Additionally, this planetary alignment can also lead to positive changes in one’s personal life, such as increased happiness and satisfaction. 


Scorpio natives have the Sun as their 10th house lord and on the other hand Saturn takes over the ownership of the 3rd and the 4th house. This conjunction of Sun and Saturn comes into existence in the 4th house. Sun and Saturn conjunction in the 4th house usually has positive effects. The native may have a strong sense of duty, may be hardworking, and may be able to maintain a stable family life. 

The native may also be financially stable and may own property. The native may also be socially active and may have a large circle of friends. The native may also be spiritually inclined and may be interested in exploring different religions. 


The Sun rules the 9th house and Saturn rules the 2nd and the 3rd house. This conjunction in the 3rd house has a few potential effects. One is that it can make the native seem standoffish or even unfriendly. Additionally, this conjunction can make it difficult for the natives to express themselves clearly. This can lead to communication difficulties and a feeling of being misunderstood. 

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Additionally, this conjunction can make the native think more deeply and critically about their surroundings. You may find that you may be more serious during this period and could be in an introspective mode. Your career may go through a lot of ups and downs but could have political connections and may benefit from them. 


Sun becomes the ruler of the 8th house and Saturn rules the 1st and the 2nd houses. This conjunction of Sun and Saturn will now take place in the 2nd house in Aquarius. There can be many negative effects of sun and saturn conjunction in the second house. One of the most difficult aspects of the sun and Saturn conjunction in the second house is the financial problems that it can bring. This conjunction can make it difficult to earn money, save money, or even keep a steady job. 

Additionally, this conjunction can also cause problems in relationships. This may manifest as arguments, breakups, or even divorce. Additionally, the sun and Saturn conjunction can also have negative effects on one’s health. This may include fatigue, poor digestion, and even depression. This conjunction can also cause feelings of insecurity, anxiety, and depression.


Sun becomes the ruler of the 7th house for Aquarius natives, whereas Saturn becomes the lord of the 1st and the 12th house. When Sun and Saturn are in conjunction in the 1st house, the native may have difficulty in maintaining relationships. There may be a sense of isolation and loneliness. The native may feel disconnected from others and have difficulty communicating. There may be a feeling of being trapped in a difficult situation. 

The native may feel that the 1st house is empty or lacking. This can be a difficult transit for relationships. The native may feel that they are not getting what they need from their partners. They may feel unsupported or unimportant. The native may feel that their partners are not meeting their needs.

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For Pisces natives the Sun becomes the lord of the 6th house and Saturn rules the 11th and the 12 house . The sun and Saturn conjunction in the 12th house of a person’s chart is an interesting and unique astrological combination. The 12th house is the most mysterious and sometimes, the most difficult of the 12 houses in Vedic astrology. It is where the individual’s deepest secrets and karmic patterns are found and the combination of the Sun and Saturn in this house can have a powerful impact on one’s life. 

When the Sun and Saturn combine in the 12th house, this creates a mix of both positive and negative forces at work in an individual’s life. On the positive side, the combination generally gives an individual great spiritual insight and internal strength to face the challenges of life. They also tend to be quite intuitive when it comes to understanding and dealing with the energies of the world. On the negative side, this combination can bring tremendous fear and insecurity, as well as a tendency to be overly cautious or suspicious of others. 

The Sun and Saturn conjunction in the 12th house can also lead to feelings of isolation or self-judgment, as it is a house that focuses on the individual’s inner strengths and weaknesses. In addition, the combination can create financial hardships, as the 12th house is the house of loss and expenditure.

Sun-Saturn Conjunction In Aquarius: Impactful Remedies

  • Donate Jaggery, wheat and copper on Sundays.
  • Water the Tulsi plant everyday, except on Sundays.
  • Recite the Aditya Hridaya Stotram everyday.
  • Wear the color red and orange often.
  • Offer Arghya to the Sun everyday by taking water in a copper vessel and add red rose petals in it. 
  • Install and worship the Surya Yantra in your homes and offices.
  • Recite the Mantra for Saturn ‘Om Sham Shanicharaya Namah’ 108 times every Tuesday and Saturday.
  • Donate black gram or Black gram Khichdi to the poor.
  • Feed the poor and differently abled people.
  • Respect your elders and make donations in old age homes
  • Recite Hanuman Chalisa daily.

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