End Of Sun-Saturn Conjunction: Beginning Of Bright Time For These Natives!

Sun-Saturn Conjunction 2023: In Vedic astrology, each planet has its own significance, and as a result, whenever a planet transits from one zodiac sign to another or changes its position, many conjunctions are formed. Along with this, many different kinds of auspicious and inauspicious Yogas emerge. However, when the alliance of these planets ends, the impact on the nation and the globe, including human life, is felt.  

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The same thing happened in Aquarius, where people have gained freedom from the influence of the Sun-Saturn conjunction. This unique blog by AstroSage will provide you with all of the details regarding the end of the Sun-Saturn conjunction. In addition, we will also expose to you which zodiac signs that will profit the most from the Sun-Saturn conjunction’s end? So, without further ado, let’s begin reading this blog.

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The End Of Sun-Saturn Conjunction With Sun Transit In Pisces

As we all know, Saturn, the God of Justice, has been in his own zodiac sign Aquarius since January 17, 2023 and will stay there for the rest of the year. However, Sun, the ruler of the nine planets and Lord Saturn’s father, entered Aquarius on February 13, 2023, and the combination of father and son, i.e. Sun-Saturn has been seen in this zodiac since then.

This alliance is now over because the Sun has entered Pisces on March 15, 2023, at 6:13 a.m. The breaking of the Sun-Saturn alliance will affect all 12 zodiac signs, but it will be particularly beneficial to three of them. Let’s find out which three zodiac signs they are.  

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Sun-Saturn Conjunction Ending Is A Blessing To These 3 Zodiacs


Because the rise of Saturn in Aquarius and the entry of Sun into another zodiac sign can make you profitable, the end of the Sun-Saturn conjunction is likely to be very advantageous for Aries. 

As a result, your social standing, renown, and glory will rise. People whose businesses are related to overseas countries can profit significantly. Those involved with the lottery, stock market, and betting, on the other hand, are likely to profit financially. 


Because Saturn has formed Shash Raja Yoga and Kendra Trikon Raj Yoga in your horoscope, Taurus people have a high chance of gaining money as a result of the Sun-Saturn alliance breaking. As a result, you may receive unexpected funds, and merchants whose funds are frozen or otherwise unavailable may obtain them. 

You can also confirm a new deal if certain criteria are met. Those who have been looking for work for a long period can now find work. In terms of the economic scenario, the flow of money will be favorable, and there will be opportunities for profit. There is also the chance of a salary increase and promotion for those who earn this amount. 

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Let us remind you that the Sun and Saturn were conjunct in Aquarius, and as a result, as soon as the Sun-Saturn conjunction ends, good times will begin for Aquarians. The Sun is in your house of prosperity if Saturn is the lord of your zodiac sign.

Aside from that, Shash and Malavya Raja Yoga are also forming in the transit chart of Pisces people, indicating that you will likely make good money gains during this time. The number of orders received by the merchant class may increase, and in this case, the road to profit will be paved for you. If you want to purchase a car or a house right now, you can.

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