Enjoy Rajyoga In Horoscope With Sun’s Blessings & These Remedies!

We all know that every planet plays a significant role in every person’s life and these planets have their impact on every phase of life. Like this, the king of all the planets and the source of light for all the world, the Sun has its own significance. If the Sun is strong in the horoscope then the person gets happiness-prosperity and success in life. However, if you wish to attain happiness, splendor, and opulence such as Rajyoga then this special blog by AstroSage will explain to you one effective remedy related to Sun by which you can achieve all this in your life. But, first of all, let us explain to you the importance of donations and charity.

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Attain Sun’s Blessings By Aditya Mandal Daan

Every task done in Sanatan Dharma is not considered to be completed without charity donations. If such donations are done on a special day or the day of the new moon, or full moon, then special virtue is attained and the person starts getting freedom from all the sins. However, it is described in the scriptures about charity that by earning virtue, there will be a reduction in all your sinful deeds.

Many types of charity have been mentioned in the scriptures and one of them is Aditya Mandal daan. According to astrology, by doing Aditya Mandal Daan, one can attain blessings from the Sun and many types of doshas will end in your horoscope. It is believed that the Sun gets pleased by doing this donation and you attain the comforts like Rajyoga. Come, let’s throw some light on the procedure involved in Aditya Mandal daan.

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How To Do Aditya Mandal Daan? 

 Aditya Mandal donation is considered very beneficial. According to mythological beliefs, Shri Krishna had first told Dharmaraj Yudhishthira about this donation in Dwapar Yuga. To do Aditya Mandal Daan, Aditya Mandal-shaped, Pua is made by mixing jaggery and cow’s ghee in ‘Barley’ (Yava) and after worshiping the Sun God, a mandap is made with red sandalwood in front of him and Solar system or Surya Mandal is placed above this.

Chant This Mantra While Doing Donation

After worshiping the lord Sun, invite and worship Brahmins and offer them red-colored clothes, donations, and Surya Mandal with all devotion. Chant this mantra while doing donations. It is believed that by chanting this mantra while doing donations you will be blessed by virtues. 

आदित्यतेजसोत्पन्नं राजतं विधिनिर्मितम्

श्रेयसे मम विप्र त्वं प्रतिगृहेणदमुत्तमम्

ādityatejasotpannaṃ rājataṃ vidhinirmitam

śreyase mama vipra tvaṃ pratigṛheṇadamuttamam

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