Sun-Rahu-Jupiter Conjunction To Give Challenges To 3 Zodiacs Till 14 May!

Trigrahi Yoga 2023: The movements of planets and constellations have significant effects on all our lives and similarly, the conjunctions of planets also have importance as well. So, the Guru of the Gods, Jupiter is going to transit in the zodiac sign of Aries on 22 April and on 14 April, the planet Sun has transited in Aries, and Rahu will also be there. As a consequence, the conjunction of Sun and Rahu in the zodiac sign of Aries will give birth to Grahan Yoga and the conjunction of Jupiter and Rahu, again in Aries, will give birth to Guru Chandal Yoga. 

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Both these Yogas will give definite outcomes and effects to all zodiac signs, however, there are 3 zodiac signs which need to stay careful during this period. So, let’s commence with the blog and learn which zodiac signs are those that need to show caution and attention from 22 April to 14 May!

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These 3 Zodiac Signs To Remain Alert


The natives of Taurus might see a rise in expenses during this period. It is advised to you, to avoid doing transactions related to money. Besides this, you might have to face tensions in your familial lives as well. During this period, the Taurus natives will need to take care of their health too!

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The natives of Virgo will need to be careful during this period, as there are chances that a sudden accident might happen to them. Virgo natives might come across issues in their marital lives as well. It is advised to you that you control your speech. During this period, Virgo natives should avoid investments of large amounts too.


Family problems might come in front of natives of Pisces, and a situation of argument might take place between family members. During this time, you need to control your anger. You have to be careful of your opponents, if you are associated with government work. Besides this, the professional lives of Pisces natives might also come to face ups and downs. There are chances that your senior officers might get upset with you so be careful. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1: What are the benefits of Sun Rahu conjunction?

Natives in politics, business, and creative arts will benefit the most. 

Q2: What happens when Jupiter and Rahu are together?

When Jupiter and Rahu are together they form Guru Chandal Yoga. 

Q3: What is the effect of Sun and Jupiter conjunction?

Natives come across an increase in both their morality and confidence. 

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We hope that the conjunction of Sun, Rahu, and Jupiter brings prosperity to all your lives; thank you for visiting AstroSage!


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