Rahu-Sun Conjunction 2023: Vicious Grahan Yoga Formation To Impact 12 Zodiacs!

Grahan Yoga 2023: AstroSage endeavors to bring to you the latest and the most important astrological events with every new blog release to keep our readers up to date with the latest happenings of the arcane world of Astrology. In this blog, we will read about the inauspicious Yogas forming in the month of April due to the transit of Sun in Aries and Aries is already occupied by Rahu at present. Sun will transit in Aries on 14th April, 2023 at 14:42 and conjunct Rahu. With Sun and Rahu conjunction, the ‘Grahan Yoga’ will be formed and needless to say that it is an inauspicious Yogas, as the name suggests. Let’s find out what impact will Grahan Yoga have on all 12 zodiac signs of the astrological sphere.

What Is Grahan Yoga & How It Is Formed?

According to the Indian Vedic Astrology, if the Sun or the Moon fall between Rahu-Ketu axis in the birth chart, then this phenomenon is termed as Grahan Yoga. The malefic planets Rahu and Ketu might create issues in a person’s life due to Grahan Yoga. It is believed that whenever the Sun or the Moon fall between the Rahu-Ketu axis the person will not get peace of mind in any situation throughout his/her life.

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When Rahu-Ketu harm or eclipse the Sun or the Moon in an individual’s horoscope then such people may face numerous issues related to self esteem, imagination, analytical or management skills, low immune system, mental and physical well-being, issues related to education or health of the parents and other members of the family. Due to such problems, an individual may not focus on different aspects of life.

Impact Of Grahan Yoga 

Grahan Yoga, if present in a horoscope has the power to produce adverse or ill effects and compel the native to come face to face with situations which may suddenly turn his/her life upside down. It can lead to frustrations, chaotic thoughts, disappointments in various ways in life. Though there are some remedies you can follow to rectify the problems this Yoga will throw on your way which we will talk about later in the blog.

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Grahan Yoga 2023: Impact On All 12 Zodiac Signs

Aries: Sun rules the 5th house for Aries natives and is transiting through the 1st house/lagna for you along with Rahu. You may have chaotic, clouded thoughts and frustrations that may give you sleepless nights or you could be dealing with low self esteem and low confidence. You may appear to be confident on the outside but a lot may be going on the inside during this time. As the Sun rules your 5th house you could be dealing with issues related to your children’s health. Students may find it difficult to concentrate on studies. Your creativity and ideas could suffer during this time. 

Taurus: The Sun rules the 4th house for Taurus natives and is transiting through the 12th house. Grahan Yoga forming in the 12th house may make you spend on futile things and may increase your expenditure manifold. You may be moody or aloof during this period. Your relationship with your mother could suffer. Some individuals could find themselves addicted to various intoxications depending upon the placement of the Sun and the malefic aspects on it in individual horoscopes.

Gemini: The Sun rules the 3rd house for Gemini natives. Sun is now placed in the 11th house with Rahu forming a Grahan Yoga. During this period you may encounter conflicts or troubles amongst your professional network or with your elder siblings. You may have to deal with issues related to the eyes, ears, arms or neck. Experiencing pains, injuries, etc in these body parts may trouble you.

Cancer: Sun rules the 2nd house for Cancer natives and is transiting through the 10th house in conjunction with Rahu. Rahu and Sun may create hurdles in the path of your success and may hinder growth in your career during this phase. You could get into a conflict or trouble with authorities at work. Your intentions could be misinterpreted and your earnings could also be adversely affected during this period.

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Leo: Sun rules the Lagna or the 1st house for Leo natives and is transiting through the 9th house during this time. Your relationship with your father or Guru’s may suffer during this time. Your luck may not favor you and you may experience delays in everything that you try to accomplish. Journey whether for work or leisure may not show positive results. 

Virgo: Sun rules the 12th house for Virgo natives and is transiting through the 8th house. The Grahan Yoga in the 8th house calls for trouble and may have serious negative implications on all major aspects of life. You may suffer in terms of marriage and self worth. You could suffer from even serious health issues and if not serious then one or the other thing may keep troubling your health as 8th house is a Marak.  

Libra: Sun becomes the ruler of the 11th house and will be placed in the 7th house of marriage and legal partnerships.  Grahan Yoga in the 7th house may have ill effects on your marriage for sure. This may be a period of separation between you and your spouse whether temporary or permanent depending upon the placement of Mars and the Sun too. If not separation then the romance from your relationship is sure to fizzle out during this phase. You may suffer losses in business as well.

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Scorpio: Sun is the lord of the 10th house or Scorpio natives and will be placed in the 6th house along with Rahu. Grahan Yoga in the 6th house may present you with difficult situations in legal matters. This may not be a good time for you if you are involved in any legal matters as results may go against you. If you are a lawyer or  a judge and in any way involved with the jurisdiction, then this is not a favorable time for your career for sure. Do not make huge investments during this time and refrain from taking huge amounts of debt.

Sagittarius: Sun rules the 9th house for Sagittarius natives and is transiting through the 5th house of children and education. This may not be an excellent time for students as they could experience breaks or hurdles in education. If you’re awaiting a result then it may not be in your favor. Setbacks related to education are possible during this time. People engaged in creative fields may also face troubles as they could experience a mental block and find themselves struggling to produce new and creative ideas. 

Capricorn: Sun rules the 8th house for Capricorn natives and is transiting through the 4th house. Grahan Yoga will therefore be formed in the 4th house of comfort and happiness. You may have to go through emotionally disturbing issues in the family. Your relationship with your mother could adversely be affected and there will be a decrease in material comforts as well. There may be a temporary emotional or physical distance between you and your loved ones. You may have to deal with heart troubles.

Aquarius: Sun becomes the ruler of the 7th house and will be transiting through the 3rd house so the Grahan Yoga will be formed in the 3rd house for Aquarius natives. There could be a legal separation between you and your spouse. You may be lethargic and may have to face health troubles. You may lack courage and may find yourself shying away from facing difficult situations. Your words could have a negative impact on others and your intentions may be misinterpreted, landing you in trouble. 

Pisces: The Sun becomes the lord of the 6th house and will be forming the Grahan Yoga along with Rahu in the 2nd house of earnings and family for Pisces natives. This time period may see you struggling to find stability in your earnings and savings. You could be struggling financially and may have to face unpleasant situations within the family due to scarcity of finances. If you’re involved in family business you may have to face difficult times as the business may incur huge losses.  

Grahan Yoga- Effective Remedies To Be Followed

  • Recite the Gayatri Mantra Japa 108 times every morning.
  • Offer Arghya to the Sun every morning by taking a copper vessel full of water with a pinch of vermillion in it.
  • Worship lord Vishnu and recite the Vishnu Sahasranama everyday.
  • Drink water in a copper glass with small amounts of jaggery in it.
  • Recite the Hridaya Aditya Stotram everyday.

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