Outcomes of Sun-Moon Conjunction in Horoscope: An Astrological Self-Analysis

According to astrology, there are nine planets in the horoscope, which have a huge impact on our lives. These planets give varied outcomes (negative and positive) based on their state and placement in different houses. Many times, planets also form conjunctions in the charts. A conjunction is when two planets come together in any house. In this regard, such conjunctions also affect the lives of individuals.

Through this blog, we will make you aware of the impact of the conjunction of Sun-Moon in the horoscope, the importance of these planets in astrology, etc. Let us tell you that this special blog has been curated by our renowned astrologer.

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Sun And Moon In Astrology

Sun is regarded as the King among the nine planets in astrology. The king’s dominion plays a very important role in his reign. He is the benefactor of the father, authority, and aggression of the person. The Sun represents the soul of a native.

On the other hand, the Moon is given the position of the Queen. It represents the mother, emotions, moods, creativity and the emotional aspects of a native.

“Where Sun represents fire, the Moon is a representation of water. When fire and water are brought together, evaporation is formed. This means that the imagination of the mind starts to decline. Many times, it is also noted that the conjunction of the Sun and Moon makes a person strong and determined, but other times it has no such impact on a native. Whenever both the planets come together at the same place, Amavasya or Shukla Paksha Pratipada occurs.”

It means that it is both necessary and important for these planets to be present in a favourable place as it can eliminate all the troubles and obstacles coming into a person’s life. Sun and Moon are the benefactors of soul and mind, respectively, and to attain success, it becomes important to maintain a balance between both.

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Outcomes of Sun-Moon Conjunction In The Charts

  • The greater distance the Moon is from the Sun, the more energy it receives.
  • It is said and seen in Astrology that in the charts of Kalpurush, the combination formed between Moon, the lord of the fourth house, and Sun, the lord of the fifth house, is the conjunction of centre and triangle, which forms Rajyoga.
  • The subtle thought of the conjunction of Sun and Moon is very important. The Sun sets under the influence of the moon, but in many scholars’ statements, it has been found that the moon gives brightness to the mind by taking light and energy from the sun so it is not regarded as ‘Asta’
  • Sun is representative of the right eye while the Moon represents the left eye. Also, the Sun is on the right side and the Moon is on the left side. The Sun is the father and the Moon is the mother. Therefore, the universe communicates through them. 

Children born on Diwali are mostly lucky but the children born on other Amavasya are said to have defects (Doshas). By evaluating the Nakshatra at the time of Amavasya birth, a lot can be known about the fate of the person.

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It would be appropriate to consider Saturn, Mars, Rahu, Ketu, and the fourth and fifth house in the statement of results of Moon-Sun conjunction.

In Aries and Scorpio Ascendant, Moon is the owner of Sun Kendra Triangle. On partial consideration, they form Rajyoga. Besides this, if they have an aspect relationship, Rajyoga will be formed. In other words, we only need to consider the presence of the moon.

This combination gives different results in different houses and its causative element but in the fourth house, the Sun-Moon conjunction gives a lot of strength to the Moon. As a result, the Karaktatva of the Sun decreases, and the Moon becomes powerless in the tenth house after coming in the adverse circumstances.

Sun-Moon Conjunction Forms The Amavasya Yoga

In the world of astrology, more emphasis is given to the fact that the Sun and the Moon are separate and distant from each other. Because it is believed that the farther these planets remain from one another, the better will be the results in a person’s life. Likewise, the farther the Moon is from the Sun, the more powerful it is. However, when these planets come together and form a conjunction, Amavasya Yoga is formed. This Yoga is not regarded as auspicious. When Amavasya Yoga is formed in the horoscope of any person, such a native doesn’t attain the auspicious outcomes of the Moon.

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Remedies To Avoid Ill Effects Of Sun-Moon Conjunction

  • Worship Lord Shiva on Monday and offer water on Shivling.
  • Donate Moon-related things to the needy.
  • Try to wake up as early as possible and sleep early in the night.
  • Observe a fast on Amavasya if possible.
  • Avoid consuming meat and alcohol.

Note: This article is based on my (Acharya Tushar Joshi) knowledge. The opinion of other scholars is paramount.

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