Mercury-Sun Conjunction On 7 June, Will Wreak Havoc On These Zodiacs

The union of Mercury-Sun refers to the coming together of special planets where Mercury represents communication & other personality skills and Sun represents the father. They signify power & intelligence and their conjunction will have multiple impacts on zodiacs.

Mercury is entering Taurus on 7 June, at 7:40 PM, where it will conjoin with the Sun. By now, we know that the Mercury-Sun union gives rise to Budhaditya Yoga, which is an auspicious yoga. However, this time, this conjunction is bringing bad news for a few zodiacs. It will create turbulence in the personal and professional lives of these natives, so AstroSage advises them to be alert! Without further ado, let’s find out which are these zodiac signs.

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Mercury-Sun Conjunction: These Zodiacs Must Beware


Mercury will enter Taurus and bring a challenging time for the Aries natives. Your personal relationships could get affected, where you might end up in an argument with your life partner or family members. On the other hand, dark clouds may surround your financial life and career as well. We suggest you start saving up money to avoid any inconvenience in the future. 

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The Sun-Mercury conjunction will result in lack of confidence in the Gemini natives. Their expenses might increase which will lead to stress and demotivation. The planetary movements are also indicating a turbulent family life and health of these natives. You are advised to think before making investments or taking major decisions as there are chances of incurring loss. The Gemini business people might have to take out loans to meet their financial requirement. 


There can be health concerns for the Leo natives and it is crucial to stay alert to changing weather. You can experience throat concerns and minor colds & coughs during the period. It is the direct result of Mercury arriving in Taurus and adding to the troubles. There will be challenges in your business life and thus make the moves carefully. It can also hamper your mental peace at work and bring abruptions in your career. 

Few Notable Results Due To Mercury-Sun Conjunction

Mercury-Sun Conjunction in the 1st House: It results in the formation of Budh-Aditya yoga in which the Sun is strong and Mercury is stronger. So, the person feels strong and boosts their analytical skills for critical results.

Mercury-Sun Conjunction in the 2nd House: It leads to the enhancement of the speaking qualities of individuals.

Mercury-Sun Conjunction in the 3rd House: It ensures unconditional support for the family and the siblings.

Mercury-Sun Conjunction in the 4th House: It provides critical results for your house and increases the overall repute of individuals.

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Mercury-Sun Conjunction in the 5th House: It will increase the creative level of individuals and boosts the accounting results.

Mercury-Sun Conjunction in the 6th House: It makes the individuals confident and increases their speaking skills.

Mercury-Sun Conjunction in the 7th House: The marriage relationship will improve and bless the individuals with intelligence & logic.

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Mercury-Sun Conjunction in the 8th House: It will ensure a healthy life and good financial status.

Mercury-Sun Conjunction in the 9th House: It blesses individuals with higher status and can ensure hurdles in your relationships.

Mercury-Sun Conjunction in the 10th House: It results in political success and fulfilling the desires of financial gains.

Mercury-Sun Conjunction in the 11th House: It will ensure gain in monetary gains and a rise in stocks.

Mercury-Sun Conjunction in the 12th House: It blesses individuals with higher profits and inspires individuals to explore spirituality.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ques1. What does the Sun-Mercury conjunction mean?

It makes the individual strong and also indicates intellect within a person.

Ques2. Is the Sun-Mercury conjunction common?

Yes, it is a common conjunction as mercury loves near the sun.

Ques3. Is Sun friendly with Mercury?

Yes, Sun is friendly with Mercury and it is referred to as the messenger.

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