Sun-Mercury’s Grand Conjunction In Pisces On 24 March, Major Transformations On Cards

The conjunction of Mercury and the Sun is normally called in astrological language as Budha Aditya Yoga. You will find this conjunction in most of the horoscopes because Mercury does not go too far from the Sun and can go a maximum of twenty-eight degrees from the Sun. Hence, these planets are placed in the same house or one house before or after. Due to this reason, it is important to see where this conjunction is taking place, i.e. in which sign and house. This time, this conjunction is taking place in the Pisces sign, the natural twelfth house of the zodiac. 

As we all know that Sun is the king of your zodiac sign and known as our natural Atma Karak that represents your soul. It is the planet that signifies your dignity, self-respect, ego and career. It controls your dedication, stamina, vitality, willpower, respect in society and leadership quality. It is the Karak planet for your father, the government, king and your higher authorities. And on the other hand, Mercury is the prince of the zodiac. It represents our intelligence, memory, and learning ability. It controls our reflexes, nervous system, flexibility, speech, language communication (written or verbal) and anything related to numbers. 

Now the conjunction of these two planets is taking place in the Pisces sign. So during this time the intellectual inclination of the people will be devoted towards the supreme power or attaining the higher spiritual realm. Such natives would want to meditate or go into isolation. If the placement is not favorable as per zodiac sign, there are chances that such natives may do something wrong that may hinder their health or do something illegal and end up in hospital or prison.

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Sun-Mercury Conjunction In Pisces: Timing

The Sun is going to transit in the sign of Pisces on 15 March 2022 whereas Mercury is transiting in Pisces on 24 March 2022. So this conjunction is forming on 24 March 2022 at 10:44 AM.  

Impact of Sun-Mercury Conjunction in Pisces On India and the World 

  • Good coordination between the ruling powers and ministers will be witnessed.
  • People will be devoted towards the supreme power.
  • Good time for medical counselors and people in the health care business.
  • Good time for learning meditation, yoga and understanding a higher level of spirituality. 

Signwise Effect Of This Grand Conjunction In Pisces


This conjunction is taking place in the twelfth house for Aries natives, so they need to remain be a bit alert about their health and as well as their children’s health. Ignorance can lead to heavy medical expenses. But as a student, if you were trying to go abroad for further studies, then it’s the right time to try for that. 


For Taurus natives, this conjunction is going to be fruitful in terms of finances. If any of your payment was stuck you’ll receive that during this time. And if you were trying for a job transfer and wanted to shift near to your family, then that can fruitify. You will enjoy love, romance and good communication with your partner.

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This conjunction of Sun and Mercury in the tenth house can favor the individuals with fantastic results in professional life, especially in the government sector and healing field. Your leadership and management quality will be appreciated.


This is a very good time for Cancer natives, as luck will stand by your side. Students who want to go for higher studies whether in India or abroad will get the chance to accomplish the same. This conjunction taking place in the ninth house is going to be very good for teachers, counsellors, mentors and Dharam gurus as they’ll turn out to be very good at motivating and counselling others.


For Leo natives, this conjunction can prove to be a bit tricky for you as Sun being your lagna lord and Mercury being the karka for your finances are going to the 8th house. Hence, this shows that during this time you may face some health problems due to which your finances will also suffer. But on the other hand, if you want to learn occult sciences, then it’s a good time for that.


For Virgo natives, this conjunction in your seventh house will prove fruitful for business partnerships and they will attain professional gains from a foreign land. On the other hand with your life partner, you can undergo an ego war but it will not hinder your your relarionshiop. With your charms and communication skills, you’ll overcome that. 


For Libra natives, this conjunction in the sixth house is not considered good. Your immunity can get weak during this time and you can face some health issues. Even financial problems can occur, and if you are going through any disputes you can face some loss of money in that. 


The Sun and Mercury’s conjunction in the fifth house forming the Budha Aditya Yoga is very fruitful for Scorpio students especially those who are pursuing PHD or any research, mathematics or language related courses. If you are trying to kick start your career it’s a good time for that.

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Sagittarius natives, this is a good time to perform Satyanarayan Katha or hora at your home as it will bring a lot of good luck to your home and professional life. This is a good time to start a new business from home.


The conjunction in the third house favours communication in any form. This conjunction will give Capricorn individuals the gift of creativity and imagination. You just need to be alert with your relationship with younger siblings, as ignorance can lead to disputes.


The second house stands for voice and Mercury represents communication whereas the Sun represents power. So this conjunction in the second house will make the Aquarius individuals powerful speakers during this time. But this could generate disputes with your life partner.


This conjunction in the lagna proves very auspicious for you. Your respect and status will rise. Your leadership and decision-making abilities will impress everyone. Your management will impress the seniors and authorities at your workplace, and you can get a promotion as well. Also, you will get benefits from the government policies.

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Remedies to Enhance the Benefic Influence of Sun-Mercury During this Period

  • Feed chapati and jaggery to the cows daily.
  • Offer Arghya to the Sun every Morning with Durva (grass) in it.
  • Recite the Gayatri Mantra 108 times daily.
  • Perform Satyanarayan Katha and havan at home if possible.
  • Light a Diya or Lamp and worship the Tulsi plant every day.
  • Consume ginger and jaggery regularly for good health.
  • Perform Surya Namaskar and meditate every day. 

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