Sun-Mars, Back to Back Transit: Favorable Or Not?

In the month of May, 2 important planets are going to transit within 2 days. These important planets are Sun and Mars, where the Sun will transit in Scorpio on 15th May and just after 1 day, i.e. on 17th May, Mars will transit in Pieces. In astrology, both planets are important. In this situation, it is quite interesting to know to which zodiac signs this transition will be positive and to which it will be negative.

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Apart from this, it is also very important to know what could be the possible effects of the combination of Sun and Mercury in Taurus. For your information, just a day before the Sun transit i.e. on 13 May, Mercury combust in Taurus. So in the upcoming days, the combination of Mercury and Sun will remain in Taurus.

Duration of Sun-Mars Transit 

Before knowing the transit effects of the important planets, let us know the duration of this period first.  Firstly, the Sun will transit on 15 May i.e. on Sunday, at 5:45 a.m. The Mercury will transit on 17 May at 9:52 a.m. Apart from this, as we discussed Mercury combust earlier, let us know its timing as well. Mercury is going to combust on 13 May and the time is 12:36 at midnight. 

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Effect Of Sun-Mercury Conjunction    

In astrology, with the conjunction of Sun and Mercury, Budhaditya Yoga is formed, which is like Rajyoga. When in a native’s horoscope, Sun and Mercury are present in the same house, Budhaditya Yoga is formed. In astrology, this Yoga falls in the category of Rajyoga.

If we talk about the benefits from Budhaditya Yoga, then due to its effects, the native becomes intellectual, knowledgeable, and with his smartness and knowledge, he rules the world.

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These Zodiac Beware Of Sun-Mercury Back To Back Transit 

Negative Effects To These Zodiacs


  • During the Sun transit, the natives of Aries could see differences in their way of talking, which could make the Aries dialect rude and hurt other people. Similarly, the effect of Mercury transit could bring disappointment or dissatisfaction in the life of Aries, which could lead to Irritable behavior.
  • There could also be ups and downs in family life.  
  • Even at the workplace, you might have to deal with problems. In this situation, you are advised to be polite and to focus on your work. 
  • In terms of health, you  are advised to be more careful. 


  • Due to the effect of these 2 important planets’ transit, you might feel low in energy.
  • Also, you might face some problems in your personal and professional life.  
  • The environment in the house might be less peaceful as there could be conflicts or disputes in the family.
  • You are advised to be more careful of your health because you might face eye problems. Also, your mother’s health could be affected.


  • During the transit period, you are advised to be cautious while having conversation with your siblings and other family members. Because your rude language or harsh words could spoil your relationships. 
  • Also, your behavior could be aggressive during the transit. In such a situation, keep patience and try to be more and more relaxed and calm.
  • Avoid taking decisions for business expansion, otherwise, you might suffer loss. 

Positive Effects To These Zodiacs


  • During this period, Cancer will be more social. You will spend more time with your family and friends. 
  • This time is also auspicious for the natives who are married, during this period, their relationship will be stronger. 
  • Financial conditions will also be favorable. If you are planning for long-term investment then it will be fruitful to you in future. 
  • Also, some of the natives will gain profit from their ancestral property. 
  • The duration of two important planet transit will be beneficial for students of this sign. During this time, any student going for a competitive exam will obtain very good marks. 


  • The duration of this transit will be quite favorable to the natives of Scorpio. The most auspicious effect of this transit will be on the lovers. Those natives who are single can find good matches with the help of their family. 
  • This time will be the best for the businessmen. During this time you can set a positive image in the market. 
  • Those students who are studying engineering will also be benefitted by this transit.  
  • This time will be favorable in the economic outlook. You will gain money from more than one source. 


  • During this period you will be more concerned about your health and you will get rid of the old diseases if you have and enjoy a healthy life.  
  • You will defeat your enemies 
  • Students will get success. Especially those students who are willing to do higher studies, they will receive good news related to this.
  • Your image and your hardwork will shine at your workplace and you will get a new assignment.

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Remedies To Strengthen Sun-Mars

  • Observe fast on Sunday.  
  • Everyday after taking a bath, add red sandalwood, red flowers, and Akshat in water and offer arghya to the Sun. 
  • Apart from this, you can also wear the Ruby Gem but only after consulting an astrology expert. It will also bring positive results to you from the Sun.  
  • At your home, workpace, or business, install a Surya Yantra.  
  • Must do Surya Havan. 
  • Observe fast on Tuesday. 
  • Must offer Sindoor and Chola to Lord Hanuman. 
  • Wear Coral gem after consulting a priest. 
  • Flow jaggery Revadis and Batasas in the running water. 
  • Apart from this, you can also donate red clothes, jaggery, copper, red sandalwood, etcetera. 

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