Sun-Mars Conjunction In Aquarius: These 3 Zodiacs Are Going To Get Financial Luck On Their Side

Sun-Mars Conjunction In Aquarius: According to Vedic Astrology, each planet is bound to move from one zodiac to another after a certain course of time. And sometimes when two or more planets are present in one zodiac, they form a conjunction. These conjunctions hold prominence in Astrology because they happen to affect the lives of the natives and the entire world, now it can be positive or negative both. 

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Today, we are going to talk about one such conjunction which is Sun-Mars conjunction in Aquarius, happening after 18 months in the middle of the month, March. The Sun is the representation of your father, authority, aggression, and our inner soul while Mars is known as the commander of the planet, indicating our courage, will-power, aggressiveness and impulsive nature. As Sun is friendly with Mars, the natives are blessed with a lot of auspiciousness. It integrates strong will, power, and courage into the natives. Whenever a major planet changes its zodiac sign, its effect is visible on the people of almost all zodiac signs. So, after about 18 months, the Sun-Mars conjunction in Aquarius is going to bring a lot of benefits for certain zodiac signs, mainly on financial grounds. Excited to know about those zodiacs? Then, stick with us till the end to check if you are getting luck on your side or not. 

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Sun-Mars Conjunction In Aquarius: Date And Time 

After 18 months, Sun and Mars are going to form a conjunction in Aquarius and as mentioned above, it is going to leave a positive effect on special 3 zodiac signs. So, the Sun moved to Aquarius back on 13th February, at 15:31. And, now Mars will move to the same zodiac on 15th March, at 17:42. So, both the Sun and Mars are going to form a conjunction in Aquarius in the middle of the month March.  

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Sun-Mars Conjunction In Aquarius: These 3 Zodiacs Are Going To Get Financial Lucky!


The Sun-Mars conjunction in Aries is going to be extremely favorable for the Aries natives. This conjunction is going to happen in the house of profit and income for the natives which directly means that you will witness financial growth and there will be an increase in your income. There will be swift progress in your career and business, you may even sign a major business deal. And, there are even chances that the natives will get immense success in something big. There are also speculations of high returns if you invest. 

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The conjunction of Sun and Mars in Aquarius will be beneficial for Scorpio natives and this is going to form in the fourth house of your natal chart (birth chart) which signifies that you will get materialistic happiness and can also purchase a vehicle and property. The natives who are associated with real estate, property or land, will also get great benefits. And, the employed natives may get a new opportunity or responsibility at their workplace. 


The conjunction of Sun-Mars is going to happen in the house of speech and money for Cancer natives. In such a situation, you will be impactful with your words and speech, and will also be able to get the work done. Your personality will enhance and the source of income will also increase.  Also, the buying and selling of land will also help you get profit and all your wishes are meant to be fulfilled this period. 

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