Aditya Mangal Rajyoga 2024: The New Year Will Be Auspicious For Some Zodiacs

The planetary transactions have a great impact on human lives. Some natives will get top benefits from it, while others can also face challenges in their lives. Before the start of the year 2024, in December 2023, some planets are changing their positions which will result in the formation of auspicious Rajyogas

In December 2023, the Sun and Mars in Sagittarius will create Aditya Mangal Yoga. There are specific indications that some of the signs will get special benefits from this yoga and the effects of Aditya Mangal Rajyoga will result in benefits for different signs from the start of the year 2024.  

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This special AstroSage blog provides accurate information about Aditya Mangal Rajyoga due to the Sun and Mars in the Sagittarius sign in the month of December. 

What is Aditya Mangal Rajyoga?

Sun is also called Aditya and the coming together of Mars & Suns forms Aditya Mangal Rajyoga. In December 2023, the Aditya Mangal Rajyoga was formed and the start of the year 2024 is very beneficial for special zodiacs & its natives. 

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In the ninth house from Aries, Aditya Rajyoga is formed and this special yoga will be auspicious for the natives. Have you been looking for a job for a long time? The wait will end now for natives and they will get relevant job opportunities. There are chances for people to participate in religious activities or get invitations for auspicious tasks. The luck will favor the natives in the period and the plans will be successful. There are bright chances of a foreign trip and in the beginning of 2024, the natives can get some good news. 


This Rajyoga is formed in the fifth house from the Leo sign. With this, the good days of the Leo natives will start. There are also chances of getting good news from the child. There are chances of your love relationships getting converted into marriage and also the love relationships will be successful. The time is also suitable for buying or selling any land or property. There are chances of gaining or earning profits in the period. Natives can get involved in spiritual tasks and during this period, people working in the field of astrology & religion can get real benefits. There are chances of sudden financial gains that will make people happy in their lives. 

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For the Sagittarius natives, the Aditya Mangal Rajyoga will prove very beneficial or auspicious. This Rajyoga will be formed in the Lagna house of the zodiac sign. This will result in a rise of courage among people and bravery also increases. At the beginning of the year 2024, there are chances of positive changes in the personality of natives. People can also experience a rise in intelligence or discretion levels and people will be successful in using their speech or talking power to complete various tasks.  There are also chances of growth in the career. They can also experience an increase in income sources and this will lead to the rise of overall income levels. The overall reputation in the workspace and society also rises. 

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