Sun-Jupiter Conjunction In May 2024: Do’s & Don’ts For All Zodiacs!

In Vedic Astrology, there is the special significance of the Sun and Jupiter conjunction on the horoscope. The astrologers believe that this conjunction results in positive effects on the lives of people. Sun-Jupiter conjunction on 14 May 2024 will result in the formation of Guru Aditya Yoga. It is considered one of the auspicious events of the year. 

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Sun is the symbol of dignity, soul, and self-confidence. On the other hand, Jupiter is considered the factor of expansion, growth, luck, spirituality, and opportunities. Thus, the Sun-Jupiter conjunction period results in a wonderful time for the fulfillment of goals and dreams of people. 

How long will the conjunction last? What results will the natives get from the conjunction? What to do to make the conjunction auspicious as per a specific zodiac sign? This AstroSage blog answers all these questions accurately. 

Auspicious Day Of The Year 

Jupiter transit into Taurus sign will bring positivity to the lives of natives. They will be filled with positive energy throughout the timeline. Jupiter transits in Taurus on 01 May 2024. Whereas, the Sun transits in Taurus on 14 May 2024. This conjunction of Sun and Jupiter in the Taurus sign results in the formation of Guru Aditya Yoga. The positive effects of yoga result in an increase in the self-confidence of natives and they also acquire good knowledge in their lives. They will succeed in their careers, their health will remain stable, their personality will improve significantly, and they get auspicious outcomes for various activities. 

Detailed Information: Till 15 July 2024, the Sun will be present in the Taurus zodiac sign. It means that the Sun and Jupiter conjunction will last for 1 month. Other than that, Venus and Mercury transits into the Taurus sign in this period. It means that four planets are coming together in the Taurus zodiac in May 2024. 

So, let us move ahead and check the effects of Guru Aditya Yoga on different zodiac signs. Also, know about what to do or not to do in this period. 

Sun-Jupiter Conjunction In Taurus: Do’s And Don’ts for Zodiac Signs 


The period will be financially successful for the Aries natives. They can earn a lot of profit in this period. The self-confidence of natives will improve significantly. This will bring success, happiness, and prosperity to the lives of people. 

What to do during this period: Balance your logic & emotions to make optimistic long-term plans. 

What not to do: Don’t let past failures, tendencies, or mistakes hold you back in your life and career. 

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The period is suited for the emotional expansion of Taurus natives and they can also recover from different troubles. It is the best time to overcome imperfections and bring beauty & success to the lives of natives. 

What to do during this period: Be generous with others in your behavior and promote kindness & forgiveness. 

What not to do: Avoid other’s mistakes and try to improve yourself across various aspects of life. 

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The time will be best for Gemini natives to make their dreams true. This can realize that their plans are becoming successful with their efforts. In such a situation, take some time out from your busy life and pay tribute to it. Other than that, keep the encouragement levels high and breathe fresh air. 

What to do during this period: Check how far you have arrived in your life. 

What not to do: Avoid stubbornness to get suitable outcomes for your actions. 

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This is the best period to know what people can get in their lives and what to expect in return. The natives need to incorporate gratitude into their lives. 

What to do during this period: Look for the right physical, emotional, and spiritual balance in your life. 

What not to do: Don’t let the emotions dominate you. 

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It will be the right time to celebrate the victories and avoid looking back in life. This is also the best period to do hard work to achieve your goals. They need to give the right importance in moving forward in life. 

What to do during this period: Celebrate your success along with your people and have a sense of belonging. 

What not to do: To get the best outcomes, it is vital to micromanage different tasks. 

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For a long period, you have been hiding and looking to escape from this world. Try accepting yourself with love, kindness, and support. When you feel there is a change in your self-value, you will be able to attract worthy things in life. 

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What to do during this period: Try to slow down the pace of life. 

What not to do: Don’t be too hard on yourself. 

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The Libra natives can reach their goals by covering a long difficult road. The combination of planets showcases things that matter in your life. 

What to do during this period: Be involved in things and persons you love & appreciate. 

What not to do: Don’t focus hard on the words of other people. 

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As the Scorpio natives make relevant decisions in life and stick with them, they can solve all their misconceptions of the past. Their life will be fruitful in this period. The combination of planets brings stability, growth, and security to the lives of Scorpio natives. 

What to do during this period: Set a strong foundation for your life. 

What not to do: Don’t feed your fear in any way. 

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The time will prove very auspicious for the Sagittarius natives. It is the best time to become independent and deal with all obstacles successfully. There will be good coordination between your life & goals in this period. 

What to do during this period: Stay disciplined in life and amend personal goals of your life. 

What not to do: Don’t violate the rules. 

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The Capricorn natives will feel mentally strong during this period. Get the correct answers to various questions to move forward in life. Other than that, you can expect the right ray of light or supernatural inspiration in your lives for the best outcomes. 

What to do during this period: The natives should prioritize their life goals. 

What not to do: Don’t compare yourself with others. 

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The combination of planets results in success & security in the lives of Aquarius people. You have worked hard in life to reach your present position and it is time for celebrations. Thus, the natives are advised to move ahead in life successfully. 

What to do during this period: Check whether your inner voice is drawing attention to something else or not. 

What not to do: Don’t be doubtful about anything. 

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It is the best period to be clear about things that need to be changed in their lives. Check things that are already good enough in your life. You might get trapped in a chain of thoughts. Other than that, stability and security increased in the lives of Pisces natives during this period. 

What to do during this period: Keep moving forward in life. 

What not to do: Don’t compare yourself with others. 

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Q1. When is the period of the Sun-Jupiter conjunction?

Ans. The Sun-Jupiter conjunction occurs between 14 May 2024 to 15 June 2024.

Q2. Which yoga is formed due to the Sun-Jupiter conjunction?

Ans. Then Sun-Jupiter conjunction results in the creation of Guru Aditya Yoga. 

Q3. What are the planetary movements happening in May 2024?

Ans. In the month of May, Jupiter, Sun, Mercury, and Venus are coming together in the Taurus sign. It has special importance in the lives of people from the astrological point of view.

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