After 12 Years, Sun-Jupiter To Conjunct In Aquarius, Beneficial For These Signs!

Today on February 22, after 12 years, a unique combination of two friendly planets, the Sun, the king of planets, and Jupiter, the planet of wisdom and discretion, is taking place in Aquarius. Sun has transited in Aquarius on 13th February and Jupiter has become combust two days earlier i.e. on 19th February due to its close proximity to the Sun. Due to the combustion of Jupiter, no auspicious event or occasion can be performed for the next one month. This conjunction of Jupiter and Sun in Aquarius is going to stay till March 15 when Sun will leave Aquarius and transit in Pisces. Due to this combination, there will be a reduction in cold weather, spring will start coming and nature will bring us happiness in its new form.

According to astrology, the entry of the Sun into the sign of Saturn is considered very auspicious. On February 13, the Sun left Capricorn and entered Aquarius, which is the Mool Trikona Rashi. This conjunction of Dev Guru Brihaspati with Sun is going to last for about a month. Due to the mutual friendship between Jupiter and Sun, their being together in Aquarius will prove to be auspicious for the people of this very sign. During this time, they will achieve success in all the projects and tasks initiated by them.

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The planet Jupiter is basically considered to be the benefactor of knowledge, education, religious work and charity. In such a situation, its combustion is not considered very auspicious. Whenever a planet comes close to the Sun, it goes into a state of combustion.

This Conjunction Will Prove Lucky For These Signs

Aries– Jupiter-Sun’s conjunction will be especially beneficial in financial matters for the natives of Aries zodiac sign. Your luck and interest in creative work will strengthen your financial side. New activities started during this time will help you make progress.

Gemini– This time is going to be good for the natives of Gemini who are willing to start a new business partnerships during this conjunction of Jupiter-Sun. Many new opportunities will come in front of you during this period. If you will work and take decisions wisely, then this is the time that will help you reach new heights.

Leo– Leo natives who are trying to convert their romantic relationship into marriage, this is the best time for them. By proposing your partner without any hesitation, you can move forward and tie the knot with your beloved.

Sagittarius– For Sagittarius natives, the conjunction of the Sun and Jupiter is going to bring luck in your lives and fill you with courage and confidence. You will be able to achieve anything at this time. Believing in yourself will help you reach your goal. This time will encourage you to do great things.

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Caution For These Three Signs

Taurus– This conjunction of Jupiter and Sun in Aquarius can suddenly create some problems for you at the workplace. This time can make you angry which can spoil your image and create obstacles in your workplace.

Cancer– During this period of one month, you may have to face sudden financial loss or crisis. So please be mindful of your finances as much as possible. Avoid making any kind of extravagant expenditure, otherwise, you may have to face difficulties.

Virgo– Virgo natives will remain health-conscious during this period. There may be some health problems for you and your mother, so please do not ignore the symptoms. Be sure to seek medical advice if you feel any problems. Taking care of your eating and drinking habits is also very important.

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